Local Farmers To Benefit From Green Waste Site Being Set Up By NSWMA


The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is working on a new initiative to transform green waste into useful material for local farmers.


“A few weeks ago, we did a demonstration with our woodchipper. We are now working with a regional corporation to set up a green waste site, Daryl Spencer, the General Manager at the NSWMA, told state media.


“It’s something that we’re working on with the Ministry of Agriculture because the green waste can be used as soil enhancer. If we get fresh green waste, it can be used as animal fodder. It can be feed for animals and in this dry time, I know the farmers will welcome that”, Spencer said.


Green waste includes leaves, tree branches and other organic materials.


“There is a demonstration on Thursday at the new dam that was being constructed for the farmers over in Burkes. We’re taking the woodchipper up there and that area that is cleared and all that green waste that was generated we’re gonna chip it so the farmers can have a first hand view of what the woodchipper does and we will be distributing for free the wood chips so they can use it for soil enhancers”, Spencer revealed.


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