Local family sings praises of naturopathic remedies, despite PM Browne’s put-down of practitioners


Despite Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s reference to some naturopathic healers as “quacks,” and the blame he has heaped on them for several deaths, a family is singing the praises of natural remedies in helping members to recover from COVID-19.

A local woman is declaring that natural remedies kept her family alive.  She relates  that her husband had been exposed to a man who felt unwell, but was pronounced negative by his doctor after taking three Rapid Antigen tests.

However, she says her husband subsequently contracted what he was told is a “bad flu” and came home with chills.

A day later, she says, they both started to experience symptoms that included a bad cough, fever that kept going and coming, loss of taste and smell, restlessness and severe fatigue.

According to the woman, they proceeded to do a rapid test four days later, which returned negative.  She says the doctor maintained that it was just a bad flu that was mimicking COVID and that they should let it pass.

The woman says one week later, their symptoms worsened as the “bad flu” became more aggressive, and they decided to reach out to a natural healer.  This person provided them with  something dubbed the flu bomb, which they took with 6,000 mg. of vitamin C daily.

The woman believes that had she and her husband not started that treatment they would have been in a worse state.

She says they did a second COVID-19 test the following week and that test returned negative.

The woman says her job requested that she do a third test before returning to work, and that, too, was returned negative.

However, three weeks later, she did an antibodies test, which revealed the presence of antibodies for COVID in her system.

“The test confirmed that we were both positive for COVID, even though we were told that it was a bad flu and the rapid tests were negative,” the woman says.

She is urging people to treat everything — from the common cold or coughing — as COVID-19 and to take it seriously, since the virus is very aggressive.

“It’s not a joke.  We have gone through the experience for  two weeks (and) the treatment made all the difference (since) we are fully recovered,” the woman says. (REAL NEWS)


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  1. So throughout the ordeal; she never tested positive for covid. The person she susspects infected her never tested positive. Never entered her mind that the antibodies could have developed from a prior experience since she only took the antibody tests weeks after the mentioned illness. Nowhere does she state whether she received a covid vaccination, which if done negates the antibody test. Regarding antibody tests:

    “It’s possible to have a positive test result even if you never had any symptoms of COVID-19 . False-positive test results can occur. It may be that the test detected antibodies to a coronavirus closely related to the COVID-19 virus or that the test quality was flawed.” see MayoClinic

      Useful for Covid-19, flu, cold, fever, chills, nasal congestion.
      Combine the following:
      TURMERIC – 6 inches (3 tablespoons powder) GINGER – 6 inches (3 tablespoons powder) GARLIC -10 cloves
      ONIONS – 2 medium
      LEMON – squeeze 6 or 12 tablespoons lemon juice
      CAYENNE PEPPER – 1 teaspoon or 5 opened capsules (at least 90,000 heat units) HONEY – 5 tablespoons to 1/2 cup (do not use if you are Diabetic)
      WATER – 2 cups hot water
      • BLEND all ingredients thoroughly in 2 cups of HOT water in a blender.
      • Next, cover and let it draw for 40 minutes.
      Consume 4 tablespoons every 15 minutes until symptoms break. Keep mixture refrigerated and allow to cool before drinking.
      As a preventative, take 3-4 tablespoons, two to three times daily. It may be set frozen in ice cubes and used when required.

  2. The naturalist prevent big pharma from making alot of money thats why they will reject natural remedy, the strange thing is everything that was man made was created from natural, mankind never made anything from nothing, but they will condemn natural but use those same ingredients in their medication.

  3. Do we honestly believe that if there was a magic natural cure for this, that the drug companies wouldn’t have found a way to monopolize and profit from it? They’d rather have live, paying customers.

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