Lobster Confiscated From Local Supermarket Donated To Care Project


The Care Project is once again the recipient of a portion of seafood (lobster) which was confiscated from a local supermarket.

The package was recently handed over to the institution by Processing Manager at the Fisheries Division, Mr. Wesley Simon.

Fisher-folks are being urged to keep the Fisheries Regulations in mind when conducting their operations.


A few weeks ago, the Care Project received 17 pounds of fish which were seized from fishermen who were illegally fishing parrot fish during the closed season.

The lobsters that were recently seized were undersized.

In the meantime, the public is being reminded that the Conch Season is now closed up to August 31st 2020.



  1. Name the supermarket so we can boycott them or any scamps elsewhere who are abusing the rules. Were charges laid. Put the big boys in jail for a few nights.

  2. So some places like the care project can store, sell and use lobster during the close season?

    Can I report the care project for possession of a certain controlled shell fish to with lobster?

    Laws should really mean something because if the care project can store and distribute lobster to its clients during the closed season why discriminate against the supermarkets.

    Lawyers in Antigua are so lazy. Because something is written into a law does not make it ethical, just, nor legal.

    • The food was donated to a worthy cause rather than being destroyed.

      What a dumb ignorant comment!

      • It’s not really a dumb ignorant comment. I can see the point the person is trying to make,for example would they do the same with marijuana if confiscated from a drug dealer. They should set up a factory then and manufacture products from the marijuana, if you see nothing wrong in giving an organisation or any other entity proceeds of crime.

  3. Glad to see more of this happening. I hope they get fined heavy.

    Hope they check the Chinese embassy too or maybe dictator Gaston gave them yet another free pass.

  4. @ melchisedec well it’s certainly to late to throw it back into the ocean so what would you have preferred that it be dumped? It was confiscated because the LAW was broken.. oh and that talk about Antiguan lawyers being lazy you also needed to add a few more adjectives but oh well

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