Liz Truss resigns as Britain’s Prime Minister after disastrous six-week tenure

CNN — 

Liz Truss will resign as Britain’s Prime Minister after a disastrous six-week tenure, she announced on Thursday, after losing the support of several key ministers and Conservative lawmakers.

This is a breaking story. It will be updated…

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  1. Yeap…politicians promise the world when in opposition knowing fully well they cant deliver when they get into office….Atleast she did the noble thing.

    Stay far from those #UPPNEARGA and their promises.

    • Idiot she couldn’t have been the Prime Minister after Boris Johnson if she was in opposition. ABLP really make dunces like you think you are intelligent. Nobody following your rhetoric if you know what that mean.


    Fellow citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, the UK is in utter chaos and uproar at present. This is what happens when you give a tired – and self-enrichment – government a third term in office.

    I am very very fortunate to be able to conduct my work and business in both countries; and the UK is in a mess with high interest and mortgage rates going through the roof and, men, women and children struggling to eat and survive their RECKLESS economic and fiscal policies.

    Furthermore, food banks are all over the British Isles with key workers like DOCTORS and NURSES queuing up for food parcels; and In addition, the cost of living and energy prices are so high that even their citizens who are in full time employment are really struggling to make ends meet.

    I say this, because I see this as a look into the foreseeable future vision of economical disaster to come for my beloved Antigua if we give Gaston Browne and the self-enrichment ABLP a third term in office.

    Need I say more fellow citizens of Antigua …


    • I’m really hoping for some intelligent, coherent and constructive responses in kind from the generational ABLP supporters.

      Does anyone else believe this is possible? 🤔

      I LIVE IN HOPE …

      • WTF ya name ANR comment police chupes ah mussa u ah pay fu ppl data. Ppl can post wha dem feel like caiae at the end of the day ah fu dem OPITION

        • … some of us are just trying to raise the bar on political debates @ Chupes … is that ok 👌 with you boss?

          • Y’all trying to fool the people who was here 2009-2014 when Antigua and Barbuda was a TOTAL disaster – Under the Finance Minister Harold Lovell and UPP. Poverty, crime late government salaries payment while a third of APUA customers were disconnected with no prospect of reconnection.
            I’m sticking with ABLP and the growth of Antigua and Barbuda.

      • The economic collapse of western countries were planned and being done by design. How else do you think agenda 21/2030/2050 will be ushered in. They will have the people begging them for this solution. Truss will be replaced by another WEF puppet. Ultimately, nothing will change in the UK. Sorry to say but ABLP has already signed on to the globalist agenda and will receive their assistance ($$$) in the next election.

    • LOL…this is the only PM since Winston Churchill to outlast the late Queen.

      I don’t know why but I find this hilarious. It’s ok….keep it up and keep the pound low. I am stocking up for when I go next year.

      The UK change PM’s faster than most people can blink hahaha

  3. She said she couldn’t deliver what she had promised:

    In her resignation speech outside Downing Street, she said: “I recognise that I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

  4. Why you do not get your facts in the matter. Before you go and run your mouth like a diarrhea.If you only had a brain.

  5. One lady that I listen too and a fellow man listening to them is like opening time capsule. Check the date she got into power add the number to the time she left office and figure the rest out, something is happening in the spirit realm, before it happens in the physical. Go on to YouTube check out sister Kerry ann and Franchot Pearson.

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