LISTEN: UPP promises to do more to educate supporters on COVID vaccine


The leader of United Progressive Party Harold Lovell says his party will embark on a public education campaign on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lovell has been criticized for not doing enough to encourage members on the importance of taking the vaccine.

Speaking on radio yesterday Lovell says the UPP has done a lot but will do more.

Listen to him here:

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  1. So if Algernon Watts never tested positive, Lovell would not have known that his party needs to do something?????

    Always reactive instead of being proactive. Always so late to the party. Sheesh!!!! I am embarassed for Lovell. No vision, no strategy, no plan, no nothing. Just taking up space….

    • Lovell keep exposing himself more and more. What a doortish “leader” he is showing himself to be.

  2. Wasn’t a bunch of their supporters part of that freedom fighters/no mask/no vaccine/no curfews protest?

    Just wondering.

    Better late than never.

  3. Chaku Waku is the mastermind behind the FreeDUMB Fighters. So now he has to split his time between advising the street vagabuns and the UPP supporter who allegedly teef money from xpz when e bun dong.

  4. Well clearly Mr. Lovell’s public education campaign failed to encourage “Serpent” to get vaccinated. You know you’re not doing a good job as a party leader when your own candidates won’t listen to you. Apparently, Serpent would rather take a chance with COVID than take your advice. I thought people were supposed to follow their captain’s orders, unless he’s more like Captain Crunch (soggy when wet). If you want to be a leader on the covid frontlines, start by setting protocols for your candidates. If George Ryan can mandate that his employees, take a vax or do regular testing; and if gyms, bars, and restaurants can demand proof of vaccination surely you can demand the same of your ill-informed candidates. How are you going to get the country to herd immunity if you can’t get to herd immunity in your own party?

    • “You know you’re not doing a good job as a party leader when your own candidates won’t listen to you.”

      You said it!!!

      Serpent is an insubordinate candidate, but Lovell a reap wah he sew. Memba he referred to Baldwin Spencer as the tissue paper PM. What goes around comes around Lovell.

    • Not Caption Crunch (soggy when wet) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lward dwl rotflol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Notice he (Tabor) very quiet these days, wonder if covid has visited him? Guy does not get that his rhetoric reflects on his party. Online talking about he is not vaccinated but claiming he managing the risk. He all for free speech that places us all at risk of covid. Hey just because I have the right to be an idiot does not mean I should set my own house on fire (even unintentionally), then placing my neighbor at risk. Lovell needs to start that education campaign with his spokesperson C. Tabor

    • TENMAN for your information I am not the PRO for the UPP or Harold’s spokesman. What does my vaccination status has to do with the UPP’s position on vaccination? The UPP is not opposed to vaccination.

  6. LOVELL / CHARLESWORTH TABOR are bunch of HYPOCRITES. Now that COVID-19 hit close to home LOVELL / CHARLESWORTH TABOR support the FREE DUMB FIGHTERS. CHARLESWORTH TABOR take the vaccine and stop playing POLITICS. UPP need to be kicked to the curb.

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