LISTEN: Three dead, 16 missing after boat capsizes near Antigua and St. Kitts


(AP) — Three people died and 13 are missing after a boat capsized near the eastern Caribbean island of St Kitts early Tuesday, authorities said.

The boat was carrying 32 passengers, 16 of whom were rescued.

Officials in Antigua are leading the search and said the majority of those rescued are from unidentified countries in Africa. It was not immediately clear where the people who died were from.

The boat sank about 40 miles (60 kilometers) northwest of Antigua. It was not immediately clear where it was headed, Col. Telbert Benjamin, chief of defense for Antigua and Barbuda’s Defense Force, told the government’s media outlet.

“The vessel went down in relatively deep water, and so recovery … might be a bit of a challenge,” Benjamin said.

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  1. Has there EVER been a better time for ALL Antiguans to come together and demand that the Prime Minister addresses the nation.

    Each and everyday Gaston Browne is making Antigua & Barbuda a laughing stock around the world.

    I’m a proud Antiguan patriot and this man is no longer fit for this high office in the country that I cherish.

    Back in the day I thought that Lester Bird was an embarrassment, but my, my, my, Gaston Browne is almost on a par wid he – and that’s saying something!


    • @Brixtonian, what on earth could Browne address the nation and say? There are a good many of us who are acutely aware that there’s nothing sincere about that deplorable human being.

      If I see an article with his face I quickly move on to the next article, if he is involved with a broadcast the media broadcasting him is promptly turned off.

      If he should make announcement, I wouldn’t be listening to his lies. Antiguans, with clear lens can see the disruptive the man.

      The only broadcast that would interest me is his resignation.

  2. Brixtonian this tragedy does not make Antigua a laughing stock. This is far worst that Laughable. This mess as I said before ain’t going anywhere. It will play out right down to the end. This is international disgrace.
    Gastón you have been trying to claim that you are the best PM ever. This is your Legacy. From the moment you went on our National TV with this Antigua Airways and Marvelous Mike the Antiguan Public became suspicious. How can a government coming to its citizens and using the name Marvelous Mike .
    Brixtonian- 10 blank passports isn’t a laughable matter. They are already in the hands of criminals and know what it sounds like the government do not know who the names that have gotten or who Marvelous Mike is selling our passports to .
    It’s not a Jike . It’s not a joke it’s a tragedy.

  3. There were so many red flags with this Antigua Airways fiasco. The government’s story keeps changing and has not stopped. How did the country benefit from this now defunct venture? All this effort to establish air links to Africa and nothing to help LIAT. Gaston’s government is a complete failure.

  4. Let’s hope that it is not the hostile & antoganistic behavior of UPP & their supporters towards these Africans that made them not to feel welcomed here. As a result they decided to capitalize on the earliest opportunity to jump ship to seek refuge elsewhere. Remember, the blood & souls of these Africans who have loss their lives during this tragedy will be on UPP! IT IS VERY UNFORTUNATE THAT UPP DOES NOT LIKE FOREIGNERS!! BEAR IN MIND THAT LIFE IS A CYCLE!

    • Bluddy Bloke, I like your use of “shaggy-fication”, by trying to switch the blame from the ABLP to the UPP.

      As Gaston Browne; Chet Greene; Max Fernández; Colin James, and don’t forget Marvellous Mike, as they are now singing one of Shaggy’s most popular songs 🎶:

      🎶”[Were You involved in The Airline FIASCO before
      Election Time?] – ” It Wasn’t Me …”🎵

      🎶”[Who is to Blame for this Airline DISASTER?] – It Wasn’t Me …”🎵

      🎶”[Who Made Money from this nasty smelling SARGASSO?] – It Wasn’t Me …”🎵

      There you have it folks, “Shaggy-fication” at it finest from the ABLP government!

      🎧 Wheel and come again 🎤 Brixtonian … 😁

  5. Best I stop reading and listening to the news……

    There are so many stories out there that I have literally lost track and I cannot trust ABS, Pointe FM, Observer or ANR to give me a clear and unbiased story.

    First I read that the boat came from Guadeloupe, was to come to Antigua, then was to go to St. Maarten and then USVI??? I have read the stories online and I made the mistake of reading the comments and it’s all political.

    Can someone tell me where in Antigua can one get unbiased and non political reporting??

  6. That’s a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones. Someone please say where these Africans were going. Aren’t they destitute and waiting for help?

  7. Sometimes life and love is just more important than our desires, our fears and our selfish agenda. I say “our” because we are all guilty. None is innocent. None is willing to sacrifice themselves. God help us.

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