LISTEN: Senator apologises for statements he made about Sir Lester Bird


‘Political Juvinile Behaviour’: Yet another apology from Senator Colin O’Neal Browne

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  1. Too late, too late, shall be your cry. It is very important to think. Before you go out there and flop your gums. You did say what you said about Lester Bird. The irony of it. You are now blaming a lady who died some years ago. For pushing you on to do. What you did, shame on you. Flip, Flopper. Now you are crying like a girly man.

    • Too late, too late shall be what cry? Such ah damn dunce you are! Wha mek you nah go and try write one proper simple sentence! Speech is free and aryou ah gwarn like say he crucify Lester Bird wid wha he say. Lester Bird name Jesus Christ? Whole ton Ah aryou min hab plenty fu say bout Lester Bird too, including the opposition and all ah dem come yessiday and say positive things. Now de man say he Auntie married Vere Bird Sr. pickney, and he referred to Lester as Uncle and aryou nah read wha he ah try tell aryou? Kip aryou rats hole out ah dem family subb’n. As Fu de girly man part dat you ah talk bout, wha you mean by dat? Based on what I heard in the beauty salon he is a ladies man so gwarn go tie your woman or your wife ‘pussy’ cat.

  2. I have no idea why on this beautiful Earth of ours they allow this Bumb and imbecile to become a Senator.
    This is a guy who has multiple kids outside his marriage during his marriage and never paid a dime in child support not one penny and
    So when Gaston talks about mens should stepup the responsibility of being a Father to their kids he should ask him about it unbelievable .

    • Imbecile? Really!!! You obviously don’t know the man. This sounds like a grudge to me. If a man can have so many opposition members and supporters fretting and trying to belittle him he must come with some degree of value, otherwise he should not even get this kind of attention. Wait until Gaston puts him out there as a candidate, never say never he is already a senior member of the Labour Party. What you don’t realize is that Gaston is building continuity, so all the time you wasting critizing and condemning and paying attention to something that was said almost a decade ago by the Senator, Gaston Party has continuity, does the UPP have any?

  3. Senator Colin, an open confession is always great for the soul….. However, with your eloquence & charisma your public confession would have been more meaningful if it was said while Sir Lestor B Bird was on his feet and not in his twigh light years as he was going down hill. Anyway let’s hope that your confession is genuine and not one bcuz of a political impression. Remember words said always leave a residue that cannot be taken back

  4. This guy is the worst!!!!!! Yes people can have a change of position on a subject matter but this dude is not genuine and people can see right through him. Dude you not real!! You will be back on the UPP train soon enough.. I am no fan of UPP but this dude right here is the worst kind of human!

  5. CONFESSION is good for the SOUL. It is never too.late. I watched Senator Colin Browne in Parliament yesterday and I can see that He was very sorry for His actions. We are Human….We All make mistakes.

  6. Excuse me while I go throwup this is extremely nauseating . The man was alive up to days ago . Fake phony and a fraud . Excuse me while I go throwup this is extremely nauseating . The man was alive up to days ago . Fake phony and a fraud .

    Classic case study of FOLLOW THE MONEY
    which side was a better move for your career.

    • Man made clear, that all these years he was never a UPP party member. Never joined, though he allowed them to speak via him. However, a change has occurred, he is now at home with the ABLP and took the step of becoming a member of the family. Points out that its on the side he feels at home, welcomed, cherished. (my words) This is a real party that does not exist based on hate for its opponent but for its ideals of moving the people of A&B forward.

      • @Tenman: Do you really believed that person? Do you really believed.What you have written.He is now home with the ABLP. Joke of the year !!

  7. “Beg back Browne”

    This is the most pathetic obsequious display of political cowardice I’ve seen in decades.

  8. Why hes even a senator hes so useless ….

    I guess GASTY LOVE employing his haters
    Lester cant hear you and his kids couldnt careless ….

    Useless Colin will kneal & kiss gaston ass for benefits

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