LISTEN: PM set to extend vaccine mandate to private sector

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he is willing to extend vaccine mandates to the private sector as soon as in a few weeks.

He says this is likely to occur when the rate of vaccination slows following the mandate in the public sector.

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  1. I say if you so lub power over people, cause it doesn’t sound like health is the bottom line here, let the mandates extend to the nurses

      • Just like plans need to be put in place to get replacement nurses (meaning some things must be properly thought through and time duly spent doing so), the public servants should have gotten more than two weeks notice before strong arming the unvaccinated.
        They got the shot midweek and came to work yesterday but no immunity will be in effect for weeks to come, so yes it’s not about health!
        So I would say : checkmate

        • You do realize that many workers in the public service are not productive? Them not showing up slows nothing down. Not sure how you could logically compare that to Nurses. Clearly that’s a different situation hence calls for a different solution. Also not sure how you can label vaccination which is agreed by all experts as the best option, to save lives not about health. Whatever is blinding you needs an exocism

          • Yup hire some exorcists, cause some of the unproductive are some health care workers who have 2 or 3 jobs. The point is healthcare was never the bottom line

      • Nurses say WE WANT MODERNA!!

        Shameful secret operation and shame on the doctors involved when the captain (TopDawg) jumped ship to get his shot

        • We may be able to arrange it, get me list of the nurses , especially those that have a US VIsa and money and time to travel to the US

          • @truths
            Am glad you see that all of this isnt about health.
            Oh and while they are in the US they will stay and wrote the exams cause the US salary for a nurse is worth evety penny.

  2. Antigua could fully reopen because it’s not like we are currently at the worst point in the history of the pandemic on the island

    • Think you well know not only was he white, he was also short (5 feet .7 inches). Other than the moustache, the men look nothing alike. In terms of ideology Hitler’s dislike for non German’s is more inline with the UPP. It was under him that Germany pushed that birth place was not sufficient to determine nationality (Reich Citizenship ie must have German blood). The UPP and its partner in Barbuda, also pushed a similar idea in the concept of who is a Barbudan (based on blood). You may recall the many UPP supporters pushing for a similar thing in Antigua where they wanted levels of citizenship (a fruit of this was the decision to strip commonwealth persons of the right to vote after living here for 3 years)Trevor young, a former UPP candidate can tell you stories about how they see even naturalized citizens as not worthy of citizenship, by the way they treated him

      • TENMAN HUGHES your comments are becoming more and more ridiculous. I believe the reason for that being is your incessant and compelling need to comment on and try to defend anything that is remotely critical of your Fuhrer Gaston Browne. Something tells me that you would support the Fuhrer in an argument with your wife, even when she is right. Boss! you need to wake up and stop sprouting your ridiculous justification and rationalization of the Fuhrer’s behaviour.

        • And the picture above clearly has a resemblance to Adolph Hitler except for the difference in height and skin colour.

      • @ Tenman:You are really a paid operative. Commonwealth Citizens should not be allowed to vote in Antigua and Barbuda unless they became Citizens of said Nation. That needs to change like yesterday. In my opinion,only Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda should be allowed to vote in our Elections.

        • Red .. this is common throughout the commonwelth region ie persons from the commonwealth being able to vote once they show the requisite residency. Happens in the UK, CARICOM countries. The change you claim you want (disagree with you) cannot happen unless our constitution is amended. This from what I recall may require a referendum. Voting should be about residency not citizenship. Would make no sense that simply because someone has citizenship though they do not live in a place, yet they have the power to impact decisions made in such place. These major decisions they are not impacted by since they live elsewhere. Come on guy that’s grossly unfair

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