LISTEN: PM sends message to workers in the private sector ahead of planned protest on Monday


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made an appeal to workers in the private sector, telling them; do not listen to the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union.

The ABWU wants members to stay at home on Monday in protest of mandatory vaccination rules which come into effect on Monday.


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ABWU calls on members to join Monday’s protest against mandatory vaccination


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  1. The leaders in parliament cannot function without the people the moment people realize that, they will be victorious.
    “A cowards die a thousand death a soldier die once!”
    The more fear continues to plague the citizens mind the more they give up on their rights.

  2. Fear-mongering the weak minded, gullible, mentally imprisoned of our society as is the norm for corrupt, conceited, self-ab#orbed government officials. Well done.

  3. The people need to understand that they have to power not the government if they don’t vote no one can win an election if they don’t work the country lock down come on Antiguans stand firm and fight for what you believe in lock down the country and show this clown (gaston Browne) that you the people have the power.

  4. Yes, we the private unvaccinated will stay home, because we know sooner or later you will be attacking us.

    While me here, let me say this to you medics at the top who think you are like Esther in the palace of the King. You better stand with the people who have the guts to stand up. Mordecai told Esther, if you think because you are in the palace, the decree to wipe out the Jews will escape you, think again.You hear.Think Again!!

  5. Antiguans are the worst in the Caribbean, when it comes to standing up for ones rights, what a bunch of cowered people, look at how we allow Adolf Hitler to control Antiguan.

    • Yupppp. Bark no bite. Typical. Always the first to give in cause these people survive off of people’s opinion on them. Don’t get me wrong I love antiguans I am an antiguan, but goddam these people are so gullible.

  6. Government workers, hotel workers, taxi drivers, Stand up together! We need to stop letting our leaders divide us. We are all affected let’s stop being selfish mentality and think it’s not me so I don’t care.

    How long you want to be under a state of emergency? Until Antigua starts to make their own vaccine? Going back to normal was never about mask wearing and social distance forever, even if 99.9 percent is vaccinated, we will

    We need to stop being so passive waiting around for all our rights taking away

  7. On behalf of the people of this country I would like to tell you must move ya minister Browne . You nah hold none meds

  8. Someone people never have good reasonable ability about facts, because of lock education,and learning…

    Mr.Prime Minister, please continue to look out for the interest of the people…

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