LISTEN: PM says Pfizer shortage has slowed vaccinations generally


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  1. This message is for Gaston Browne.
    When you administer the Pfizer vaccine, be prepared to find the money to pay for the yearly jabs as this vaccine is likely programmed to expire after six months. The company cannot continue to make money if people are not continually vaccinated. You are now getting the Pfizer vaccine for free but believe me you are going to have to buy them in the future. And if you don’t buy them, Antiguans will suffer the consequences. The people who have taken the first dose of Pfizer May have no choice but to take the second shot, but for others, consider the other vaccines.
    I also pray to God that you don’t have Antiguans vaccinated with mixed vaccines irrespective of what the CDC says as they come up with a different story every day. I sometimes wonder whether some of the people working at these agencies have an agenda. Does anyone notice that the Pfizer vaccine is always the one being pushed? Why should anybody mix vaccines and take Pfizer as a second shot or booster when this vaccine offers protection for maybe six months.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. Mixed doses provide the best protection. And I don’t know of any evidence that a mixed regimen’s protection wanes as quickly. Also, Pfizer is safer than Johnson & Johnson, AstraZenca and most other vaccines.

      • You don’t know that mixed doses provide the best protection because it is only a few days ago mixed doses were approved by the CDC in the US. You are only reporting what the spokespersons tell you. People have had heart problems, haemorrhaging and blood clots. I personally know a gentleman who nearly died from a blood clot in his eyes after taking Pfizer. He beseeches all his family and friends never to take it. All of the vaccines have problems, but with Pfizer, it is always underlying issues, so they tell the public.. Are you a paid Pfizer spokesperson?
        We were also told that Pfizer had the highest efficacy of all the vaccines. Six months later, where is it. AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson are doing better than Pfizer.

  2. What happen to the AstraZeneca and the Johnson and Johnson. Antigua has had the Johnson and Johnson got a while. Has any been administered? Tell the people the truth about all the vaccines. Johnson and Johnson was a one shot vaccine but the lure of money is too great so they are now developing a booster shot. What happened to Moderna? Is it only available to certain countries? Pfizer use to be the most expensive now it is being given away all over the place. Does someone know something they are not telling the people?

    • Yes DC it is (J&J) being administered here. I have family members (In ANU) here who took it and I have recommended to persons its the best option considering the current risk level. The issue the government faces is the pool of unvaccinated adults’ is getting smaller hence there is more need for Pfizer since currently only it can be given to under 18’s. It alo been shown as more efficacious (in a major way) as a booster. It use will shortly be approve for those under 12.

      • You are spreading misinformation. It is dramatically less effective as a booster than Moderna or Pfizer. For a first shot followed by a mRNA shot, however, it provides more protection than Pfizer and probably more than Moderna too. That should be more than Astrazenca too.

  3. Many of those Politicians in Washington,DC are in the side and back pockets of PFIZER. Why do you think from Biden downwards are all pushing the Pfizer Vaccines. They are nothing more than a bunch of corrupted Politicians. That is my opinion.

    • It is funny to hear all you guinea pigs trying to decide which vaccine is best for your body.
      Seems this is a “as we go along hit or miss”

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