LISTEN: PM reveals Serpent is abroad being treated for long COVID



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  1. So if he has long Covid that would mean that he is still testing positive? Then how was he able to travel? Was he given a special dispensation? I would hope that he recovers totally. I pray for him and for all persons who have been struck with this disease.

    • Long COVID refers to a series of symptoms which may remain with a person long after they would have been officially cleared of having the disease. Learn to use Google. Love knowledge and stop asking dumb ass questions that could be easily answered using Google in the same time you used to ask those goddamn questions.

      • @ Chupz why do you always have to be rude and not everything that Google says is true. Let the guy recover In peace, I guess you don’t like peace .

  2. Serpent has since gone on the radio and denied this allegation. I think Antigua Newsroom should be reporting that as well

  3. PM call the election now…. If Serpant is overseas for medical treatment, it means that the UPP is extremely weak at this moment bcuz Serpant is their main link. Anyway we all wish him get well & a speedy recovery…..

  4. This guy (gaston) is such an idiot.

    Serpent is in Antigua (13th November 2021).

    What else does he (gaston) not know or what else is he confused about.

  5. Stone you so damn LIE! You did hide, duck and cover to take the Covid-19 vaccine before it was even available to the Antigua and Barbuda population. You have Zero credibility. Your a damn FRAUD!

  6. Happy if Serpent is on the rock and recovering. The reasons behind my questions was because I questioned the truth of what was being said.
    Even so, if one has tuberculosis and has recovered enough but still has some lingering effects then the actual disease still has a presence in the body, hence the lingering effects. Same for Covid 19. The viral count may be low but not definitely gone and the chances of re-occurence will be there.

  7. Pm mind you business a fraid you fraid serpent because you know that he have a plaster for every soure you have. Let go the gal na

  8. This man dip his dam mouth in everybody business except his he is like a pot spoon. If the man overseas for whatever reason it is his business. Thing if helping the pensioners who can’t get the money on time, the bad roads around the country, people can’t get water on a daily basis but we get high water bills. GER REAL GB AND BE A LEADER.

  9. Serpent when are We traveling to St. Lucia . We have the goods on you Serpent
    . When called We shall spill the beans .
    You will drop out.the race.

  10. in this life things will always happen where sickness is concern, and one thing I always remember one kind of remedy does not solve all all kind of illness…
    In other words if there is a specific sickness or illness we must use the proper medical treatment or remedies for treatment…

  11. gaston should answer asot when asot ask how he gaston come by he riches. instead a dipping into nearga business tell arwe de truth bout fu gaston. over night arwe hear you hab millions an you supamarkit min ah sink in a ebenezer before you win election. ah how you come by you millions gaston. dat ah de question.

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