LISTEN: PM Browne’s fiery exchange with Antiguan in New York over Nigel Christian Murder


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  1. PM was inappropriate
    The Christian family & Benjamin family should have a press conference
    If Nigel was corrupt, he wasn’t alone. He is a scapegoat. And the higher-ups might be cartel or noncartel
    If Nigel was not corrupt, he is surely being painted in a negative light
    Cornel by extension is being painted…..

    This is a serious, did the headtable forget to walk with their medication

    • Not at all. He is just the leader we need. Not to take nonsense from people coming out of a certain group. Since when is the Prime Minister involved in law enforcement? There are three branches of government, and the police are the ones to handle this. The Executive makes sure the police have the tools to do their work. If they need funds to hire the FBI or Scotland yard the executive must make sure the police get what they need. They think this PM is an easy push over. Well, they have something coming. I wish he could release more information to the public about this situation. But as we now can see, many more Custom Officers are being arrested. Very un-ethical people that we trust to protect our country.

      • Ok so if his job is to ensure law enforcement has tools for their work why isnt he doing that? Pull your head out of ABLP ass.

        • I do agree with you in the sense that the PM is not the person to ask about specific cases especially if there is an ongoing investigation. However, the PM should have information or statistical data as it relates to crime and intervention. Also, his aggressive nature to nationals or anyone that doesn’t agrees with him has nothing to to with ABLP, ot has to to with the office he holds and to understand that he represents the people/ entire population when he holds that title. It comes with tolerance, diplomacy and emphaty always.

      • @Sidelines:When the directives were given by Gaston Browne to enrich selves creatively. Do you think he was only speaking to his Cabinet Ministers? If the top of any Corporation is corrupt. Chances are the middle and bottom would also be corrupted. He did say things in that public forum in New York about the Nigel Christian matter. He should not have said,in my opinion. He mouth open and tory jumped out.

      • @ From The Sideline
        ‘Since when is the Prime Minister involved in law enforcement?’……HE IS, BECAUSE ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS WHEN I COMPLAINED ABOUT JUSTICE FOR NIGEL, under another pseudonym called ‘Enquring Minds Want To Know’ He comes repeatedly and ask: Is Nigel Christian clean? And continues by saying, how does an ordinary customs officer have over $1,000,000 on his bank account?’ . Only the PM would know that….he is fully involved in law enforcement and the Christian case!!!!

      • According to your statement it then begs the question as to why the PM spoke as if he knew what were the circumstances surrounding Choksi abduction?

        Was he involved in law enforcement then?

      • You are blinded with red dust. You literally cannot separate sense from nonsense! You’re a hired hack with no ability to discern what’s true and what’s propaganda.

        We need an intervention of this government from Dr. Phil. You need it too…

      • You always coming with raw bullshit. In any other forum would he have responded in such a crass manner?? Ah only Antiguans/Barbudans he can hab Trang for so?? Me just want understand WHY he get so triggered and hot under the collar at the mention of Nigel Christian name?? The answers to those na pass the sideline since you always in defense of he and he phuckry. Seems he knows a lot but ah just God and time!!! He can’t answer matters being investigated as he is NOT in law enforcement BUT in the same breath he can take the time to say the man wasn’t as clean as he is made out to be and his family benefiting from the ill gotten gain right. Boss aryou dey can defend rassciousness no phuk!! Be a phuking STATESMAN, have some DECORUM, you could’ve answered more DIPLOMATICALLY but no ya RH always gotta be a guttersnipe

      • @From The Sideline….this son of Mami_Wata says to you, #Foolish_Pride is worst than Obeah being worked at the Churches Pulpits.

        Therefore, since PM Browne is “not involved in law enforcement,” then why won’t he allow LAW ENFORCEMENT, to investigate the issue of the Custom Broker who forged his signature?

        Allegedly, the PM is on record stating that he’s aware of his signature being forged.

        You can’t have it both ways.

        The Nstion is screaming😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱for INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITING!

        • @smood- Independent forensic audit due to someone allegedly forging the Minister of finance (who happens to be the PM) signature on customs documents to get tax excluded? 1. Its news to you that the police during their investigation of the matter, questioned the Minister of finance? 2. You missed the news that 3 individuals have been charged for defrauding customs? They had a hearing a few days ago. Smood try and keep up (talk less so you can listen more)

          • @tenman da #bitch_chameleon… you take a seat and preferably here🌵and listen up!
            Those arrested and charged are the pawns, the low hanging fruits being offered up as #Sacrificial_Lambs to give the appearance, that something is being done to clean up the filth, crookedness, corruption etc which have being plaguing the Customs Department’s for decades.

            Are you scared of INDEPENDENT GORENSIC AUDITING? You should be, because you just might be taking a seat next to Leroy on Uncle Sam territory!

          • Tenman, me sorry they didn’t forge his signature to withdraw his own money from the bank. When he issues the waivers to friends and business people, do they turn around and make a contribution to the Labour Party? Just questioning

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!

      “Sooner or later The People get The Government that they Deserve and Sooner or later The Government get The People They Deserve.” – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of The Earth!

    • Have you ever had a leader who was ‘not’ confrontational? You should be accosted and charged with slander. While I do not agree with the PM on several issues and may not laude his manner of speech on occasion, he is a man who is leading a nation, and when confronted with matters being handled by a separate arm of government, he may very well exercise his right to defer! You say “We need a leader who is less confrontational”? Well, position yourself to shoulder this responsibility and then you will have the opportunity to lead with the honor and integrity that you so desire to see in others.


    • Yes, this is the head of our country. Showing that he is not an easy walk over. I know the opposition would plant a few of their operatives in the audience to cause confusion. It’s not the first time they’ve done so. But Gaston always meets them head on.
      That is my style too. You go Mr.PM. Yhe majority of the people are behind you.

      • Sidelines:It was a Town Hall Meeting,opened to all Antiguans and Barbudans in the Diaspora. So anyone who felt like going went there.Gaston Browne,should count his lucky stars.

      • @ From the Sideline
        I am ashamed to have a Gaston Browne as prime minister of my country. He is from the ghetto and should have stayed there. You can dress up a pig and take him to Buckingham Palace but he is still a pig. It is a pity that there are so many Antiguans like you that would vote for this arrogant fool. He is certainly not prime ministerial material.

        • And who resides at Buckingham Palace? Are the residents any better in essence? How insolent! The ghetto is a ‘state of mind’, not a place of dwelling! Where are you from—using a public platform to air your grievances about ‘the ghetto’? If there is anything that you should be ashamed of, it is your state of mind! Can anything good come out of Nazareth? You know the answer!

          • Dear CowB
            Gaston admitted flippantly on a talkshow to taking moderna in secrecy. That speaks volumes.
            At Buckingham palace or down in the bunkerrooms affiliated with the Whitehouse, the head of state will be protected.
            In my opinion, this head of state is super confrontational and cowardly. Everyone can’t be a leader some have to support who is incharge. And who is in charge must think before he speaks. That is my truth and I stand by my truth.

          • Some people born in the ghetto can rise about it. But not this one. He is a ghetto dog and should have stayed there and not be leader of my country. Being from the ghetto does not mean you have to behave and speak like where you are from.

  2. The PM has no answers, so he resorts to his boorish behavior. This useless ALP government is totally unfit for office. Call the elections now.

    • Didn’t you hear his answer? Or are you as dumb as the person asking the question? The police deal with law-enforcement matters not the executive arm. And although the PM, because of his position, is informed about certain states security issues, he cannot disclose such. And he has sent out a threat that is needs be he will expose some of them.

      • It is how he as a head of state chooses to answer a matter that most Antiguans want to know about. Why is it that anyone who questions the PM is automatically an operative for the opposition? SMH

      • Okay “Barnaby Jones.” Answer this question. If Law Enforcement is left up to the Law Enforcers as the PM and you say! Why was the Prime Minister(Gaston Alphonso Browne) and not the Attorney General(Steadroy Benjamin) or the Chief of police( wha eva fu he name) not the POC or spokesperson on all things Choksi? Tink are we fu get!

        Step and answer that.

      • Sideline all the PM could have said to the question asked Is that the matter was still under Investigation. But No!! He went off In a rage and saying that I know some of you all this & that. He was rude & abusive to the young man and that Is certainly not right. A lot of Insinuation was in his latter statement about the deceased & family which Is really not good. No decorum whatsoever was In his answer to the question.

      • Sidelines they claim they want transparency and accountability. However when it hurt their feelings, they demand being left ignorant. Like a trapped monkey, some would prefer to hold on to the bait (bitterness) than let go and feel freedom.

    • Yes, that one is real too. You can get him any which way you want him. He can meet you on any turf. Even in the gutter. Cause he was born a ghetto man.
      He can dine with Kings ad Queen and sit with the people in the ghetto or the Rasta Man while they are enjoying a spliff. That is why calling him elites will not work. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth like Lovell. Lovell is fake when he is amongst poor people. Gaston has been there and knows what it is to be poor. That is why he is a man for the people and from the people. He never forgets where he came from.

      • Gaston, you can cool down now. The townhall meeting is over. You’re typing in such a heat that you’re making mistakes. Read back before you hit “send.” You’re fooling no one.
        How does a prime minister who was born poor end up with $300 million in eight years? What did you invent? And the one who forged your signature is doing rather well on her salary, too, eh?

      • Man for who people. U chupit nf. Yes he grew under unfortunate circumstances BUT he is for NO POOR PEOPLE. Get your head out his ass maybe you will be able to see clearer. His poverty has created someone so dark and PEOPLE LIKE YOU don’t even realize the monster he is. What because he wears a phacking suit?? HE IS CONSUMED BY GREED BECAUSE IF HIS CHILDHOOD TRAUMAS‼️ And as such he is grabbing at every opportunity every angle to make sure he gets MORE AND MORE AND MORE. It’s SLAVE MINDED Cunts like YOU SIDELINE that fail to see the true scope of this man Al because he sings “I was once poor, I know hunger”. He is self absorbed and is building HIS EMPIRE while PRETENDING to be for the poor man. U BETTER GET OFF YOUR ASS ON THE SIDELINES AND WALK THE FIELD FA SEE WAH REALLY AH CARRY ON‼️ The trees in the forest kept voting for the axe 🪓 because they thought he was one of them – let that sink in if you are even capable of deep thinking. Phucking man loving weirdo you be 🤡

      • Sidelines, like they want him nailed to a cross where they can whip and stone him. Jesus aleady did that, so there is no need for us to duplicate. GB will continue to use their stones to build figurative houses.

        • Equate Gaston Browne to anyone you like @ tenman, but to refer his troubles to that of Jesus is bordering on blasphemy.

          Generational ABLP supporters really are so whipped and delusional with the Prime Minister they say some of the most craziest things.

          Jesus was a Holy man, and according to tenman Gaston Browne is virtually saying he’s suffering in the same way – come on man!!@

          Unfortunately people like From The Sideline, and the aforementioned tenman will figuratively continue to build their BLASPHEMOUS temples to worship GB.

          See what I did there by using your own wordplay @ tenman … THOUGHT NOT!

          • *Third paragraph rewrite*

            Jesus was a Holy man, and according to tenman, he’s saying that Gaston Browne is virtually suffering the same way – come on man!!!

  3. Nigel Christian murder is the same as any other murder. We conduct operations together. Allow the police to do their work and stop the politics in his death. We all want justice for his death just like any other. Murder cases can take all like 20 years or more to solve. Murder cases never go cold always active.if some of you know who kill him please come forward or use the crimes stoppers hotline

    • @Little Johnny: Nigel Christian’s murder is not the same as any other murder. Nigel Christian was a Law Enforcement Officer when murdered. All Customs Officers are Law Enforcers like the Uniformed Police.

  4. Wow!

    Now that’s the REAL Gaston Browne right there in the RAW fellow citizens of Antigua. Nasty and confrontational …


  5. Well this certainly suggests Nigel was in the life…That’s a horrible response.

    Very few corrupt activities occur in small countries without key person and yes in government or law enforcement being aware or having knowledge….. if he was in the life who provided the cover?..

  6. Is this all you have ANR to try to make the PM look bad? Is best you’d played the entire meeting. But I guess it’s better to pick and choose what you want to feed them UPP operatives with.

    • You didn’t seem to complain in late last year or earlier this year when 99.9% of the letters to editorial was pro ABLP support (I remember, because I highlighted and complained this on a number of occasions).


  7. This guy was out of order, the PM is absolutely right. What does the PM have to do with law enforcement & why would the PM go to NY to pander to those people who can’t even come back home to vote?
    Is NY filled with the worst Antiguans? Those questions were below gutter and their thinking was so uneducated & myopic.
    Asking about night soil as if we still have night soil, that man hasn’t been back to Antigua in decades it’s quite obvious.
    Me too shame.

    • @ Coming Down

      Obviously you do not live in Antigua.

      Have you not read recently about the outside latrines being used at Clare Vue?
      Thats still happening in Antigua!!!
      It is obvious you are a paid minion trying to defend the indefensible…

    • Coming Down! Yes ANU still have “Pitt Latrine In case you did not know. Just ask the workers of Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital.

  8. Get his ass. A Antigua he day. He can’t duck and hide behind a rum shop radio. Lub to cut off people with that challenge of a man pretending to host. When we all know he following the script before him.

    Stone need a healing, a reconfirmation, re baptized and repent his soul. He’s a lost puppy. Come down father and help this man be a man.

  9. Gaston Browne, you are a pig. Classless, arrogant, ignorant worst PM antigua has ever seen. The way you talk to people in such a derogatory manner just shows what a nasty person you are. No wonder your wife knuckle you.

    • Mind you ruffle up de man feathers with that piece of information. You know wha dem lub fu drink under a grape tree over ice by de sea…

  10. You can take pig out the mud, but cant take mud out the pig. I could never leave my home to go listen to the hog Gaston at any townhall meeting?

    Antigua are a bunch of woss, to sit down there having him address them in that matter before they walk out.

    Next week when Lovell come up I will surely attend, because he is more respectable and have respect for nationals.

  11. “Nah mek me start talk” is how he silences his comrades like asot and co. before we all heard the tape

    Boss that no work for proper people !!

    CuzGail need to pick up she phone and remind Gaston ” Nah mek ME start talk ” in reference to all the ablp shortcomings (whether on tape or not)

    Yes Gaston, you played the wrong hand

    • My dear, it is your time now to show us that you are truly for the people. Dethrone this savage. Nevermind those who still pretend that he is a God. ‘We’ know how he completed his home interior.

      Call a vote of no confidence

      We got you Gail


  13. Was Nigel Christian clean? How can a man checking two barrels daily and five on christmas eve have over EC $1.0M in his bank account?

    • Same way you enquiring, how did a boy who went to BOE for 10k assistance become a millionaire in 4yrs.
      I know people who work for government and quasi govt who have 1mil in their account. One million EC is not what it used to be and after Clico people just let their money stay in the regular bank.

  14. Gaston Browne makes being a PM the worst job any young person would want to aspire to. It seems that you totally forgot to take your pill. You are so very classless and have no skills to deal with people. How you know all those things about the Nigel Christian case. Those are some serious accusations. I hope the police will get some balls and take you to CID to be questioned upon your return to Antigua. You are TOTALLY MAD AND UNSTABLE. Antigua has suffered enough at your hands that’s why we voting Harold Lovell and the Redeem Team when your mad self sets the date. So we beg you to call the election soon like you hurriedly did in 2018. We tiard of your MADNESS!

    • Stupid. You can ask away at anyone, it doesn’t mean that that one is in a position to give answer you want. You should be willing to accept the answers you received.

  15. Prime Minister, why do you sound so defensive? Did someone mash your corn. You seem to know more about this case. What are you hiding?

  16. Gaston “Clown” Brown, you think is you alone can talk. Maybe I need to remind you about Swiss American Bank and what went on there. For starters decipher 1458101, and if you want more maybe some cheques with some names or even pictures of the cheques themselves. Don’t get me started boy, remember I was just next door. Plenty more can be revealed, gwarn push you luck.

    • Hmmmm! 🤔 @ Current Swiss American Bank. Interesting.

      Where’s Antigua’s brilliant investigative journalist George Wehner when you need him?

    • Tell us more about cheque#1458101 please pretty please
      Share the pictures, leave them in an envelope in the office right where the bank used to be
      We have been needing this revelation We can’t take no more of this savage

  17. Wow wow soon soon we will see the end of the playboy tyrant I know that you are a coward soon you will join the ranks of R Allan Stanford with all your money sitting in jail along with your son you will implecate in Crimes . I am dealing with your conduct let us examine the fact with Choski look at the report that was presented by the Police you finally admitted from the report that he was kidnapped and tortured but remember you were the person seam to know his whereabouts . I want you to remind you that knew that he wasn’t in Cuba as stayted by the press you know that he went on the evening Cruz on a yacht that entertaining into Dominica territorial water along with the lady. You know that he was detain by the Police in DA you break the news not the Attorney General Office it was you. You ever considered why the Dominican athorities withdraw the case because they new that he was kidnapped base on further investigation. What about your comment on the arrival of the plane in DA by Gods Grace and His Mercies the plane arrives little too late the plans have fail I can ashore you that your time has come you will be charged along with other person from DA for torture Kidnapping or accessories to the fact.. GB you are going to the Haigg my advice to you too come clean now. You talk about the law enforcement custom officer what about the Police officer with the passport in St. Vincent you are afraid to touch it DPP please prosecute the matter are you afraid to touch it Sir long over due . Let justice takes it course

  18. Puppet Gail Christian blood 🩸 thicker than water. Chet Greene and GB bad deal you in 2014 . Now is the opportunity to cut loose . So use your legal mind to find Justice for your cousin. I said that we need forensic accounting investigation in lots of civil servant and politicians. There is one custom officer from Willikies that is an ABLP operative and is serving on several board. Always in and out of PM office.

  19. GB:You all don’t test me!
    The PM stated he is not a law enforcement officer when choski was kidnapped he was quick to grab the Mike than to leave it to those same officers to address the matter, it is obvious he controls the police force. These issues are not political issues that arise .

    The most corruption and coverup ever taken place under this administration and they think the population is stupid.

    Kidnapping choski
    Passport scandal which involve an officer, up to now no case.
    Murder of 3 customs officer 1 shot
    Alleged forged signature.

    Some people are singing for their supper and cannot be honest with issues that plagued this country more than covid which is liard wicked corrupt leaders.

  20. The most hypocritical thing about this situation the same people that condemn trump giving this man praise for his lies, deceptive and Arrogant behaviour.

  21. I was present and the fellow deserves to be treated the way he was by the PM. Throughout the PM’s presentation he was being disruptive and then he comes up and ask questions like he did. Once the PM responded to him in a matter of fact way he did not even have the presence of mind to stand down. If he paid attention he’d understand that for the PM to get involved in legal procedures that could be misconstrued as tampering with or corrupting justice. Because his sister was attacked and robbed does not warrant the PM to become involved in the legal proceedings. Again he deserved what he got.

    • Ah, but you must admit to yourself that for someone holding a position of high office, the Prime Minister’s response was unprofessional, undiplomatic and certainly uncouth.

      If Gaston Browne has a political speech writer, then he went totally off script; and if he hasn’t he’s in dire need of one.

      Surely you can see that @ Time Will Tell …

  22. I listened to recording this morning and what I gathered from the PM statement stated is that Nigel was corrupt. Now mouth open and story jump out. Gail Christian as a close family member and a candidate of ALP you need to set the record straight. If he is corrupt let the nation know, there is no getting away from that. The trial of this case needs to happen now. The PM has been blamed and statements has been made that Nigel murder was linked to the forging of the PM signature. I guess that was why he did what he did . The truth must be told and the sooner the better. Then the Tangle Web will be known to the public. Again the sooner the better.

  23. If he behaves like this in public, imagine him in private. He is too defensive and has a short fuse. Something is definitely wrong with him. He basically implicated himself with those statements.

    • UPP must by now recognise the Prime Minister’s achilles heel. I would certainly use his current wayward outbursts and temper tantrums to my advantage.

      Using a sports coach analogy, I would tell my team to use his known weaknesses to our advantage, because Gaston’s mindset is easily distracted when he’s confronted by tactics that makes him lose his focus.

      Something untoward is clearly bothering our Prime Minister at present and only he knows what it is.

      We can all second guess as to what this could be, but his visit to New York has opened the eyes of many to the real character of Gaston Browne – and it was very troubling to witness accept for @ From The Sideline …

  24. Man, I am proud of the PM.
    His excellency Mr. Gaston Browne SIR, well said, you diplomatically give that guy a fix up so neat it sounded like the chorus in a new hit song, melody hit that guy so hard I believe he did shit his pants, can somebody please check that guy. You must know your place and have respect and most importantly, think before you run your mouth.
    This was well deserved and well served by the PM.
    Dataram he’s genius!!!!!!!!! So fitting !!!!

    • @ Time Will Tell & Soon and Antiguan

      Well deserved, you and the PM show yourselves as clearly where you come from : THE GUTTER, how can the leader of a country behave like the worst person on earth. I would never want him as a role model for anyone in my family, church or organisation. He is pure filth!!
      If NIGEL CHRISTIAN was your relative you would not be uttering such garbage!!


      • Thanks, @ From The Sideline, I knew you would come round and see the light on how wrong your views were on Gaston Browne’s wayward policies that is causing great economical harm to the country and its citizens. 😁



    Gangston Browne – my hands dun wet. Me a wait fun you.

    Call di elections PLEASE!

  26. Well even before the PM opened his compulsive, impulsive disorder fingers were pointed at him. Now the mustache open and disclose everything between the lines. Not only are fingers pointed in his direction but hands and feet as well.
    The biggest minions are the ministers of government, the GG, the ambassadors, the senators, speaker of the house and president of the senate. Cannot imagine for the light of day why, why all these people, some educated turn in yes men and women. Cannot see myself stooping so low, bowing so low to any man or woman. See me I hate going into a court house and hearing people saying your lordship and lawyers bowing like fools. This is British tradition, since your lordship represents the British monarchy.
    Back to point-.Chet Greens you are a big man and you sit there at the head table and allow Antigua people to be disgraced. It’s only says one thing. The PM knows that all of you do not have any testicular fortitude. All a bunch of opportunistic cowards. I am sure he would appreciate if one of you say-comrade no man. Not in the public at first but in private. Then if he doesn’t listen you take it to your cabinet or executive. Leadership is not one person but the collective in government.

    • None of his members in parliament would dare say anything as he has the goods on them. He knows all their creative enrichment schemes and would not hesitate to use it against them if they opened their mouths. They are afraid of him. We don’t have a government but a den of thieves controlled by a dictator.

  27. 3 people they have in custody. Only 3 and why? Gaston and company couldn’t convince a 4th person to be the scapegoat for Nigel Christian’s murder. When you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

    From Gaston to Benjamin and right down the chain, all the involved with murdering Nigel Christian will pay for their crimes. His mother can’t get justice up to now. Time to change the game and go after the real criminals.

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