LISTEN: PM Browne updates the nation on his health following medical checks in the USA


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  1. The leader of a #Powerhouse Nation is wise enough, to know that the Medical Facilities of the Nation which he manages are so inadequate, that he cannot even trust them to do a routine physical examination. Yet still, his subjects have to endure such things as bedsores and lack of supplies.

    Jumbee_Picknee is reaching out to Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba to rein fire and brimstone pan dem wicked blurnclath!


    • @Dion Pelle…

      …the Father, Sun and Wholly Ghost
      …the three in 1, and the one in 3!
      …must, always have a #balance!
      …for wisdom, dictates this!
      …even though; “ignorance is bliss!”
      …I, think these crooks think that their #PISS!
      …is pure #Rain_Water!
      …falling on the People like manna manna!
      …watering Yah HUEmans, plants and flowers!
      …it’s a #mofo shame!
      …but then again! He is king as the PM
      …WHO’RE sent from heaven!
      .,,In the All #Mighty blessed name!
      ..,god gad I tell you!
      …mary, David, Peter and Paul are beneath him too!
      …and, it’s a shame! Shame! Shame!
      …all de man is looking is money and #fame!

  3. Everyone should make an attempt to go to the USA for an annual check up. Health is wealth! Nuff respect to PM Browne for leading the way.

    • You have visa and money for that, I can only assume. Must be nice to be rich enough to be able to fly off to fancy doctors in the USA. That is not the circumstance of 90% of Antiguans.

      • 90%? You mean more like, 99.5%. This sets a terrible president, and it screams elitism coming from your PM. The nations health is good enough for everyone else,but not good enough for him. The only way this is acceptable, is only if he uses his own money, own time, own logistics, own expenditures for this trip, period!!!

    • BILBO if you can go to the USA for your health like Gaston Browne I am very happy for you. However, there are many Antiguans and Barbudans that are not as lucky as you and Gaston.

    • @Bilbo from All Saints…

      I’m quite sure, that you’re aware of the high cost of good medical care! I’m not speaking of emergency room visits. Good physical with blood works etc without good medical insurance is expensive!

      How many Antiguans & Barbudans can afford these kind of expenses?
      1… you have family friends here! Good that eliminates housing costs! Maybe, then food, transportation, getting appointments to correspond and flow just in case you are referred for further testing!

      2…Yes, emergency rooms have to admit you regardless, but they don’t do routine physicals. Private doctors, still need other services and possibly referrals too. Antigua & Barbuda Insurance does not work in America, unless, “ likkle boh-bol a goh dung! No true Bilbo?”

      The government should either privatize MSJMC along with other Health Services, developed Centers like Joey John and the Chinese to privatizing HEALTH INSURANCE, for better management and.accountability.

      Mental Health is also a part, of your physical here in America. They don’t tell you, but once you get the results and reports, it’s on their, as failed or pass!

      I wonder how, the PM did on his mental? His actions which require, mental energy, can also make him #Mental_Too!(street and hood lingo!)


    • ‘ leading the way!!!! You must be drunk on red cool aid😡😡😡😡. How many Antiguans can actually afford the same. J*** ass.

  4. I’m not politically driven but, I don’t understand how you giving updates on your medical status and Harold lovel has to be a part of it🤔 is he one of your vital organs? Is it not his choice if he chooses to go out at nights and yours if you chooses to stay in? (SMH …POLITRIX)

    Be greatfull u don’t have 2go out at nights but remember there are others who have to, that saves n protect lives, serves and protect, bodyguard n protect persons lives n properties who are not getting adequate rest and still can’t take care of their families much more to afford health care.

    U should be ashamed to make such statement the same Healthcare system you created u have no confidence in. SMH God is God and He will 4ever be.

    • Save n sustain life the same ones that are overworked underpaid and treated unfairly that doesn’t have a pension plan after been out at nights and unable to get adequate rest as u are boosting your getting.

    • Gaston says he does not go out at nights and prowl like Harold Lovell yet still it is rumoured that goat occasionally nahm dung he garden.

  5. Where is the article may I ask? Yes we must pray for everyone health but I pray that it’s not a hoax to come to Antigua with tricks up his sleeves. Let keep a wise head people, may the father be with us all and we must repent daily saints. The Most High Yah Will sustain our needs.

  6. Gaston does not take the same covid vaccine the rest of Antigua take nor does he use Sir Lester Bird Hospital like the rest of us. He takes fancy Moderna and he goes to overseas “renowned” hospitals for his check-ups. Must be nice to have privileges that none of the rest of us ordinary Antiguans can enjoy. So much for setting an example. Schuptz.

  7. Why is ANR trying to confuse me and insult my intelligence? A previous article quoted someone as saying that the hospital is up to world class stand. Yes in a related article, the same person who made that proclamation, travelled abroad to seek a medical checkup. Ah what ah go on?

  8. Omg!! I am a born Jamaican and for some reason i dont like this man, listen to how this man speaks whilst alot of senior citizens can’t get their pensions, healthcare is a shame, let us talk about unemployment, running water no sah it really sad. I dont get involve in these things thats why i don’t vote never have never will!!!

    • Let me inform you, antiguans don’t care about thise things, we only care about fetes and free concerts, and a so them gullible

  9. Question is anyone you know experiencing stomach issues after this nasty jab? I’m watching on some issues that has never occurred with my parents.

  10. With a medical insurance scheme we all could do the same. At least a local medical annual check up. Thanks to BABA for the free prostate screening for our men.

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