LISTEN: PM Browne gives StanshaTranz Barbie a major plug on his radio show


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has endorsed the work on transgender woman Stansha Tranz Barbie.

He told listeners to his popular show on Pointe FM over the weekend that Ms. Barbie is good at her trade.

Listen to Browne here:

She is the owner of Pedicures By Stansha


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    • Who’s fault is that? You all love to take things and make it seem to be that they’re connected. If a mom can’t feed her child whose fault is that exactly? And where are the men some women stupidly breed for?

    • What does that have to do with her being good at her trade. It’s not her fault they can’t afford to feed their children. If they know they can’t afford children then they should protect themselves and not have them. That’s the abomination having children that they can’t afford to feed.

      • They can hardly afford to feed their children because the price of goods are currently increasing drastically and the government should spend its time trying to combat inflation, improve the economy and solve real problems, not highlighting rainbow issues. Those people are clearly doing just fine in Antigua so why all the hoopla.

        • What is so terrible with the government highlighting a small business owner? Couldn’t that be used as an encouragement for others? Why can’t we empower each other? Regardless of how you feel about the PM he is our elected leader and he leads us all; just like we are all God’s children and he loves us all regardless of our life style. He came not to call the righteous…..

        • Most of our are imported, if the cost of goods have gone up around the world, what do you suggest the government do to keep the prices stable here in Antigua? The lines are longer at First Choice than at CMC. Our children are not applying for scholarships to go study to be better farmers. Even though the PM has beckoned many times that we do some back yard farming how many of us grow and eat our own foods? It’s the choices that we make we pay for. Plan your life, master a trade and let’s support each other

  1. Anything for votes… Spencer was raked over the coals for a misunderstanding and watch this 🤡 all but have the alphabet gang in his lap feeding them 🍇 and the people say NOTHING. They really say in ANU is not what is said is who say it.
    **differently this is knock against the cutie Stansha ok. Just a classic case of Antiguan hypocrisy

  2. What is Gaston Browne’s fascination with transgender women. He is very high on that one known as Washington Bramble. Sidelines and Dave Ray,please tell us all,why.

  3. Gaston only a look vote at any and all costs.

    Time to vote that cesspool out along with the rest of the excrement.

    Remember who got caught stealing from Swiss American.

    Remember who get caught lifting Rolls Royce over the Port fence.

    Remember Nigel Christian was murdered and murdered. Names of big and I say very big people involved.

    Remember Mehul Choksi was kidnapped and human trafficked to Dominica.

    Remember our crown lands are being given away like certain people personally own them.

    Remember prime lands being bought for chump change and even sold after for millions of dollars of profit.

    Remember we not getting water every day.

    Remember we getting power cuts.

    Remember GB junior lost bullets and nothing happen to him.

    Vote for the betterment of Antigua not for your pockets and table scraps.

  4. Once a politician speaks u all blinded by the messenger to understand the message.

    It’s simply. He is from point villa area. He promoting his people from point villa. Like anyone from an area would do like any ordinary citizen.

    As for his other comrade who always calls always props him up. What do u want him to do. Not make friends?

    Jesus bless these people eyes ears and mouth. Cuz they will hear see and say anything that they wanna even if the message is clear. Crystal clear.

    Stop hate on transgender. And listen to the promise politicians will make a understand sense from nonsense when time comes.

  5. No #surprises here!
    Gaston Browne, PM
    and the ABLP have no choice, non, nada, zilch, zero choice when it come to supporting the LQBTPANRASS crew. As the most powerful political and religious organization, in this dispensation. Their FUNDING of politicians and political party’s is not by mistake and for this upcoming election(S), they seems to be biggest funder for LABOUR.
    Therefore again, no surprises here as Gaston “big dem up!” They’re his CASH COW.

    R dun kno, 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴dem Bones dem! Bones dem! Jumbee bones 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴💀💀💀dem, of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba nar tell nun lie.🌚🌚

  6. Remember the story of the woman at the well, and the one’s who came to Jesus to condemn her? He that is without sin, let them cast the first stone. Does that mean that Jesus was involved with her or fascinated with her lifestyle, or was he protecting someone in society whose lifestyle was different from the others and so she was easily preyed on? We care for and protect animals that we think are in danger but not humans.

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