LISTEN: PM Browne denies involvement in the murder of Nigel Christian


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  1. This could end up as subjudice, because all of a sudden the Prime Minister is running up his mouth about this murder case.

    Can the Antiguan judiciary please intervene now so that Gaston Browne cannot crash or prejudice this future case.

    The Christian family will not be pleased if the case is dismissed and all the culprits apprehended.

    • Now you all get it ?, This is a murder case. Every opportunity some of you get you all question authorities about Christians murder. I was happy as to how the Prime Minister handle that man in New York. The bloody case is before the court leave it alone. Every body asking questions on social media about Christians death and not satisfied that three persons were arrested. Wait for the court decision. All electronic and print media should be banned from Commenting on Christian murder case. If you ask the Prime Minister about the case you don’t expect him to answer ? Leave the case alone and let the judge and jury decide. The Prime minister should be still embarrassing him. Christians murder is not different than any other murders. Stop making Christian murder a political topic. Those of you with political agenders, if you know who kill Christian other than those who were already arrested go to the police or call crime stoppers.

      • @ Little Johnny

        Why doesn’t your esteemed PM go to the police…..he said ‘do not let me open my mouth’ and accusing others of benefitting from ill gotten gains.

        He knows more than he is letting on. He should be investigated by the police, but ONLY IN ANTIGUA, UNDER GASTON BROWNE AND ABLP AND U USEFUL IDIOTS.

      • Then tell Gaston to talk to the relevant authorities and stop airing his dirty linen in public @ Little Johnny. Simple really!

  2. I don’t agree with this statement,if they want to wear Niges shirt ,they have the right. These people need justice,just like how we need justicefor my Godbrother Bruce Greenaway.You can’t tell people how to mourn. I highly disagree.

  3. So you telling someone to sit down means you put him in his place and manners him. Did you put your hands on him. It’s your mouth Jack Donkey Gaston. He saud what he had to say snd you likewise. You made an idiot of yourself in NY and you continued to do so on pointless fm.

  4. The Family need to who kill Nigel.
    Those who they accuse of killing nivel.
    Need to speak up and speak out.

  5. Hey this man lie
    My question can anyone say if the PM address the country when any of the customs 🛃 officers where shot or murdered? The reason why I am asking is because the ministry of finance falls under him and I can remember him running is mouth like he is doing now.
    Yes he said his signature was forged but the clown 🤡 hurst said they’re not into name and shame, but how they want name and shame the young lady that was handling the walking nature reserve. Plus anyone else who doesn’t march to their best?
    Time will tell

  6. One thing about this PM you don’t have to light lamp and look for him. He is correct to say that on this very social media, regardless of the topic some people attach Nigel’s murder to the pronouncement he made about the forging of his signature and others do the same with Bowen and Tessa Bartley. Hence his responses are probably warranted.

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