LISTEN: PM blasts ECAB and other banks for poor service


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    • An also they take forever to put your money on your account … if its rite away transfer why it taking so long but i sure when them get pay they reach rite away to then account

  1. The PM need to talk bout the long lines outside of acb village walk and market st. (the havenots) !!

    • A so them thief bout system glitch,ECAB the worse bank in the world, access u account without ur knowledge, transfer fund like it’s their account.

  2. I agree on this ECAB issue, i have spoken to the GM several times, taken pictures of the amount of tellers during peak hours long lines, my daughter who is on vacation for 2 weeks can’t open an account as the date is after she leaves. The amount of paper to sign to conclude a simple transaction. ECAB this is the 21st century.

    • the never heard of the Risk based approach to customer profiling , a low risk employed person goes through the same process as a high risk self employed dunces professional whose sources of income cannot be predicted. They are either poorly trained or simply dunces. Wake up Regulators

  3. I totally agree with this its just fustrating and annoying how people are are treated no concern for no one but their own interesting not good at all.

    • What’s the point to open a bank account if you can’t get your money out when you want it ! why don’t you address those issues.

    • What’s the point to open a bank account if you can’t get your money out when you want it ! why don’t you address those issues. and you say all the banks here in Antiga are solvent???

      • @HP
        I wonder now what all the onlookers are saying who supported his fight against REPUBLIC BANK. People need to do their homework before fighting just because they can!

        • It’s not only the local banks that have this poor service. FCIB/CIBC on High Street is closed, and people are let into the branch on Old Parham Road one by one, causing extremely long lines outside on the street. So, your point is invalid.

  4. Ecab service is total garbage. The entire mamagent needs to be replaced and it needs to be brought into 2022.

  5. Unfortunately I have to agree with the pm on this one. Ecab is not ready yet and is not remotely a credible replacement for Scotia bank.

  6. Job for Life. Well Lord. Government workers, y’all hear the contempt ??? But he wan be the government’s chief worker (again) after elections
    And they say slbmc is toxic .. it’s no wonder
    Sounds like the PM wants toxicity in the banks between line staff and managers too
    School children say at slbmc you can avoid toxicity by using what you have to get what you want. Watch out all ye young female tellers & loan officers!

  7. Is this the same man that sent home workers without pay and acting like he cares about the people now? The same criticism you should get as the bank because both parties are guilty

  8. Made an appointment to see a loans after doing business for over twenty years did not even give me the courtesy or respect to see he him sent a message that I was not qualified for the loan while I am having a mortgage with twenty five percent to be paid off with an equity of three hundred thousand dollars Scotia would have never treated me so

  9. While some may be uncomfortable with the PM’s lack of diplomacy, I agree with him 100%. The banks are raping poor people with their onerous monthly service fees, along with their wicked fees for doing the most basic banking tasks.

    That said, isn’t that why we voted for a government? To ensure that the most vulnerable among us are taken care of? Why doesn’t Gaston use the legislature to provide relief for poor people in the same manner that they looked out for PLH?

  10. You guys now see why Craig has to go?
    As the Chairman of the bank, he bears final responsibility. What is he doing about all these complaints?
    Not a darn thing. Some people sit on boards just to draw a good salary and have it on their resume to show. But other than that, they contribute nothing to the development if the company. Get rid of him quickly.


      • I know you like to have your own facts. The ECCB or ECLAC or World Bank or IMF Facts do not matter. Antigua and Barbuda Economy grew by 7.4% in 2021. But that is not a fact for you. So, you keep telling yourself that things are bad, very bad. That will make you feel good. Enjoy living in your own reality. One day you will wake up. Hope it’s not in Clare Vue

  11. Well, I never thought I would be in agreement with the Prime Minister on this banking issues.

    I for one get fed up with incompetent and slow moving bank tellers, who think because they work behind the counter, they tend to act like they are somewhat more knowledgeable than a business person on financial obligations.

    All you want them to do, is to do the job they are paid for – like opening a bank account (whether personal or business) without giving you telephone numbers and sheets of information to book an appointment, which usually means weeks or months away.

    Hopefully, as Gaston Browne has mentioned this now, the bank managers in Antigua will take note, and re-train their staff and also stop making bank accounts so difficult to open for those who bring finance and business into the country.


  12. By the way, I wonder what Lovell will say about this. I guess he doesn’t like the PM’s style. He should be more diplomatic. Well, this PM gives it to you as raw and straight as it comes.
    You know I believe the PM should summon all the bank managers to Cabinet and have them explain why they have people standing in the hot sun for hours to do a little banking. Especially our senior citizens. This is unbelievable. While they sit in the air-conditioned offices, as if they are kings and queens. They are very disrespectful to the Antiguan people. And they need to call out on that.
    I remember when Barak Obama summoned the bankers to the White House when they wanted a bailout. Same with the big car manufacturer. And when they came on their private jets, he sent them back and told them to go fly economy and come back.
    Gaston needs to show these guys who run things.

    • Calm down nah @ From The Sideline, it doesn’t matter what political colours you wear or support, virtually everyone agrees that the banking system in Antigua leaves a lot to be desired.

      But knowing your idol Gaston Browne, he will try and make some political capital out of this issue … WATCH AND SEE!


      • He will and is fighting on our behalf. Not about scoring political mileage. However, Lovell first will test out the waters, before he decides to make a statement. And bet you he will say the PM is undiplomatic. Like he did when the PM said they will sue Trinidad for not adhering to their agreement to pay the CLICO policyholder the $60million.

  13. Antigua has the worst Customer Service of any place in the world I have visited.I witnessed it for myself a week ago while there.Something needs to be done or many small businesses would fail.

  14. All Banks have long lines in Antigua. Maybe the banks in Antigua need to give staff a day off in the week and open Saturday Sunday as well just like in the US. For eg TD Bank in the US. This will eliminate the rush on Fridays. But sometimes we all know how to someone elses job and we cant do ours. Customer service is lacking in Antigua. Some of the same persons who have negative issues with the banks I can bet you when the shoe is on the other foot its the same issue with customer service.

  15. ACB will not accept any sums over $10,000 without first obtaining passports, proof of address, 6 months worth of bank statements all for the sender of the funds and then they put everything on hold for no less than a MONTH while they claim they are doing due diligence all before they will release the funds to the receiver’s account. They are ridiculous!

  16. Gaston finally said something that is 100% true. These banks are ridiculous. First they have you lined up outside around the corner in the hot sun. At least set up some tents outside to give people some shade. They give you the run around to open a simple bank account, for weeks you can’t get to make an appointment. Some people were so fed up with not getting appointments that they asked to be paid with a check and just cashed it at M&M for a fee. Ridiculous.

  17. For years we have been complaining about the banks and their treatment of the public with out any ‘noticement’ or redress.
    Suddenly, hurray! We have an advocate.
    I wonder how come and why?
    Is it a case of only when it affects me, I act?

  18. I am a busy person, I have been trying to deposit some money on my checking account for months, but never get a chance because of the long lines. Somebody says I will have to reactivate the account.

    • Not every business has an ATM card. Or a night deposit bag. And not every transaction you can do at the ATM or online. If you need a particular denomination to do payroll you need to go into the bank. If you give your employees checks, they need to stand in these long lines to cash it. It is CRAZY

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