LISTEN: PM addresses concerns about his vaccination status

PM takes second dose of Moderna vaccine/ File Photo

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  1. Why does he have a CDC vaccine card? If i remember correctly, a wealthy person brought the vaccine in for him.

    • Why would he be issued a CDC vaccine card in Antigua? At some private individual’s house?

      Why didn’t he take one of the vaccines he’s forcing others to get?

      Such nonsense

  2. How does one get an official vaccination card from one country for an unofficial vaccination done in another country?…asking for a friend…

  3. Don’t worry Mr PM, we can spare u 2 shots of Astra Deadlica so u can be in compliance with ur own mandate….no need for thanks. Only bad news is, all the porches are booked for the next few weeks. 😂🤣

  4. Gaston Browne,if you did receive the Moderna Doses of the Vaccine in Antigua. Why are you now showing a CDC COVID-19 VACCINATION RECORD CARD? I did receive both doses of the Moderna Vaccine. My card looks similar as yours except there is no date of birth filled in on mine as yours show. There is no Doctor name on mine as yours.Why would that Doctor give you that dosage in January,2021.When Private Doctors in the USA were not giving Covid-19 Vaccines at that time. Just hoping the CDC gets on top of this bogus fraud of a Vaccine Card,get the FBI involved.Did Dr.Wael Yacoub come to Antigua twice to administer the two doses of Moderna Vaccines to you,Gaston? I am fully aware he graduated from the University of Damascus Medical School in 1993.I am going to call his Office in Pennsylvania and have a chat with him.

  5. We wanna see the 3rd dose. Also we wanna know who administered the shots. If done locally how the CDC card was issued? Was watching the mandate in the us and the Whitehouse and congress is exempt from the mandate?🤔🤔🤔🤔 the hypocrisy.

  6. According to Gaston Brown, the Governor General, the Hadeed family and several doctors as well as himself were given this shot. They flew in the doctor and all hid and took the vaccine because there was an embargo on it, making it illegal to be distributed. In addition to that, they were given CDC vaccination cards outside of the CDC jurisdiction, again making the process illegal. By Gaston Brown’s own admission, he couldn’t talk about this because the doctor would get in trouble. This should be investigated. The CDC shoud be made aware of this doctor and what took place. Did he steal the vaccine? Did he steal the CDC cards? What about the pharmacy council in Antigua? Did they authorize this vaccine to be brought in and used by Gaston and his friends knowing that there was an embargo on it? Is nothing in Antigua free from corruption? The CDC must know about this.

  7. Immigration staff please check the system to see if Dr. Wael Yacoub, MD ever traveled to Antigua and if yes the dates. And don’t be afraid to share your findings, remember Gaston Clown 🤡 wasn’t afraid to push vaccines on us

  8. In addition to the questions above, has the pharmaceutical council authorized the use of the Moderna Vaccine for use in Antigua? If no, how can the PM go against the same body that was authorize to vet vaccines? Is Dr. Yacoub authorized to practice medicine in Antigua?

    It is not smelling good.

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