LISTEN: Lawyer says do not resign, wait to be terminated


An attorney at law has said that those whose jobs are on the line due to their vaccination status should give themselves a fighting chance by not resigning.

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  1. Great legal advice. Wow I must commend a brave lady of the legal fraternity. She has me saying out loud there is hope, she has step out from under the bar and brake down the status-quo on Antigua and Barbuda. I can only wish more bar members will come out when they hear or see injustice.

  2. This woman is speaking about people losing jobs what about them losing their lives. Instea of that long boring speech what about encouraging the citizens to take the vaccination which would solve all the problems and save lives. I was one of the first people to take the vaccination and had NO side effects. I know that makes me lucky but I had to chance taking it. I hope everyone will take this attitude to being vaccinated.

    • U fully dunce me see dat why not tell ppl to boost dem immune system an eat healthier an live a healthy lifestyle da vaccine dnt stop the spread an u can still catch an spread it don’t come tell me nothing bout it will lower ur chances of dying cuz wen a ur time u can’t tell God u na ready tap force vaccine pan ppl let dem choose we all have dat rite so let ppl have dat choice y’all fixated on vaccine an it’s killing more ppl than it’s saving

        • I understood everything pettybastard wrote because a so arwe talk. Trying to Shame someone doesn’t continue the dialogue. People are fearful and a better explanation and education is needed for those who are hesitant.

    • Solve what problem the vaccine it self is killing people and if you don’t die from you will have all sot of complications we must understand the so called vaccine is not a saviour they claim that it does not make you have the sickness of covid as bad as the none vaccinated but at the same time you can still catch and spread covid an in some cases die from covid. They are telling us how many people are dying from covid but they are not telling us how many vaccinated people are dying.

        • The so called delta variant is cover for vaccine injuries and deaths. What’s more you have seriously comprised your immune system. I feel sorry for you as populations all over the world have been lied to by politicians and medical bureaucrats playing follow the leader, pushing dangerous faux vaccines for pharma $$$ and to save their careers, with withholding cheap effective prophylactics that work, like Ivermectin.

    • I am in favour of people having the vaccine in order to reduce the stronger side effects of contracting Covid19, but I am also in favour of freedom of choice and the right to make that decision based on their individual belief.

      Taking the vaccine does not mean you will not get Covid19, it merely ‘dampens’ down the effect it will have on your body.

      This lawyer is right to tell people not to leave their jobs voluntarily, because of sweeping changes, but to wail until you are dismissed. At least then, if cases are taken to court and dismissals found to be unfair, you will have a chance to recoup some money, and even the job.

      I’m vaccinated and wear a mask when inside buildings or around people. That is my choice to protect myself whilst we are in this pandemic. It’s each individuals responsibility, to look after themselves as well as those around them. Although having said that, I respect those that don’t wish to follow that path and don’t want to be vaccinated.

      Should they be refused a hospital bed if they contract Covid19 and get to the stage where they are in need of one? I truly don’t know. One side of me says yes, because you made your bed… but the Christian in me, says no. We are all made differently, but I think we have to accept those in our society that don’t wish to take the vaccine, and respect their decision.

      • Antigua is being used as a giant Petrie dish. All the politicians care about, in the short term at least, is showing a profile to foreign investors and tourists. The Chinese in particular will be happy, it’s their virus.

        • And China is of of 3 counties that produce the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) in drugs like ivermectin. Notice China no longer has a covid problem? And I know it’s not because they have already VACCINATED 1.4 billion people. I wonder what they are using… Sarcasm!

    • Not everything is for everyone do you ppl have died from taking the vaccine? Vaccine save lives? Jesus christ save lives but to each its own

    • Even they are fired, take for example hotel employees, they were all severanced last shut down. What is 12 days pay going to take you. How far can it take you? Do these so called “Lawyers and union reps” know what’s really going on? How much food packages are they willing to give should we face another shut down? Please my educated people, instead of preparing for war, go out there and educated the public on the importance of vaccination. There is no big law suite after dismissal to collect 10% from on behalf of stupid people. Stop misleading poor people. Remember, no body wins a war.

  3. She is obviously not too smart! Instead why not encourage people to go get their vaccines to help solve this pandemic. Absolute ignorance.

  4. @Mary Ann Fitt: You took the Vaccine ,good for you. I took the Moderna Vaccines 2 doses,good for me. I do not tell others what to do. Who gave that right to be telling others what they should do? Are you an expert because you took the Vaccine? You people think you have all of the answers as it relates to the Vaccines and Covid-19.The problems that exists there are too many damn Covid-19 experts out there.

    • I am not telling anyone that they have to be vaccinated. I am hoping good sense will prevail and somehow they will recapitulate and see the sense in getting vaccinated.

    • I never claimed to be an expert on COVID. I have however tried to educate myself. It seems to me that yes there are side effects from the vaccination for SOME people but it is unlikely to kill you. If you don’t get vaccinated you will get sick and maybe die. Just look at the numbers. People are getting sick and dying.

      • Fitt Fitt Fitt. If a reputable company makes a product and they sware by its “efficacy”, they would NOT deny liability but would guarantee the benefit and stand by the product. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH YOUR JAB! TO DELAY a death sentence does not stop it. So if you think the chook offers you protection IT IS TEMPORARY!!!

        Research and report which one of these vac makers will accept any liability if anything goes wrong. Not one!!!!!!!! May the Lord have mercy on our souls, those who have one left.

        • What has gone wrong so far? How may people have received the vaccine world wide? How many deaths as a result? Numbers never lie. Does low dose asprine work for everyone? Do we still die from blood clots?
          How much test was carried out on horney goat weed before it hit the shelves? Yet all the horney Goats take it right?

    • Did the President of United States of America make it mandatory for all Federal Workers and Contracted workers of the United States Government without an option for testing?

  5. Mary Ann Fitt you took the vaccine and had no side effects. There are others who died and some who are suffering from the effects of the vaccine. It remains to be a personal choice.

  6. I want to see the proof of who died after taking the vaccine show me the autopsies where are the statistics. Im treating this covid 19 thing just like my HIV status, who I vote for and who I worship ( I keep my mouth shut)!!

  7. So what these people are saying is that the vaccines are a waste of time, the scientists waste billions of to made them. So I guest the scientists are also dunce along with their government that hire them. I guest I will be a dead man really soon because I also took the vaccine.

    • You very possibly might. There are other Scientists that says you have shorten your life span by getting the jab; Dr. Mike Yeadon is one, Dr. Luc Montagnier is another.

      • Ditto Professor McCullough, the most published peer reviewed US physician on heart and lung related diseases, and Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the MRNA platform used in high profile jabs.

  8. This lawyer did not at all address whether the vaccine mandates are lawful. All she talked about was “unity” which essentially follows the unions’ course of action of trying to get all government workers to stay at home Monday and Tuesday as a form of strike. Clearly this lawyer is an anti-vaxxer. She puts this speech in the public to encourage the anti-vaxxers rather than address the legality of vaccine mandates which by now we all know are clearly lawful. We have heard many eminent lawyers and even the former Chief Justice of the CCJ state that vaccine mandates are legal. This lawyer is playing her anti-vaccine games. That is all.

    • She spoke of the legality when she stated that even if there is anything illegal in it all they have to do is make an amendment and viola it becomes legal.

      This is why she said don’t focus on the legality just unite

  9. Why do we let dunce people like that make speech, she must have purchased her degree in a cracker jacks box. I just hope Covid don’t coming knocking on her door. Wake up idiot people are dying. I want my life back do I can feed my family. Please remove this dunce recording.

  10. Mary Ann Fitt correcting people and her terminology is off. Madam, you cannot take the vaccination…….you took the VACCINE!

    Additionally, not because you took the vaccine, and had no side effects means that it will be the same for everyone else. You took the chance to take the vaccine, so what if others arent willing to take that risk??

    Talking about the lady should encourage persons to take the vaccine…..there are other ways to build immunity. Can you imagine the health benefits the NATION would achieve if persons were coerced into exercising, eating healthy and taking daily Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc supplements etc. That would translate to lesser diabetic, hypertensive patients etc.

    By the way, am i the only one that realizes that there is nowhere in the mandatory vaccination policy that exempts persons who would have gained natural immunity after contracting the virus. Scientifically there is NO need for a vaccine if you already have antibodies for that pathogen.

    And if you think getting the vaccine would solve all our problems, you are just as gullible as the PM. This fool still talking about vaccine slows spread and now aiming for 80k (no longer 70k) persons to be fully vaccinated. Isnt he following the science?????? THE VACCINE WAS NOT CREATED TO SLOW THE SPREAD/TRANSMISSION, THEREFORE HERD IMMUNITY IS NOT POSSIBLE!!

    • Indeed. Herd immunity is not possible with these leaky, ineffective and counter productive gene therapy treatments being passed off as vaccines.

  11. That Lawyer is self employed and wealthy. She doesn’t have to worry about loosing her job. I’m sure she wouldn’t represent you for free when you get fired. People—be careful who you take advice from. Knight is self employed and wealthy too.

  12. And China is of of 3 counties that produce the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) in drugs like ivermectin. Notice China no longer has a covid problem? And I know it’s not because they have already VACCINATED 1.4 billion people. I wonder what they are using… Sarcasm!

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