Antiguans to start paying more for gas this week, PM announces


As early as Monday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne expects that an announcement will be made to increase gas prices in Antigua and Barbuda.

Listen here: Browne says government can no longer subsidize the prices.

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  1. Gaston ‘Gassy’ Browne to raise the price of GAS ⛽


      • Yes, but our prices remained artificially high in order to “recoupe” funds lost when the former administration subsidized gas hikes past $16.50 per gal during the period when oil was over $100 per barrel. If my memory serves me correctly that was 2008-2010. The prices for gas during 2020 went down to under $2.00 per gallon in the US, ours remained the same. Why is it that as soob as there’s a hike our price has to move?

        • Because the people an dem pan this island a pappyshow an dem lackadaisical and have memory loss. Anybody can Wark arl ova dem and dem jus tek um without question.

      • West Indies Oil boss said he has enough oil stored up that can last for at least six months. So why raise prices already?

      • Why should the price increase so quickly on the local market? Has WIOC been buying oil at $146 per barrel already? This is simply price gouging since their supplies could not
        be affected by the increased oil price on the world market. It is simply capitalistic greed.

    • That is simply idiotic. Direct your anger at Putin, and at the Antiguan government – remember, they never once lowered the price of fuel when oil was worthless during the pandemic in 2020.

      • Don’t quite think so. Biden put a stop to the pipeline from Canada along with other oil producers when he was put into office. The USA is more than capable of being self-sufficient (as it was previously) with their own oil production. All dementia stricken Joe Biden has achieved is highest gas prices ever and massive inflation that has more than rippled down here.

        • @jeb: Well said !! I could not agreed with you more.It is a damn good thing,I am living in a State that produces both oil and Natural Gas.So our prices are not as high as California and some other States.

          • Regardless of being a Trumpite or not what I said is correct and it is also a fact that the USA is/was the leader of the free world. The USA feeds us and dictates many aspects of our security. Right now the USA is seen as weak in the eyes of those seeking to dominate and plunder for all they can get. Communist China is threatening to invade democratic Taiwan and Russia is committing heinous war crimes in Ukraine. Fact checking will verify what I have said and show that the White House is unfortunately occupied by a senile, arrogant and stupid paedophile along with an equally stupid and embarrassing on the world stage cackler! The Democratic Party is not void of intelligent people of all races…one really has to wonder why big money and China paid out big time for these two!!

          • Kristi, your Biden pushing backside must love how everything gone up in the US. Biden don’t even have the balls to stop Putin and millions of innocent people have to run for their lives to other countries. Already innocent women and babies have been killed by Putin. It should have been your baby that was killed. You wold be singing a different tune all now so.

            And you must like paying more at the pump all thanks to G-Ass-Ton, the ass you love to kiss.

      • If Donald Trump was still president of the USA, the price of fuel will not be that high.Only Trump can save humanity at this time. American people need to do the right thing and vote him back him.

        • The whole world exhaled when Trump left office. There was no depth to this man. If he were in power at this time, he would have probably bombed Russia with the advice from his neo-cons. He would then trigger a nuclear war. An empty head like Trump should not be trusted with so much power.

          • Observation if Putin start invading us and bombing us you will wish Trump was in office. Biden fuck up the economy in the US. Everything at a all time high especially all the gas prices dem. Innocent people and small children a get kill off and you good with that. I hope you don’t feel no way if and when someone kill off your children and grandchildren.

      • Old type thinking. Putin isn’t the real threat, the globalists running Ukraine ate the threat. Klaus Schwab and his fellow rat Soros don’t want their money laundering operations in Ukraine to be ended by the good guys which includes Putin. Be on the lookout for the Taiwan invasion distract next. They will also find bio weapon labs there too.

  2. Our prices should fluctuate according to the prices for a barrel of oil. Prices in the last seven years were very low,but we were still paying the same $12.50 at the pump. But now in two weeks ,you have to take the price up ? People need to be real and stop making excuses for politicians .

  3. So… when the oil price was at zero or even below last year … how is it that the prices didn’t drop then? The gas we have now on island was purchased at 5 or 10$… ridiculous

  4. Our gas prices need to move with the global supply prices. What happened to the excess that was made for years from the inflated price when oil was dirt cheap?

  5. Lol Gaston be like “imma raise the gas cuz y’all ain’t gonna do shit but just talk talk talk I had y’all paying $12.50 now pay whatever me say fu pay lmaooo”

    Lol funny thing is it go rise and y’all not gonna do one dam thing about it so keep commenting

    • How you mean, “y’all not gonna do one dam thing about it”.

      Of course we can; we’ll use our democratic vote 🗳 to KICK ‘gassy’ out of office … DUH!!!

      @ Laughing, because you one a mek noise, no mean say, ah you one can only nyam banana 🍌

      • Lmaoooo so ur gonna vote him out oh wow am sure that’s gonna make sooo much of a difference

        I can’t wait hurry up and vote jack

        U would think y’all would learn from past experiences but nerp

        But hey don’t let me stop what makes y’all happy

        Lemme help you: VOTE DEM OUT!!
        lmaooo hurry up and bring in a fresh set of so it’s their turn to do more bullshit

  6. Why should the price increase so quickly on the local market? Has WIOC been buying oil at $146 per barrel already? This is simply price gouging since their supplies could not
    be affected by the increased oil price on the world market. It is simply capitalistic greed.

  7. He never met a disaster he could not exploit….

    Since he SO needs the money, how about rewriting the NO-TAXES-FOREVER Agreement with WISEZ and YIDA and giving us, the regular tax-payers, a break???

    • We saw this coming from a mile away, so why are still surprised? This government is not for the people!

  8. Gaston the opportunist.
    When the price was low, our gas price was high.
    Now that the price is higher he will make even higher.

    Gaston is a real dawg

  9. Phase 2 of !THE AGENDA 🌎!
    Hike fuel prices now. Next massive food shortage. Come June , “climate change effects”. Hear what is not said and stop trying to make sense out of nonsense.

  10. Business educaiton.

    If the price you paid yesterday was 1$ and you sold it for 1.50.. you would be pretty happy that you made a 50% profit. Now you have 1.50 in your bank, you place another order with your supplier and find out the price is now 1.50, even though you have already paid 1$ and have some stock sitting there your in a position to have no cash flow if you do not raise your prices to the new market price . That is how cash flow works and that is how all business work that are still in business. To do otherwise would put you in bankruptcy very quickly. Opposition or Government better understand this fact.

  11. JAMES BROWN I must say you have lost me there with your logic. To use your example, if WIOC paid $1.00 for oil that it has in its reserves (or even if it bought that oil for $1.00 on the futures market), how would an increase in the price of oil to $1.50 from its suppliers affect the cash flow of WIOC. WIOC would not be making a loss by selling the old inventory in its reserves for $1.00. This price situation to the consumer from WIOC should only change (increase) when WIOC start to buy its oil at the higher world market price. I really did not benefit from your Business Education.

  12. The fundamental point is WIOC should not increase the price of gas to the consumer unless it based on higher costs of its supplies.

  13. Then Mr.Prime Minister raise people salaries then. Ever so often food prices cost of living is going up.What happen to salaries? Arent there an increase. We voting this party out. Ah fed up. Forced vaccine mandate to threaten the jobs of people. Tear gas to even speak about. Nah man. Time fu go me say.

  14. Gas price was at an all time low yet we still pay a high price. It’s unconscionable to have us paying a higher price. More over why not even wait until a new shipment.

  15. The CEO of WIOC said that we had enough gas to last six months.
    If that is the case, WHY is Gaston raising the price?

  16. The CEO of WIOC,did he not say,they have at least 6 months of gas on hand.So if that is the case.Why is the price going up this week to $15.00 per gallon.I am blaming the UPP,for they have been in Governance since 2014 to now 2022.If you tink me a lie,ask King Liard,Gaston Browne.For I heard him blaming the UPP for the prices on Petrol in Antigua and Barbuda.When it is he who has been the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for the last 8 years.So why the heck,he did not do something about it in his 8 years as THE TAP DAWG.

  17. Gaston Browne,as the Prime Minster of the Nation. When would you take responsibility for anything that goes haywire? Why do you blame all the things that go wrong on all others but thyself? I do hope the people of the Nation come to their senses and Vote your GBLP out of Office soonest. GBLP (Gaston Browne Labor Party).Wicked set a people,the GBLP.

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