LISTEN: Dr. Duncan confirms fully vaccinated died of COVID but says patient had underlying health issues

Dr Albert Duncan

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  1. Fully Vaccinated contracting Covid-19 and passing away is nothing new. Where I am living,it is on the news on a regular basis. By the way,they do not all have underlying health issues.

  2. So you telling me that everyone that died had underlining issue?. Imust speak with my Heavenly Father because I know before who was born perfectly healthy still died, so stop blaming underline health is issues and please let us know the issue, because it seems as if everyone has issue

  3. Seems like people like issue, please Mr and everyone other politicians please to make it clear so the families can know also, the same script different sht, get with it. Thank you. Please be honest I’m everyone to start purging their sinful hearts and it start where the problem lies get lies.

  4. They start with the buts…
    He was fully vaccinated…but..

    But…but..but…he had underlying conditions…

    Oh, wait….So now it’s OK for the mandatory vaccine to fail to protect the most vulnerable who actually need it most?

    So folks, listen carefully…… you’re mandated to take the vaccine…and only then will it be ok for you to die from Covid while having underlying conditions….Got it?

  5. After taking the vaccine and then die, days or weeks after taking it, the government needs to be responsible, accountable and be liable for their death, because its the vaccine that causes the underlying symptoms to worsen, we have been treating our underlying problems for years and live long lives, now we’re taking the vaccine with our underlying problems at age twenty fives (25) years old and DIE, Gaston Browne and the government, you are responsible for those DEATHS.

    • If this true, the government must take some responsibility for those deaths. And also why aren’t all of the medical doctors who treat patients with underlying conditions urging caution. All persons with underlying conditions MUST be told point blank that taking this vaccine may make their conditions worse.

    • @Winston Russell…the Pharmaceutical companies #WHO’RE already raking BILLIONS in profits, made sure, that they removed themselves from being a litigant in any lawsuit(s) stemming from the side effects of these vaccines, to include even death and since, the Government made sure, that they’re acting under the powers of their earthly god’s(CONSTITUTIONS), who will the people take legal action against?

      There’s always more in the mortar, than the pestle.

  6. Have you ever seen the line and Medical Benefits to collect medication in Antigua? The population is rife with ppl who have underlying health conditions. Majority of those ppl collecting medication are collecting meds for chronic non transmisible diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, renal disease and varying types of COPD (all conditions that increase the risk of having complicated COVID vaccinated or not). We are just going to sit here and pretend we are a healthy population? We are just going to sit and pretend that Medical Benefits wasn’t mounting campaigns for healthier lifestyles and having walks and socacise before this pandemic to build public awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and promote healthy living because of the HIGH INCIDENCE RATE & PREVALENCE of these AVOIDABLE or at least manageable health issues? Even amongst the ppl who are diagnosed and taking their meds for these conditions there is poor compliance. Yet ppl really are going to sit on this comment thread and propagate ignorance. It’s probably the ppl who are shining pillars of health who are the ones making these types of comments. The ppl with Ideal BMIs, not overweight, good cholesterol, no renal issues, no asthma and not even slightly pre diabetic or hypertensive.

    • No its easier to sit down behind the phone screen and blame Gaston Browne. As if she Gaston Browne mek covid and vaccine

  7. Honesty is the best policy, delivered with compassion, empathy and forgiveness in times like these.

    The World is troubled, and to many living ain’t easy.

    Health is wealth! And, yes #WEALTH is health since, without wealth an economy such as Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA becomes unhealthy to some degree which brings on a whole set of worries both old and new.

    Wealth also brings on health issues, since, if you’re a greedy, glutinous, don’t give a shit about your health and basically use wealth, to abuse your health of course viruses such as these which love to abuse the weak and sick, for the most part, will have and are having a #Ball under these created, yet in some cases preventable and avoidable situations.

    This is the best time to be alive, as a HUEMAN, whether you’re paying attention to or not, and whether you give a phuck or not about the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    …live the life you love!
    …love the life you live!
    …and, stay positive!
    …mos deff!

  8. Antigua always wanting to be first world, yet acting third world. Listen to the doctors and scientists, not your neighbor. Get vaccinated. Vaccines are mandatory for public sector workers in US and Europe too. In many of these countries if you want to go anywhere, you have to show a vaccine pass. When it comes to public health, who are you to think your individual ‘rights’ come before the majority? Acting like selfish, uneducated, little children. So many comments about modern-day slavery, yet your bull-headed attitude, conspiracy theories and little faith in your government is what will keep you down. You want to be top dog in the Caribbean, you want respect from other nations, you want to be treated equal, then start acting the part, like a civilized nation. Stop with your foolishness, be bold and take the lead to be the first Caribbean nation to tackle the virus properly and get on with life. Antigua has to be open to tourism in order to survive, if you think otherwise you are living in fantasy land. Get real. Get vaccinated. And get on with life.

    • So true # ENOUGH ALREADY if you’re not el dictator browne Antigua will split in half to morrow, Having faith in Caribbean governments especially Antigua government is like keeping a rattlesnake as a pet.

  9. From day 1 we the ones that have been called conspiracy theorists and crazy and spreading false information have been saying that covid was never killing anyone. it was all lies to deceive ppl into taking their experimental bio-weapon dem call vaccines. The deathshots are set to get past the body’s immune defense, merge with the dna and cripple the system altogether then when the person gets sick and dies they say that the person had underlying conditions.
    This is why we have been asking if the person was vaccinated because its always that someone died of covid who was not vaccinated which has been BS lie cuz no one was dying, but for the vaccinated ones that died they never specify anything and i knew persons who died after taking the deathshot, no longer alive now.

    covid has been around since the 1960s, it is a common cold as stated in the American Medical Dictionary and yall can look it up yourselves.
    my best friend caught covid all in 2018, I caught it in feb 2019, other persons who caught it this year and recovered within days by just doing the regular as for any cold or flu, ppl in dominica who caught a terrible flu 2 decembers ago and then we were all told it was not covid but we checked the symptoms it was covid. Now the information is coming out that it was indeed covid.

    Yall can only lie to ppl who dont know better to avoid listing to the media.
    the circle of ppl that associate with, our eyes are open and we learned a long time ago to ignore the news/media and the tv on a whole because they only publish lies to brainwash ppl

    • In December of 2019, I came down with an awful cough, fever, an enormous headache, chest pain and extreme difficulty breathing. I had never experienced anything like that before and it so scared me that I quickly went to the emergency room. The doctor who treated me said he didn’t know what it was and prescribed me antibiotics. Looking back now, I believe I caught Covid-19 but of course we didn’t know what we know now.

      They should allow testing of the population for antibodies derived from natural immunity and if those persons are positive, then they should be given a vaccination card because natural immunity is 13x more protective than a synthetic, man made vaccine. But of course, it’s all about pushing the vaccine on people because big pharma, politicians, and the media are the ones raking in billions while the average working class man or woman gets nothing but high medical bills left as a result from being maimed by this vaccine.

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