LISTEN: Choksi releases statement after return to Antigua

Choksi arrives in Antigua from Dominica in July 2021/Photo by ObserverNewsCo

After 51 days of custody in neighbouring Dominica for illegal entry, which Mehul Choksi’s lawyers claim was a kidnapping plan, the fugitive diamantaire has landed in Antigua and Barbuda, where he has been staying since 2018 after leaving India. A

He released the following statement after landing in Antigua.

The news has upset Indians who are seeing this as an opportunity that we lost.

Many are of the opinion that we could have gotten the fugitive back easily from Dominica, but now that he is back in Antigua, getting him deported is going to be a lengthy process.

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  1. Choksi is innocent. He has been a victim of a political persecution because he donated money to the opposition party of the current India PM. Welcome home our Antigua brother.

    • Welcome home brother Choksi .
      They accepted your money ,did multiple background checks and gave you citizenship
      You are now intiteled to every protection afforded to every citizen .
      Gaston and the other LITTLE RAMBO Prime Minister in Dominica should be investigated .
      Anyone really think that these men and woman who kidnapped him was here and no one knew ,and assisted them in no way ?

  2. He lie nf, i spoke with a female Friend of mine from dominica she told me straight he walks freely without a walking stick only when he goes to curtis he uses a when chair, she even told me she went that same hospital and she saw Him a couple of times walking up and down with police Guarding him .smh

    • So? He never said he sick with his foot and can’t walk.

      Becauae he walking mean he nuh have any serious ailments?

    • I am from Dominica and I live in Dominica. Your friend is just as a bigger liar as you. He was never walking freely. So keep you bullshit to your self and your female friend.

    • I’m sure your Dominican friend has a smart phone. Everyone does, so if she indeed saw Choksi walking without a walking stick, she would have taken a picture or video. Either produce the pic or video, or HUSH!!!

  3. Politics have made some of us so blinded that our brains have been removed from our head’s. The gentleman is accused of thiefing billions from a bank in the country be was born. It’s beyond belief that anyone with any degree of honesty and dignity will make this about Politics. You guys are sick to the cure. Show some class.Its not about Political gamesmanship.

    • You’re totally correct. This is NOT a political issue It’s a law and order matter. The guy needs to be stripped of his “citizenship” and kicked all the way to India, his true home, and the land of his citizensHip by birth. What happened to the so-called “girlfriend”??? I thought he was being presented to us as a strong family man of high moraL principles.

    • @Colombo+Thoughtful: And politics has blinded us so badly that we refuse to believe it was GASTON BROWNE and the ANTIGUA BARBUDA LABOUR PARTY refused to initiate extradiction proceedings when India made the request back in 2018. In fact, it was Gaston who said Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign country and would not be bullied by any foreign country over ONE OF ITS CITIZENS.

      Also, we are so blinded by politics that we refuse to understand that this matter is in the court and should be allowed to play out like the Leroy King issue. Why kidnap the gentleman? Are we suddenly living in Russia or China where if you fall out of favor with the government, you are kidnapped and disposed of? He is a citizen of ANtigua and Barbuda, and as such are afforded the protection of the constitution of Antigua and Barbuda. One more thing, he was granted citizenship under an ABLP government. He money run out now so them no want he? LET THE LAW TAKES ITS COURSE.

  4. Mehul is an asspiring actor 👏👏👏 He can try out for a supporting role in Bollywood in his homecountry of India 🇮🇳😀

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