LISTEN: Asot Michael says plan in motion to embarrass him


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  1. Kum een Papi..

    …two Oman cussing on Greenbay Hill
    …ah go to work, kum back, de cussing still.
    …#Crazy G and #Disco D
    …oh my god, how de cussing hard!
    …so, I climb up in a tamarind tree
    …to observe, de whole scenery!
    …’cause, it’s #HOT #HOT!
    …watching these Political Gangstaz
    …firing shots! Taking shots! Aiming fu de kill.
    …but, according to Asot
    …and he says, he hasn’t forgot
    …who put fire under Gaston’s pot
    …so, dat he can nyam steak
    …instead of pork fat

    • @ Ras Smood:Remember the days of CaribArena with those recordings of the IHI matters.My wish is for Asot to release those that were not released in the past.

      • @MUD-MAN…in the Court of Public opinion they could have some implications on the general elections.

        In the Court of Law much work would have to be done to get convictions.

  2. Assot says in local lingo that the pot is calling the kettle black regarding corruption. My question to Asot is WERE YOU THERE when these things were happening and what were your utterances then?

    • @Just Saying…here’s what Vere Cornwall is saying.
      I envisioned this Saga happening some two and a half years ago. I wrote a script of several scenes, where Asot was the #domino that fell and brought the whole House of Labour tumbling down, in #da #DominoEffect.
      At that time, several of the ABLP bloggers on this news portal weren’t to pleased, and of course the messenger got attacked(water on the Lotus Leaf) for speaking ‘Truth To Power.’
      Hey, the truth is not an offense and as a Jumbee Picknee, I pray to and ask the Jumbees of the likes of Vere Cornwall Bird, Sr., the one and same who made folks like my Great Aunt Mrs. Myrtle Brodie-Barthley of Freetown, one of ALP first General Secretary from the East, named me after.

      …I pause here, my dear!
      …and, I shed a tear!
      …or two, for them two!
      …’cause, they’re reminding I,
      …of, what I have to do
      …as, there tears fall like manna
      …from the Sky, asking why oh why?
      …their dreams of Our Nation,
      …have yo die, die, die!
      …due to these DUTTY situation’s.

      Now, you and others feel what I am saying. I fully respect the fact, that in this day and age, the game of politics is played by different rules from those when I was a kid, in the 1960’s and attending AT&LU and ALP Conventions at Dutchman’s Bay, Jaberwock etc and of course Labour Day at Fort James. Today, the rules being played by and the precedence(S) being set by those leaders in charge of the ALP(ABLP) today….his desire for power soon took PRECEDENCE over any other National.
      The #Power #Plays of the PM Gaston Browne countered by Asot Michael, MP is setting a precedence which I pray to the Jumbees of our ancestors, that the youths and any other citizen of this beautiful, one of a kind physical space/place on this earth, do not and I repeat DO NOT emulate.
      As a matter of fact, I have faith, that somehow ‘soon and very soon,’ there’ll be a shift in attitude towards accepting these kinds of behaviors from some of our leaders and throw the whole lot of rotten politicians out on their asses from the Parliament. We can then deal with them as ordinary citizens, in the Courts by using their own tactics against them.
      It’s time for all crooked politicians blue, green, red, black, purple, pink aligned to be identified, investigated and deal with to the fullest extent of the Law.
      I know, I’m dreaming but I n I am still saying, Dreams and Visions do become #Livable #Truth. All WE THE PEOPLE have to do, is use PM Browne and MP Asot Michael as examples and set a precedent, by thoroughly investigating them, they have already IDENTIFIED themselves as crooks, through their various public and most definitely private announcements; again, we must set a precedent. Sir George Walter did far less and he went to 1735. Several others almost got a taste, but with all of the allegations, accusations, denials coming from these two, something other than RUM SHOP TALK must be done.

      First in Our ACTION PLAN get rid of these two from the Parliament.

      Vere Cornwall Edwards…aka Ras Smood and Jumbee Picknee in CyberSpace!


  3. Asot, keep doing what you are doing.

    To whom much is given, much is expected.

    Gaston day will come. We will eventually know where his wealth came from.

  4. Is this what we have for a head of government in Antigua? What I do hope for is that in the process of destroying Asot, you destroy yourself. We know that the corrupt practices of which you speak also involves you and your family. Your son seems to have acquired a lot of assets in a very short time. Where do the wealth come from?
    If the Labour Party cannot call you out Gaston with your despicable behaviour unbecoming of a prime minister of our beautiful country, then the people will have to take a stand. Gaston you are shaming us and we deserve better.

  5. Nothing more embarrassing than all the politicians here in Antigua.

    None of them should ever be voted in again.

  6. Asot, when you going to realize nobody want you? Gaston is the PM and you are not. Behave yourself old man. You are embarassing yourself. Go home to your wife and kids. They need you in your old age. You said you were “campaigning”? Is that a joke or what….you not a candidate for ABLP or UPP or DNA. What you “campaigning” for???? St. Peter people want a new person, somebody young and free of scandal. Your time is finish.

  7. Eh eh e just laughable fu see alluh upp nregah sorry fu asot rhole. Wha asot get he richly deserves he r*** he lub cuss off people and embarass dem karma is a b****

    • That’s right I said it! You’re WRONG this time.
      UPP nearga sorry fu people in Antigua who keep voting to keep ALP in power. The top dawg said one thousand dollars get him what he wants.w
      Let the two prostitutes keep on airing dem dutty nasty laundry.

      • UPP only sorry dem dey nah inna power fu get da riches dem nah lub nonbody all ah dem da same but asot ah da worst karma is a b*”** an he getting his😝

        • Just read your stupid post. You should not condone thieving by any politician, whether red or blue. They should be jailed. Nothing will ever change in Antigua with dumb ass people like you.

  8. I am truly disappointed that I didn’t see any comments from my favorite comrades Tenman and From the Sideline. Eh, hope you guys are not wrapped up in these mud slingings of Gaston and Asot. It’s obvious GB wanted to be the PM for one single reason. Get RICH.
    Stay clear and quiet guys. You know of the Miranda rights.

  9. When you check out the two names: Gaston and Asot, you will realise that ASOT is in GASTON. Take the G and N from Gaston and you have ASOT.

    Crime buddies always cling together. These people have BIGGER SECRETS TO COVER.

    I would have them to know, if not understand that ALL….EVERYTHING….TODOS…. CORRUPTION AND EVIL WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE JUDGEMENT CALL at that time.


    Play the fiddle….sing your tune: YOUR DAY SOON COME !

  10. The latest in Antigua is political parties fighting for they bread. The UPP calling for Labor Party’s head. UPP claims can’t govern the country. So they need to be voted out. Labor party fire back. When you had you chance. All you carry the country to IMF Bank.

    When you see a bad party. Vote them out the country. With the Stone head behaving bad. Want Asot gone. So Asot summon Lester to cum out a de cemtry. Ahhhhhhhhhhh hoooooooooo!

    With the election coming soon. The party leader still haven’t called a convention. I hear he FRAID Asot. A go call for his head. Asot just want to know. How you get so much money. The whole country wan fu know. How he bank book get so.

    When we see a corrupt party are we go vote them out the country. They all behaving bad. Like they going mad. So a done summon Lester to cum back and run the country. Lie no Hell go shake. When he see he mentor. Stone a go run. All de way to America! Ahhhhhhhh hooooooo!

  11. ALP was founded as a Black Democratic Socialist party. Obviously he not BLACK, but the real question is was Asot ever a socialist?????

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