LISTEN: ABLP pundits discuss possible UPP candidate switch in St. Peter


Shake-Up in St. Peter: Is Peter Redz Out, Clement Samuel In?

Reports suggest Peter Redz might be replaced in St. Peter, with leaders considering Clement Samuel from Fitches Creek as his successor.

Clement Samuel, renowned for his community service, has significantly impacted Fitches Creek.

For St. Peter residents, this potential change is intriguing.

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  1. They scrape the bottom of the barrel and basically won the January 2023 election but for the ‘theft’ admitted by your PM in voters being transferred.
    What does that say about the candidates on the ABLP slate even while spending millions of $ to win a few seats, they must be ‘dregs’.
    Funny enough Colin, Donna and Lamin must also be considered ‘waste’/ turn coats and going ‘where the money is’, because I can assure you that if UPP had won the elections in 2014/2023 you guys would rush back for positions.
    Finally if UPP scraping the barrel then why does Gaston keep attempting to huff their candidates: Shuggy, Anthony Smith, George etc. The UPP MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT, you fools/ minions/ turncoats.

  2. Why are these despicable, reprehensible traitors and turncoats so concerned with UPP? Who cares what people like these think? When is the ALP convention? Speak of who dares to challenge the DAWG? Speak to that clowns and leave UPP business to UPP.

  3. Political parties, both ABLP and UPP must select candidates that are capable of winning. Politics is not a fashion show or a popularity contest. St. Peter is a tough constituency and require credible and solid candidate. Clement Samuel is a Charlesworth Samuel “peekney” and a bright, strong, reliable and articulate man. Any candidate running against Asot would have quite a challenge but Clement is by far the best prospect of them all. Really hope there can be some consensus around him and eliminate the need for a primary as primaries tend to be contentious and divisive and not really in the best interest of the party.

  4. Clement Samuel Esq is a formidable candidate with a legal and possibly accounting background, making him well-equipped to represent the St. Peter’s constituency. His community spirit is commendable, and his credentials speak for themselves.

    The ABLP’s caretaker also showcases strong business acumen. He has acclaimed awards for his skills and talents in architecture and design by notable published decision makers across the Caribbean. He has sponsored entrepreneurial energy in the constituency.

    It is hoped that the current representative, Michael, will consider stepping aside with grace in the upcoming election to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

    Best wishes to all candidates as they compete for the opportunity to serve.

  5. Now you are showing what you really are. A political prostitute. Suddenly now you say, “Really hope there can be some consensus around him and eliminate the need for a primary as primaries tend to be contentious and divisive and not really in the best interest of the party.”
    So if it is the ABLP that is doing such a move. it is un-democratic and the voters should chose whom they want representing them. But now this is suddenly not a good thing for the UPP.
    So much for democracy when the UPP would be in government.

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