LISTEN: A front-line worker’s impassioned plea. Sh**t is hitting the fan


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  1. Let’s be more responsible people if you are tested positive and have to quarantine for two weeks at your home, just follow the procedure, let’s work together

  2. If that plea did not get the general public attention. Nothing else will! The government will not; I repeat. Will not stop the tourist from coming. It’s there only viable revenue source and it is not sustainable. They’re going to cause more serious infections which will lead to more deaths from COVID-19!

    For those that are hesitant to taking the vaccine. It’s your choice. At the same time. Take into the consideration the alternative! Protect yourself and by doing so. You will protect your family, friends, neighbors and the nation at large.

    • So many ppl took the covid vaccine and the alternative was death ….. What a gamble to take on someones lives … Everyone keep saying take the jab take the jab ppl must realise everything is not for everyone ppl react differently to food medication etc …. What is the vaccine protecting you from ? The real question is what is the vaccine really doing to people body what is going to happen in the next 5 to 10 yrs ?? Stop telling ppl to the jab let it be their choice ppl are dying from vaccines and it’s not being talked about as much as it should

      • I read comments like this and I cringe.

        Millions have died from COVID and less than 0.001% from the side effects of being vaccinated.

        Protect yourself

  3. We feel for our healthworkers yet the nurses who are slaving to give vaccines cannot get a snack as part of a day’s work to protect all of us. SHAME!!!
    Give them a snack voucher !!!

  4. Many are resigning cause people are just too SELFISH and the Government doesn’t appreciate the plight of our public nurse/doctor and ambulance personnel. They have children and elderly parents that require their attention, they are not robots. Yes it’s a challenging area of work (covid has tripled the challenge) and they knew that sacrifice would be a part of it, but to be LITERALLY sacrificing yourself every day and night for SELFISH people, c’mon.

  5. The shit has already hit the fan my people.
    No matter where you seek medical attention, there will be persons with OVERT covid.
    There is covert covid at the cornerstore, covert covid at the beach and at the gatherings of 10 or less persons.
    HERD IMMUNITY is unfolding infront of us.

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