List of Must-Have Features & Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Wallets


Crypto wallets are similar to your pocket wallets, but these wallets do have any physical form. When we talk about crypto currencies and wallets, note that they are completely digital that are mainly known to store your coins and tokens. You can open an account at


Basically, cryptocurrency wallets can store your private and public keys, and you can use such keys to send or receive funds. For example, you can use your private key to transfer funds through cryptos to another user’s account or wallet. You can share the QR code available in your wallet with a user to receive the funds. 


Apart from that, you can buy cryptos like bitcoin, Litecoin and ETH from a crypto ATM, and you do not need to link your bank account to buy such cryptos from an ATM. When it comes to buying Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies, you can do that easily with fiat currency. 


But you need to submit your KYC to access an ATM, and you can easily avoid such hassles by using your crypto wallet. You can simply scan the QR available at an ATM with your wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Similarly, you can use your wallet at retail stores and online portals to buy goods and services. 


What are the features and benefits of crypto wallets? 


  • Safe and secured: Crypto wallets are safe and secured, and you can use different safety features to keep your funds safe. For an added level of security, it is advised that you use two-factor authentication to keep your login credentials safe and verified. It is also advised not to leave your traded coins in your exchange account as the exchange platforms areknown to be   vulnerable and, as a result, your exchange account be can be hacked anytime. You cannot claim insurance for your account, because no insurance plans are available for such crypto accounts. You can simply transfer your coins to your digital wallet and keep them safe with a secured password. If you want to keep your coins in your wallet for a longer period then you can use a hardware-based or cold wallet, as cold wallets are safer than hot wallets. 
  • Low transaction fees: You can indeed save your transaction fees by using cryptocurrency for your online and cross-border transactions. You can send BTC to an international account by paying a few cents as a transaction fee. On the other part, you need to pay a hefty transaction fee for bank transfers. Moreover, you need to wait for a week to complete your international transaction through your bank account. You can use your crypto wallet to make such transactions within a few minutes, and you can use your wallet from anywhere anytime.  
  • Privacy: Investors choose such digital assets for their investment and international transactions to keep their information private because you do not need to enter your personal and bank details to make a transaction with cryptocurrency. You can make such transactions with an anonymous identity. You can use your crypto wallet for such transactions. 
  • Versatility: You can find different types of wallets available in the market, and all of them have different features and benefits. You must choose a wallet which is secure and easy to use. Crypto wallets are classified into two categories, hot wallets and cold wallets. Hot wallets are app-based wallets and you can download such apps on your Smartphone to use your crypto account, from anywhere. Cold wallets are hardware-based wallets, and you need to connect a device to your system to access your wallet. Cold wallets are safe compared to hot wallets, but you must use anti-virus and anti-malware in your system while you use your hardware wallet. 
  • Portfolio management: It is better to add more coins to your portfolio to diversify your investment plan. You should not invest your entire funds in BTC, and you can invest your funds in ETH, Dogecoin, XRP and other stablecoins to reduce your risk. You do not need to use multiple wallets to store your coins and tokens, and you can use a digital wallet to store your all cryptos in one place. You can easily manage your finance and portfolio from a single wallet, and you do not need to store multiple passwords, IDs and keys. 



So now, you can search such wallets online to choose the best one based on their features, benefits and fees. 


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