LISTEN: Antigua will not rush into an IMF programme, PM Browne says

Prime Minister Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says no decision has been taken regarding entering a formal arrangement with the IMF.

He was speaking on his weekly radio programme, the Browne and Browne show earlier today.

The Prime Minister says Antigua and Barbuda will go to the IMF only as a last resort and if the country is forced.

He says, for now, discussions are only preliminary.

Listen the the PM’s comments:

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  2. Listen the issue is not about rushing into an IMF programme. The issue is how can you after saying the things you have said about the IMF, now go cap in hand on your knees seeking the IMF assistance. Ron Sanders in his deceptive article is paving the way for you and you with your weird rationalization is preparing to justify going to the IMF by saying that the covid crisis is worse than the financial crisis of 2009? I hope your ardent supporters such as BEEF and the others do not start to spin your nonsensical rationalization on the radio.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! Afrocentricity is a paradigm based on the Idea that African People should reassert a sense of Agency in order to achieve Sanity” – Dr Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change!

      How foolish and submissive to couch your disagreement in language of, “now (you) go cap in hand on your knees seeking IMF assistance.”

      The discussions ought to center on what should the 95% People of African Descent do to build a sustainable economy from the present and future decline resultant from the Covid19 Pandemic!

      To Borrow or Not to Borrow from The IMF!

      “Afrocentricity answers this question by asserting the central role of the African subject within the context of (Antigua and Barbuda) History.” – Asante!

      Given an enduring love for a Dying Colonialism and European and North Atlantic Institutions, do what was done with The CCJ!

      Let The People of African Descent decide The Outcome through a Referendum with all Political Parties stating their positions!

      Mi Gud Fren, your legal position will be respected!

      “Afrocentricity enthrones the Centrality of the People of African Descent, that is Black Ideals and Values, …” Asante!

      As Fanon warned, “Leave This Europe behind!”

      Nuff Said!

    • Tabor why fight for a position that’s not there u will never be AG. Prostitution is so loose in this country…. phew…. boss just give up while u kind of a head

      • CURIOUS you are making me laugh this good, overcast Sunday morning. Is pointing out the deception and lies of Gaston Browne fighting for a position? In that case, if that is what fighting for a position means, then I will continue fighting until Gaston either stop his deception and lies or he is booted out of office as a result of such deception and lies.

  3. Gaston Browne,you committed a cardinal sin. You insulted the Representative of the IMF down at Sandals. You did say. There was no way under your Leadership would Antigua and Barbuda go into an IMF Program. Now you are about to go cap in hand to BORROW. By the way it is not about you and your personal feelings. It is about the people and the lacking in finances of the Nation. In my opinion,had the Nation’s funds not squandered by your Administration. The Country would be able to see better financial days. So go and crawl on your gut to the IMF. Make sure to wipe the eggs from your face.

  4. Prime Minister, this is what you said:
    ” Let me be clear, under no circumstances will any government I’m the head of ever go into an IMF programme.

    That is what you said, Sir.

    It was a position of principle. The mere fact that you are considering it, is a betrayal.
    It does not matter if you choose not to rush in. The fact is that you made a promise that you would not even consider it. You are now considering it. Why, Sir, Why?

  5. What “Bespoke Programme” you taking bout. That ” bespoke programme” is the programme that Harold Lovell designed and gave to the IMF.
    1 % interest rate- yup- Harold got that
    0 retrenchment-yup Harold got that
    You copy Harold programme and want to pretend is yours.
    Laughing out loud.

    • That is all Gaston and his cronies do copy other people programmes….Make he go ahead and use what Lovell had, he would have to open all the books to IMF. And we need to see all the IMF reposts starting from 2014 to date. We the people will be paying back every red cent of the country debt from generation to generation to come, So we demand to see all the IMF reposts.

  6. Where are the Comrades.
    I can’t seeeeee you.

    Eric the Red, Gaston, the HYPOCRITE, the fool, the worm

    Rupert Mann, Woman and Child ( Eric the Red by another name)- Gaston the Copy Cat

    Just Saying- What have you got to say, now. What happen, you too shame to talk.

    Gaston Browne, he cuss of the woman at Sandals, now he has to crawl back to the very people he cuss off.

    Beg beg Gaston!!!!!!

    Come on Comrades, defend the HYPOCRITE!!!!

  7. Might be useful if King Gaston would stop flapping his mouth all the time, issuing multiple press releases on everything under the sun, embarrassing his citizens by begging for all kinds of things from developed countries.

    Why can’t I open my paper in the morning without some new scam-like statement from our vainglorious leader on some subject that is embarrassing? Choksi is a prime example – was he really kidnapped to Dominica? And with a girlfriend – doesn’t he have a wife making statements too? Attacking other politicians – including in his own Party – in public.

    This is one elected dictator who needs a non-political peoples revolution to show his executive backside who his employers REALLY are – the people of A&B – because His Royal Highness King Gaston Bird Browne the First is NOT the objective of national decisions.


  8. After world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne cuss off the woman from IMF, he will get on his knees and start beg like the dog that he is.

  9. Where are the likes of Tenman,CErmle,Sidelines,Eric the Red,Rupert Manfred Mann.Come on you Gastonites and Comrades.Get out of your caves.

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