Lionel Hurst Dismisses Fake News About Closure Of Supermarkets

Lionel "Max Hurst, Government's Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff, Lionel Hurst, has dismissed claims of the supermarkets being closed across the nation.

Hurst advised that the news about closure of supermarkets has no truth to it.

He added that several supermarkets have responded to the fake news by publicly reporting that they will be open.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister’s Office wishes to add its voice to those who have pointed out the fake news.

Supermarket shelves and storerooms are stocked.

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  1. Just what we need…some foolish person or persons spreading this nonsense and then we have another mass panic of people running to the grocery stores to stockpile. SHARE PEOPLE SHARE!!!

  2. There are so many liars and troublemakers out there, workers of iniquity. Congratulations to the good Ambassador for putting them in their “place”. Forward Ever! Antigua will triumph again.

  3. What measures will the government put in place for those who are out of work and have no income or savings to buy food? What about government food banks to distribute basic foods such as rice, potato and meat to those who are the most vulnerable and need help to eat? Get CMC and the wholesalers and supermarkets involved to keep all from hunger. Keep the School Meals Program running as well for vulnerable children. The down economy will not last forever. Only for a time but we need to ensure everyone is fed during those months to avoid any trouble and strife.

    • Whatever happened to SAVINGS and putting money away for hard times such as this? Step all the spending on alcohol, the weed, partying, cigarettes etc. Then everybody will have a little something. That’s common sense. Chuptz.

      • @Kristi
        Try living on $1500.00 per month…
        Rent 800
        Electricity 120
        Water 30
        Car loan 450
        Car gas 200
        Food 200
        Day care 450
        1 Child 300
        Total 2550

        No insurance, no child father, no clothes, no entertainment, no weed, no charity money, no cents.

        You tell me how to cut spending, and live within my means, tell me how to save. What will you give up if it was your life.

        By the way if you save $300.00 in 2019, it will be valued at $200.00 in 2020 because of an extremely high cost of living. So why save when the dollar is devalued at that rate. tell me, tell me Kristi Chuptz.

  4. I agree with Kristi…Many people spend all of their money when they get paid and don’t think about a rainy day fund… making the sacrifice of saving at least 50.00 from each pay check and being disciplined enough not to touch it would help. We need to be more financially Responsible as a nation … some people work every day for years and don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of . If all the fetes were still going on I’m sure people would find money to go and to have new outfits and hair dos . Everyone has the latest phones and the expensive wigs.. in VIP at every fete .. but in a time of crisis don’t have a dollar. As a nation we need to promotion financial responsibility , making sacrifices to not be in every panny that knack and save for our future and not live pay check to pay check . Some people until they get pay only 5.00 in they account with no savings .. so we need to not look for handouts from the government and secure our selves . This doesn’t go for all people but most. We should at least have 3 months mortgage save in case of loss of employment or times like these. Or 3 mo the rent or at least a 1000.00 surely if you working for years you have 1000.00 saved for an emergency.
    People will say ‘ oh well some people done get paid enough’ we’ll take responsibility for yourself, get educated, get a better job, stop settling. Take responsibility for yourself as individuals and the nation will be better off.. make that a New Years resolution to take a class so u can get a job that will allow u to save … instead of joining the gym to lose weight to play mas.

    • I hope Mel reads this. That’s how it’s done brother. Thousands have done it and are doing it. No excuses.

  5. Melchisedec It’s 2020.. not even 10 years ago was I working for 1500. A month.. my dear I beg you increase your skill set because no one should be contented living on 1500 a month .. if that is what you can do right now .. u need to do better .. I’m. Not a fan of excuses! Don’t be a victim .. sometimes we take certain parts in life and then end up where we end up and then cry victim …

  6. Melchisedec March 20, 2020 at 12:49 am


    The borders are already closed not by our poor decision but by default because most countries has closed theirs.

    UPP will never take control of this country again. Gaston catch them, wrap them up, and spit them out.

    Only a weak failing opposition will side with the government. Gaston laughing into the next election.

    They got the mandate, they have all the answers, they make all the decisions…..Why sit at the table and you have no say….Gaston out smart UPP again

    They might as well apply for membership or do like Newton, Namba, Joseph, Cort, Williams, and all the others…


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