Like the rest of Antigua, Cabinet starved for details about Nigel Christian’s murder investigation


Questions relating to the investigation into the kidnapping and execution of Customs Inspector Nigel Christian are best directed to the Commissioner of Police, Information Minister Melford Nicholas said Thursday.


At the post-Cabinet media briefing, Nicholas was asked to give an update on the call for international agencies to be brought in to assist with the investigation.

“The investigation in relation to Nigel Christian is still a matter that is being handled by the Police High-Command,” Nicholas said.

“The information that you [have] was confirmed by the Attorney General yesterday in respect of the support they are obtaining from the FBI with respect to forensic work that they would have to do, and samples of evidence they would have procured from the crime scene or whatever else that they would have done.

“The Cabinet has not been provided with too much of the details. Obviously this is a sensitive matter. All that we need to know is that the resources that the Police High Command require from the Government have been provided and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Legal Affairs they have been so equipped,” Nicholas added.

A group of Concerned Citizens has vowed not to relent until external investigators from Scotland Yard, the FBI or Canadian Mounties are brought in to investigate the assassination of Customs Inspector Nigel Christian.

“We are not going to stop, we are going to continue picketing, we are going to continue writing letters, until we get Scotland Yard, FBI or the Canadian Mounties on the ground,” Jacqui Quinn, a member of the group says.

On Wednesday, Aug. 5, the Concerned Citizens delivered a second letter to Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin detailing their request, even as they awaited a response to their first letter, which was delivered on July 14.

“The Attorney General did not even have the decency to acknowledge the [first] letter from Concerned Citizens,” Quinn said.

“Concerned Citizens is not just one or two persons — it is family members, it is customs officers, it is friends, it is co-workers of Nigel Christian — so you have a broad cross-section of the society who are saying to the Attorney General and to the Commissioner of Police, ‘We need external assistance.’”

Information Minister Melford Nicholas

Meanwhile, it would appear that Scotland Yard has been ruled out because the death penalty remains on the law books in Antigua and Barbuda.

“Insofar as the position that Scotland Yard has taken in respect of needing to know whether or not we would commit to not applying the death penalty in these circumstances, I think that presents a different challenge in terms of the extra-judicial reach of that type of assistance,” Nicholas said.

“But it is not something that I’m at liberty to comment on any further. I do not know and this again is a matter that is best addressed by the Commissioner of Police.”



  1. Again Jacqui and her group of so-called concerned citizens are just grandstanding as usual in order to appear relevant. They don’t give a rat’s behind to the serious and sensitive nature of this most unfortunate incident. Rather it’s for them another opportunity to pappy show themselves again and again, prancing up and down like they are the only ones grieving, hurt deeply and desirous of bringing justice and closure to the victim’s family and to the rest of Antigua who mourn. Thus is not about politics even though your wicked mind would want unsuspecting and naive people to believe otherwise. Shame on you! By the way, do you know how many murder cases handled by Scotland Yard and the FBI respectively remain unsolved? Cold cases? Woman, get real! Not because it originates in England or America makes it superior. Contrary to the ingrained beliefs of persons of your ilk, white intellect is not necessarily superior to that of black people. So continue to march and prance until government brings in white power to show us the way forward. Shame!

      • The FBI do not Investigate murders in any State.Unless they are requested to do so.Many States Law Enforcement Agencies.Would call on the FBI to assists them.My questions to you.Did California and or Nevada,requests any help from the FBI.In both the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Not all of us on this site are duffers.Many of us could walk and chew gum at the same time.


  3. CABINET “STARVED”.That is not a verb this Cabinet should be using.You people in Cabinet cannot be starving for anything.You people could go on an all liquid only diet for 365 days and still each weigh 300 lbs.How could you be starved for details in this matter.When the Police Top Brass reports to the Prime Minister and Cutie.You guys would meet as a Cabinet.I am sure the late Nigel Christian’s matter would be high on the agenda among many other things. MELFORD,A WHO ARE YOU A TRY FOO FOOL.

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