‘Like he running for Head Girl’: PM rubbishes Serpent’s Plans For St. George


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has likened United Progressive Party St. George candidate Algernon Serpent Watt’s plans for St. George to a Head Girl contest.

Watts released a list of plans for the constituency to include the creation of a computer and job centre.

But Browne says these plans for not suitable for a person running for high political office.

Here is the full exchange on the subject as Browne spoke on radio over the weekend.

Here is the document with his plans:

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  1. We do not want Serpent in St.George. He can take His STUPID PLAN and you know what He can do !!!!!. DEAN JONAS all the way. Serpent face looks like He hangs out at DICKIE LAKE ( RUM FACE ).

  2. First off Kurvan, Serpent does NOT drink alcoholic beverages.
    That being said, he is running in a constituency, therefore, he has to provide opportunities for his constituents to empower themselves and he obviously sees education as a way to do this.
    He is also hoping to be part of a government and therefore has to raise the awareness of his constituents to what is entailed in running a country. The education of our people is paramount.
    No, I do not live in St. George’s but I commend his plan for that constituency. Many before have said similar things and some have opened computer centres but have dropped the ball in other areas of education. I hope that would not be the case here.
    There is still a dire need for craftsmanship, for building skills to be taught, for business education with a view to preparing students for the world they will face after their education is complete.
    Why is there a so-called ‘brain drain’ when we have so many qualified people sitting on their knowledge and not imparting it to the younger ones?
    Why is it that ‘Career Day’ at schools do not see certain fields as being qualified for enlightenment?
    I could go on about the things politicians and aspiring leaders need to perceive as worthy of their attention but I will leave it here for now.

  3. Politicians need to say what you mean and mean what you say! I guess it’s more entertaining to make ridiculous promises that you cannot keep like “500 Homes in 500 Days?” And let’s not forget the “Ground Fakings!” We just want leaders who keep it real.

  4. A man like Serpent has no skillset other than to sit behind a mic and attack and denigrate politicians he doesn’t like. He has nothing to offer to this country and will be a total embarrassment in our parliament if that ever happens. And actually, this can be said for almost the entire UPP slate of candidates. They are not ready for prime time. Look what we got with Pringle. Luckily, it’s only one. I listen to them this morning after the PM said we only rake in $100million a year in CIP. They jump on the bandwagon to say the PM is lying. It never occurred them to find out what the PM was referring to. The CIP have different component. And the only one when the government sees cash money is the NDF option. And that is what the PM is talking about. But they are too dunce to understand. One called in and said we need to just multiply the amount of passport by the amount, and we’ll get the figure. Again, not realizing that you get a passport for spending money in a CIP approved project. Like making a film or buying a real-estate of a certain value. These are the bright people that put themselves up for elected office. They really think running a country is a joke. No wonder when they came to power in 2004, they were totally lost. Was it not for World Cup Cricket they would never have a year of economic growth to talk about? And yes, anyone that presided over years of economic decline in GDP is the worst finance minister ever. And that is Lovell. We should retire him next time around. The PM should have buried him since 2014 when he had all the scandals to investigate. The ABI Bank is one that to me is foremost. He Lovell sat there as Minister of Finance and did nothing, despite pleadings from the Governor of the Central Bank. The entire banking system in the OECS was about to callops. It took Gaston and Lennox to come in and safe the entire financial sector. People should know the truth and don’t just chat nonsense. Harold was over his head and therefore the IMF was running his show.

    • Economy was more stable than now though. Think about that!
      Aryou mouth corner white because aryou hungry and Gaston still nah look pon aryou. All he does is name and shame the same people he represents. No damn empowerment!

      • Stable my foot. What don’t you understand? The banking sector was about to collapse. Need I say more. Banking is the heart of the economy.

    • Look who talking? SIDELINES. Man go back go lick out Gaston patty and grow some balls.
      Talk about Share Inc, and Antigua and Barbuda Lands that Gaston is thieving and giving away to you and his families and friends and so called investors. Ah wed the money gawn?
      Then come again. Crown lands valued @ $1,500,000 given to Share Inc for 30,000 eh. That can be likened to picking up $1,500 of goods at Bird Supermarket and he say just give me $30 and go ahead. Wouldn’t you look around for police?

    • Why are the ALP politicians and their minions so obsessed with the people nominated to run on the opposition UPP ticket?
      Have you ever heard of Australia cricket selectors picking the West Indies team?
      Please ALP get your own team in order!

      • FROM THE SIDELINE you never cease to amaze me. You just keep writing nonsense without any evidence. What were the pleadings from the Governor of the Central Bank, Sir Dwight Venner, to Harold Lovell the Minister of Finance. It was the same plan that was crafted by Harold Lovell and the Central Bank that was used to deal with the ABI crisis. The government changed and Gaston and the ALP Administration was in place to do the implementation. It seems that Gaston Browne has a revisionist tendency to want to change and rewrite history. What is even worse he has people like you and all the other automatons to regurgitate everything he says as if it is the Gospel.

        • It seems that you are the one trying to rewrite history. Cause I sat in some of these meetings. Actually, you know how often Dwight summoned the board to St. Kitts. the thing was then all the power to intervene into the bank was with the finance minister. Therefore, Dwight’s hands were tied. The bank needed to be under management longtime. All the big depositors took out their money and the Central Bank had to support the liquidity daily to the expense of the government. Other banks did not want to accept checks coming from ABIB. Harold was clueless as to what to do. And his technicians also couldn’t think outside the box. Dwight wanted to liquidate the bank and let Antigua depositors take the losses. Gaston and Lenox came in with a much more superior plan and the only one that lost their monies were the shareholders and directors. Other large depositors were prohibited from moving their monies, but received interest, nonetheless. The bad assets were put into receivership and the good assets were sold to ECAB. And the government guaranteed the shortfall, No immediate monies had to pass, and the deal saved the entire banking industry throughout the ECCU. That Tabor is called financial engineering never seen before. Lovell doesn’t have that kind of brain. He only knows how to sweettalk women. A real ladies man.
          And then we have the purchase of WIOC without borrowing a dime from the Treasury. Yes Harold was working on buying WIOC for two years without any luck, because he didn’t know how to come up with the finance. And Venezuela offered them the money and 51% of the shares. Which meant if that deal ever had gone through our oil supply would be in the hands of Venezuela and with what is happening these days, we would have been in real doo doo. And first of all they accepted a buying price of $82 million. Gaston came and negotiated it down to $32million. What a saving. Harry cannot count Tabor. He is a big looser. Every financial deal he did we got ripped off. Look at the Airport Loan. So please try not to rewrite history couse I will not let you get away with that.

    • FT Sideline – Are you saying that the government only receive funds from the CIP “NDF” option?
      What happens to all the other fees relative to the other options (real estate, business, and UWI)?
      All transactions are processed in USD.

      • ?????. Please educate yourself. It helps. The investment option is simply that. To stimulate investment. Government does not get a dime “DIRECTLY”. Apart from the fees for the due diligence. The NDF option is the only option that put monies DIRECTLY into the CIU bank account. When an investor use the investment option and they purchase a property that is approved as such, the monies go into the investment. Minimum investment in that is US$400K

  5. “Scraping the bottom of the barrel”

    If I hear anther picky head politician in this country talking about “sports clubs or fields” my head is going to explode! If this is all you have to offer, you shouldn’t be running for parliament. Public education is the worst in the WI, foreign criminals are running riot, and tourism is dead. The times call for serious politicians. Once and for all, to all the current and would be MP’s, black people in this country don’t need anymore “sports clubs or fields”!

    • Mr. Byam, something is wrong with you you need to get whatever to make you think straight,
      Sports is money, my Brother, real money.

  6. BS sideline . You and Gaston keep trying to fool people.
    WIOC deal was 82 million ECD, which is the equivalent of
    30 million USD. There was no 50 million savings.

    • can’t help you is you want to switch US for EC and visa versa. Maybe you are trying to fool yourself.
      The documents are public so go educate yourself

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