Lifting of State of Emergency and back-pedalling on vaccination mandate are political ploys, UPP says


The Leadership and Executive of the United Progressive Party (UPP) notes the intention of the Cabinet to lift the State of Emergency before its scheduled expiration on December 27, 2021.


Like all citizens and residents, the Party welcomes this news, but considers it long overdue.


Like most citizens and residents, the UPP also views it as a political move – and not an economic or heath-related decision – by the Gaston Browne Administration.


The Prime Minister has spoken openly about early elections, and lifting the State of Emergency will allow him and his colleagues the freedom to campaign at a time when some voters might be persuaded that “things are looking up.”


However, the cost of living is rising dramatically, causing anxiety among the employed and unemployed alike; improvements in the economy are not likely to trickle down to the majority any time soon; and the Government cannot continue borrowing to keep pensioners, vendors, and service-providers afloat.


The UPP has long stated that the safety measures implemented to curb the spread of COVID-19 could have been achieved under the Public Health Act and without imposing the State of Emergency – and our position will now be borne out.


Meanwhile, we view the sudden changes to the Administration’s vaccination mandate in the same way:


They are  a political response to the November 16 picket by parents and children who protested the barring of students from school compounds; the growing unrest of public-sector workers sent home without a penny; and the disaffection of the religious community which is feeling the sting of discrimination.


Accordingly, the Browne Administration has again resorted to adopting measures that are advocated by the United Progressive Party – but in its own  interest and not that of the citizens and residents.




  1. They are exactly what your lazy opposition wanted though is it not ? Time to do some actual political work now mr Lovell and daft Franz/ serpent !

    • I hope when the State of Emergency is lifted all the covid 19 protocols and the curfew will also fall by the wayside since they (the government) has argued that you cannot have the covid Regulations unless you have a State of Emergency in place. The UPP has argued that you can have the curfew and all the Regulations without the State of Emergency. I will see what happens on 27 December, 2021. If any Regulations continue after that date it will show that we were legally right. The government must learn to admit when it is wrong.

  2. When we stand up for our rights we can effect change. Let it not end here. We need to keep our leaders feet to the fire for all the injustices we have and continue to endure as a result of their gross incompetence.

  3. Don’t worry Lovell. I won’t be voting for them anyway. Not sure about you either but we will see. Time to get to work

  4. Remember, Gaston and his government sent you home WITHOUT PAY.

    Remember, Gaston forced you to take something into your body that you did not want to (taking away your right to choose).

    Remember to VOTE OUT Gaston Bowne and his bunch of merry men and women.

  5. To all of you Chinese lovers.Where is that Female Chinese Tennis Star.She accused a former high ranking Chinese Official of Sexual Assault.Then she has not been seen since.They tried to fool us with a bogus email she supposedly wrote.Why it is in China.If anyone speak out against the actions of that Government,they would disappear and not be seen again in public.Is she in that building on Marble Hill Road in Antigua.

    • Yea, this is serious. Been following that story. The screenshot of them email had a cursor in it as if someone took a screenshot while they were editing it. I know it’s a little off topic but we should pay attention because we are becoming a little bit more Chinese every day.

  6. Let’s see how dumb people are to forget what he did to them in the first place. Wonder if they gonna forget how bad he made it for everyone jus cause he wanted people to follow him. A lot of people resign and lost their job and now a lot of you going to forget the kinda dog shit head brown can be

  7. Not inclined to vote – the t shirt colors are different but same old same old.
    Egos making lash-out decisions … Political expediency over public health.
    Great shame a young vibrant engaged socially active group of new faces, non-politrikians hasn’t emerged.

    PM playing poker; letting country have what UPP pushing for…and if infections, hospitalizations & deaths go up over December/January as a result of the current wave in Europe, and the USA numbers are creeping up again, he’ll probably have another sweeping mandate.

    Time will tell
    & History will judge

  8. Is Lovell saying that Gaston should have been able to lock us down, force the vax and take away our jobs – without having a justifiable reason to declare a state of emergency? That sounds like a perpetual police state to me. Maybe he’s just upset that he wasn’t able to go around campaigning. Good call on outing them on the Chinese colony (albeit a little late). Please continue to do more opposition work and forget about the campaigning. We have enough T-Shirts. Maybe then we might consider you.

  9. Antigua Labour Party is no good for the country. The giving away our lands to their foreign rich associates or parceling it out themselves and they cronies. Foreign bid business people getting their lives subsidized us while mothers are told at the magistrate court they can’t money left by the fathers for the children unless they are vaccinated. Oh and pensioners still suffering with they mout wide open and tongue hanging down waiting to get their money.

    But at least alp love our school children so the y say those who not vaccinated cant go to school. Then the government going to teach them remotely. And then they going back to school in January. Oh no that was a error. They going back school on Monday even though they not vaccinated. Look how Franz and UPP have them basady after a likle picket. Alp must go.

  10. Gaston is blight on the country. he is crass, disrespectful and degenerate in his behaviour. people are just sick of him. all of a sudden the state of emergency that wasn’t necessary will be lifted. please. pressure bus pipe me granny always say.

  11. GB you are the best…. Look how you hab dem talking outta their rear ends. Dem good fu nothing Vagabonds and duttie Hypocrites. Dem say that you are dishonest but a dem get caught in the cookie draw with buses in the nights. Sadly, dem can continue to bamboozle the fools with dem lies saying the another country donate the buses of the nights to their party. Dem blasted holy than thou hypocrites.

    • COLOMBO perhaps you are not seriously schooled in the ethics of good governance, but even the SHARE CHARITY scenario and how MARIA BROWNE used her CHARITY to get government’s property into the hands of her husband GASTON BROWNE for his beneficial use is far worse than the so-called buses scandal. SHARE CHARITY was a vehicle to get money and not to empower young entrepreneurs and in particular women, as its objective required.

      • The UPPITES are the worst government in Wadadli history and the MO is full of deception and lies. Give me an aspirin. Most sane Wadadlians would never ever forget how you’ll plunder this country. Continue to sing for your stale supper. What about th buses you Charlatans and hypocrites?

        • Don’t worry COLOMBO you will hear about the buses soon enough and will understand that it was a political witch hunt all along sanctioned by Gaston, even though as usual he is trying to distance himself from it. The evidence of Dean Evanson the Director of Audit indicates otherwise.

          • You are so shameful… how could defend such behavior in public office? If it’s was the ABLP issues you will be falling all over yourself. Mr. Spencer said it all. Anyways poor Ashe, dead man tell no tales. You guys believe the majority of people would are Do Do
            Bird’s? That’s why you guys continue to spout such foolishness? So Political alignment means that the politicians can do anything and you sanctimonious hypocrites just blame the next side. It’s doesn’t matter who exposed this blatant skulduggery is stinks to heavens and down right wrong. No need for you’ll to sell your souls for good fu nothing politrickians. Oops I forgot that you UPPITES spreads some falsehoods about the former ALP and was given 10 years to lock them up and they around and bust your tails. Coming again with your deceptions to
            Fool your blind followers( like me) but never ever again. Oppose everything is not a Winning strategy. You will never ever be able to improve the lives of the people cause you will be able to govern with spouting foolishness.

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