Liberta resident is beaten and robbed by two men in a Vitz, but evades attempt to kidnap her; one attacker is known to victim



A teenager is the latest victim of an aggravated robbery, during which $500 was stolen from her bag.

According to reports, a 19-year-old resident of Table Hill Gordon, Liberta, was accosted by two males who were in a silver Toyota Vitz motorcar. During the robbery, the woman was wounded and was later treated at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

Reportedly, she is familiar with at least one of the perpetrators, said to be a Jamaican national who resides in Golden Grove.

According to the victim, she was walking on the main road in Table Hill Gordon when the vehicle pulled up alongside her. She says the driver, whom she knows, pulled her into the car and placed her in the front passenger seat.

There was another person on the back seat of the vehicle and he was wearing a hooded shirt, the woman says.

She reports that she heard the cranking sound of a gun, and then the passenger hit her on both sides of the head with a hard object. The driver, meanwhile, used his fists and punched her all over the body and also choked her, the victim says.

Further reports say the attackers attempted to transport the young woman to another location. But when they stopped the vehicle – apparently to beat her again – she quickly opened the door, jumped out of the car, and ran into a nearby yard.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 3.


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  1. Dumb and Dumber.
    And where the hell is My Byam.
    When Mr Byam on this platform talk about Jamaicans and the arrogance of the law some get jumpy but the man right shuups

  2. Here we go again.

    I am urging the people of the nation to be on EXTRA HIGH VIGILANCE.

    These are not normal times. We are witnessing the onslaught of demonic vibes upon the people. The heart of man is EVIL and desperately wicked. They will do anything whatever to gain material things.

    The season of greed, vanity, immorality and selfishness is upon us. It is called “Carnival”. Notice the root aspect of the word ” Carnivorous”.

    it is CARNAL. There is nothing good about carnival.

    The people are not being destroyed because of lack of knowledge but because of the refusal to accept truth and reject evil.

    The people love vanity and evil and for this my poor nation will be destroyed.

    Criminals: for your evil you will pay one day soon.

    NEVER for a moment think that you have escaped real justice. It will come upon you as a thief in the night.

    Then where will you run? You fool…wake up! You end is near.

    People of Antigua: just look at the condition of your country…and the world …. protecting angels are being withdrawn from the earth and evil prevail.

    However, it won’t be long now before Michael stands up and declares that enough is enough. He who is evil will remain evil. He who is righteous will remain righteous.

    The battleline has been drawn. The end is soon at hand.


  3. I keep saying the portals has been open and we will be seeing a lot more of this. Also to question what has CERN let into the atmosphere? Call me crazy but I can sense something is not right. The so call pastors where are you? I’m hiding cat got your tongue. People learn to pray as it will get much worse

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