LIAT will be operated by Air Peace NOT politicians, PM Browne says

Wayne Mariette PHOTO of Prime Minister Gaston Browne/ April 23, 2024

Prime Minister Gaston Browne emphasized the significant role that LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport) will play in the economy of Antigua and Barbuda, particularly in terms of regional connectivity.

Browne expressed confidence that LIAT, under new private management by Air Peace, will outshine other airlines in the region.

“LIAT will be a significant player in the economy of Antigua and Barbuda and when it comes to connectivity within the region. I’m pretty sure that LIAT is going to outclass all the other airlines,” stated Prime Minister Browne.

He further highlighted LIAT’s reputation for safety, acknowledging past issues with service reliability and punctuality.

However, Browne noted that the difference this time lies in the private management of LIAT by Air Peace, ensuring a higher level of operational efficiency and accountability.

“With private management of LIAT, which it never had before, no prime minister can simply call up and request a plane to go wherever they want. Those days are over,” Browne emphasized.

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    • Speak with evidence don’t just condemn someone else reputation from hearsay do investigative journalism

      Thank me later

  1. Soooo, am I to believe that we will allow Air Peace to run our over US25+M (and counting) investment without our input? Smh

  2. Yeah and most of the revenue made by LIAT 2020 will go towards Air Peace who is the majority share holder just like Global Port as the majority share holder of the port collecting most of the revenue from the cruise passenger head tax. What a genius financial ecomomic effort by this government?

    • The same government that creates a Chinese state within the state giving freedom for dark money to spread throughout the Caribbean.

  3. Response to I don’t know my name.
    You maybe also don’t know that from colonial times through slavery to now, it is dark money that built the so called developed world. What kind of money do you think in running the mighty USA?

  4. Hope all Caribbean islands who let this airline fly in collect all fees monthly so that when the crap hit the fan they will only be owed a month fee and collect all departure taxes in country.

  5. Yes Gatson, Lait will run under the banner off Air Peace, but we all know that the day to day ground operation will be done by your management. So we hope all bills are paid and people are paid when you piss poor management of money show it’s ugly face, cause let’s face it, you have no clue how to manage your financial affairs as a finance minister, none.

    And let’s also face this blatant fact..Liat2020 is only a “code share” airline, because that’s how this deal was structured with your measley 30% share, so will see how this turns out putting so much trust in a unknown entity as Air Peace.

    Just remember, when the majority share holders ask for cuts to supplement their lost of revenue, your workers and staff salaries will be cut as well, and we all know that Antiguan’s are suffering right now, so let’s see how this work out with your brilliant idea to let a foreign company hold the bag on this new start up venture.

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