LIAT turns operational profits for last two months


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced that LIAT, under administration, has turned an operational profit for the months of July and August.

Browne told Pointe FM that staff was paid for these months using the operational profits.

The Prime Minister said this that the right choices were made in regards to saving the airline.

He said this is a major achievement given all what is going on with COVID-19.

According to Browne this is also evidence that a leaner, more efficient LIAT can be profitable.

More to come.

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  1. WOW. WOW .Hon.Gaston Browne a real VISIONARY. LIAT making profits for the last two months. UPP DEAD / DONE .UPP NO VISION .NO PLAN.Just Criticize.

    • @Rupert Mann: Are you a goat? If you believed that,then you are really a goat. I for one do not want to hear one damn thing coming out of Gaston Browne’s lying mouth.

  2. Exactly how they turn a profit moving one to seven passengers?

    That statement and the truth are opposites. It is impossible for LIAT to turn any kind of profit, when Liat is not moving a quarter of its capacity each flight.

    The flight to and from Barbados is the only flight that has more than seven passengers..

    • Liat’s problem was, its staff on all levels were the highest paid and hardly go work except for a solid few… some of whom were retained to work.

    • Suspect your disbelief lies in your not understanding the difference between operating profit and net profit.

      “Operating profit is a company’s profit after all expenses are taken out except for the cost of debt, taxes, and certain one-off items.”

      Having flown recently on LIAT and I can tell you first hand that their flight to SLU has full. Using their online booking the cheaper seats are quickly taken and more expensive are limited (have had to delay my returns due to no space on direct flights)

  3. MELCHESIDEC sometimes I disagree with your reasoning and logic but this time (even without any hard data) I think you might be correct. We really need to see LIAT do well and survive but give us the truth.

  4. Well this just goes to show how high regards browne have for Antiguans and the wider public coming with a horse feathers story like this and some of you are so ( gullible) if browne had told you your mother was a man you would believe.

  5. For all who believes this, I have two acres of land on the moon to sell them. Share the report from the administrator to show this profit. One thing I have to give Gaston is that he knows the depth of the ignorance of the people who follow him.

    • Even if God came and said the same thing you blind UPPITES you will say the same thing that’s a lie. Sometimes it’s best not to spout your Political foolishness.

  6. LIAT should show a profit every damn month. You the people of Antigua and Barbuda are paying to keep those iron birds afloat monthly. The Administration in Antigua is pumping your hard earned cash into that pit hole known as LIAT. If the amounts of cash being pumped into LIAT monthly far exceeds their operational costs a profit must be shown.However,I would not brag about it. It is what I termed as a false profit margin.

  7. Can’t believe that these UPPITES dumbtards don’t understand operational profits? Look how GB have them spouting their ignorance. There is clear difference between operational profits and overall profits. Children go to school and learn well caused you can’t continue to dumb down by these non-skulls.

  8. So can we see the side work? Even if any type of profit was made, how insensitive to release such a statement in light of the hardships that the LIAT workers currently face. No update or concern about how these people are making it. How are they supposed to feel after putting in 20 years of service and all this heartless govt is concerned about is making the headlines.

    • True that I back this 100% only one thing left for those workers come together and put Liat in court and let the chips fall where they may sometimes it’s better to lose a limb than your life while browne is trying to prove a point people are suffering.

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