LIAT Suspends Services For Another Two Weeks


LIAT‘s commercial passenger services will remain suspended until 15th July 2020, due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Julie Reifer-Jones noted that while territories have begun to announce reopening dates, there are extended quarantine restrictions and protocols which are impacting the demand for travel.

The CEO noted that the airline’s Management and Board of Directors will continue to monitor the situation and will review the decision in July as more information becomes available. Passengers booked during the extended period of suspension will automatically have their bookings cancelled and will receive full airline credit for future travel. Passengers will be able to rebook as soon as the airline announces the resumption of passenger services.

Mrs. Reifer-Jones also advised that the airline was open to working with regional governments to repatriate citizens who were stranded across the region while its commercial services are suspended.

The airline acknowledged that while the extension was extremely difficult, it was necessary as the airline works towards a feasible restart. The CEO reassured that LIAT is still committed to keeping the region connected.



  1. This lady has no idea how to run a profitable airline. Why can’t we get a former executive from JetBlue or Southwest Airlines? Maybe we could actually hire a white person for once?

    Honestly, for all the money wasted by governments in the region on LIAT (dumb name for an airline by the way), we could have 20 car ferries bought and paid for by now, shutting people back and forth between the various islands. LIAT is a waste of time, and waste of money!

    Let’s save some OECS tax dollars and let this thing go bankrupt ASAP.

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