LIAT Revival Demands Action on Severance, ABWU Secretary General Reiterates


As Caribbean leaders revive discussions on regional airlines, Senator David Massiah, Secretary General of Antigua and Barbuda Worker’s Union (ABWU), continues to emphasize the responsibility of governments to address severance payments for former LIAT workers.

Amid criticisms of InterCaribbean Airways and calls for a new LIAT, concerns over prolonged flight delays and severed international connections persist.

The ongoing challenge of securing severance for dismissed LIAT 1974 workers remains a contentious point between the ABWU and Antiguan government.

ABWU supports a revitalized Caribbean air transport but asserts that unresolved worker issues must also be tackled, emphasizing transparency from the court-appointed administrator.(Observer)






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  1. Come by bi-Election Day, we the former LIAT workers in St. Mary’s South shall remember how Gaston Browne and his ABLP spat on us!!

    • What you will remember is how a union misled all of you. And have advised you not to take the offer Antigua and Barbuda government was offering. And now you have nothing while the union leaders have their pockets full every month. Continue to be stupid and misled. You will see where that brings you.
      As the saying goes, “Better to have one bird in the hand then ten in the bush”.

  2. Massiah, due to your political alignment with the UPP you are responsible for the LIAT workers not getting their severance. You only fight with the Antigua and Barbuda government as if they are the only shareholder of LIAT. Barbados made a less then attractive offer to the workers of Barbados alone and you had nothing to say. They cannot get more than $75K BDS in cash and the rest in bonds. That is peanuts compared to the 50% cross the board that the Antigua and Barbuda government was willing to settle with ALL LIAT workers and not just those in Antigua and Barbuda. You are nothing less than a political hack, only thinking about the political mileage you can get. No care for the families that are effected and are struggling.

    • # sideline OECS countries could be initial owners of new regional airline.
      That’s one of the headlines in the vincy paper
      Iwintness News you better go and have a read.

  3. What would a Lucian or vincy /Bajan do with worthless bonds and a piece rabb land in Antigua bottom line is so long liat will be base in Antigua no one will be interested in investing to get burn again.

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