LIAT resumes service with limited destinations today


LIAT, the Caribbean’s island hopping airline, is scheduled to return to the skies from today.

The airline, which has played a pivotal role in boosting travel around the Caribbean, including travel to and from Barbados, had its operations scaled back in the aftermath of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and border closure.

In returning to the skies, LIAT will be offering travellers more choices.

A news release from the airline said that in the first instance, LIAT will service seven destinations before including additional territories during the Christmas period.

The release said that Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are the limited destinations upon resumption of service for the airline.

LIAT’s operations were scaled back due to the COVID-19 hole that was left following the closure of borders to guard against COVID. The company was left with over EC$100 million in debt.

The Board along with the shareholder governments were forcing the airline to be liquidated.

However, Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne fought for a scaled-down operation to ensure LIAT remains functional.

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  1. Where are the haters? Charlesworth Tabor – Tek Dat In You Nen-Nen.

    Charlesworth, just that you know. Some persons believe you are such a JOKER.

    • Is this really BEEF or one of the ALP minions and sycophants posing as him? You guys need to stop hiding behind aliases.

  2. Leaving Islands Any Time.Good you are back flying.I wish for your success in time to come,LIAT.This is not about politics.It ought to be keeping LIAT in the air and financially sound.By the way Beef.Antigua and Barbuda cannot do it alone.Running an Airline is very costly.You cannot cut corners and not maintained the planes.You cannot buy inferior parts like you would do for a car.What would be the cost to the taxpayers of Antigua and Barbuda,Cleveland Seaforth.To keep LIAT into the skies.

      • @Asking… if you think that flying an empty plane around is a good thing, then you should pay the expenses yourself and give the rest of us taxed, a break.

    • @BLACK-MAN why dont you comment on the failed assertion of the UPP operative of Antiguan origin living in the USA when HE stated that the CDC would have never changed the ranking!

  3. Asking for a Frequent Flier, yes Liat is back and we are happy. However, it has to make money to stay flying and I sincerely hope it does. Of course you would agree that it cannot fly empty for a long time just for flying sake and to satisfy the objective of someone that he brought LIAT back.

    • I guess your so right flying but how long can this continue flying around with empty planes in the end somebody is going to have to Pay for it Antigua and Barbuda I suppose still to much restrictions and 14 day quarantine in place in most of the islands to be traveling at this time.

    • Always look at the bright side of life. You think you can do that when it comes to the leadership of Gaston Browne. Just remember LIAT just came from the death. But we know you’re not genuinely wishing it succeed. Cause then you definitely will have to give kudos to the man who made it happen and that would be something you just cannot do. Tough luck for you.
      We’re taking it one day at the time.

  4. None of the “five” investors mentioned by Seaforth have stepped forward with cash. Are we then to assume that our old people are crying and wailing because the money to pay their pensions is being sunk into the hopeless return of LIAT? Are we to assume that to satisfy the Top Dog’s ego, and to rub it in Mia’s face, the nation will be going without many well-needed services because it has to go to fund LIAT?
    Antigua has been bewitched and is not a real place. The red streamers have done their job and blanketed the land with corruption and leadership that must not be spoken about. Even the elderly are suffering in silence because they are guilty of the foul, evil deed they have done by returning this party to government knowing well that they will make them drink bitter gall. Retribution is hell.
    But all is not lost. But the clock is ticking.

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