LIAT owes Guyanese entities at least GYD$80 million


The cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT, which was forced to close operations in late June, 2020, owes Guyanese authorities more than GYD$80 million.

Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Retired Lt. Col. Egbert Field says LIAT owes his regulatory agency US$996,466.32- that’s almost GYD$21 million

He says that amount is for landing and navigational charges.

Field says GCAA has put in a claim to the court-appointed LIAT administrator, Cleveland Seaforth for the bankrupt airline to pay the monies owed.

Spokesman for Ogle Airport Inc; Kit Nascimento  LIAT also owes Ogle Airport Inc. just under GYD$60.5 million dating back to December, 2019.

He says the bulk of the debt is for unpaid Passenger Facilitation Fees collected by LIAT.  The remainder is for Landing & Parking Fees, Security Fees and Office Rental. There are also Handling Fees owed to Trans Guyana Airways, as LIAT’s Handling Agent.

He said the claims are in the hands of the LIAT Administrator.

Spokeswoman for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Shunza Samuels said LIAT does not owe that airport.

LIAT does not owe any travel agencies in Guyana as that carrier no longer had a general sales agent in Guyana after fire had destroyed Frandec Travel’s office at Main and Quamina Streets, Georgetown more than 15 years ago.

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  1. Guyana is the richest country in CARICOM now that oil is their new king. They can afford to write this off, plus make a substantial contribution to get LIAT up and running soon. Cheddi Jagan must be smiling.

  2. Cheddi Jagan could not be smiling any where.How would you know.What a dead man is doing and or thinking.When would LIAT be flying again.Gaston Browne did say in 90 days.That was over 120 days ago.The 90 days he uttered.Would those days be like the 12th of never.Sometimes saying less is best.

    • @BLACK-MAN

      The time line is similar to 500 houses in 500 days….
      Remember he had the money to complete the houses, he had the workers, he had the management plan everything was in place all he had to do was win the election and voila. 500 in 500….

      Liat flying soon, no next week, no by the end of the week, no in a short while, no in the near future, no its everybody’s fault but he will fix that and liat will fly in short order.

      That’s the normal PM story.

    • Hopefully you don’t think physical death is the end of a person’s life!!! People who have passed on are just alive as any of us. We are more than flesh and blood. Man is essentially a spirit, and that spirit does not die. If you read the Scriptures you’ll soon learn what “dead men” are doing and thinking. They are fully aware of all that is happening, totally engaged, albeit on a much higher level. For example, some say the spirit of Papa Bird is alive and well and walks among us. They ain’t far off. Study the ancestors and learn. Search the Scriptures. The gift of God is eternal life.

    • Nonsense. Guyana has money now. Guyana Airways needs to be resuscitated. We should now become the hit spot for trave. Build two more international airports, more roads etc. LIAT didn’t necessarily treat Guyanese travellers right. Late flights, cancelled flights, no snacks etc.

    • Small islanders treated suddenly oil rich Guyanese badly for years. Why should Guyana write off debt Browne’s Liat owes them ? Congrats to Guyana on discovering gigantic oilfields to make Guyanese the richest people in Western Hemisphere along with the yankees. Liat is toast Browne need a Allen Stanford to pay Liat bills. Stanford in jail for ten lifetimes. Browne better be careful.

    • Your comment made me smile with pride. I am so glad that you believe that Guyanese living here, are wealthy enough to pay off this debt. Many others won’t agree with you. I thought Guyanese didn’t amount to anything. Smh

      • The time has come when we need to bow down and kiss the feet of the Guyanese in this country. They will all soon be the richest people in the hemisphere. Soon we will be begging them. I hope they remember the kindness and love they were shown in this country. Soon Antiguans will be running to Guyana looking for work. Is it still true that a man reaps what he sows????

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