LIAT forced to suspend service to two destinations


LIAT, The Caribbean Airline, has been forced to suspend services to two (2) of its previously announced destinations while it awaits the approval from the relevant authorities in Barbados and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

The airline had previously announced services to Barbados and St. Vincent & the Grenadines and was scheduled to begin flights as of November 30th . Prior to its suspension of services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline had been operating to these destinations on valid flight approvals which have not expired. LIAT operated a scheduled flight to Barbados on Monday 30th November.

However, the airline has been informed by these territories that new arrangements must be made for the airline to operate into Barbados and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The airline has therefore made the decision to temporarily suspend services to these destinations while these new arrangements are being finalized. Passengers whose flights have been affected are asked to contact the LIAT Reservations Call Centre for assistance.

LIAT will waive all change fees for these passengers due to the inconvenience these cancellations may have caused. The airline will continue to work with the relevant authorities to finalize all new required arrangements so that connectivity between the destinations of the Caribbean can be maintained.

LIAT expects to continue the addition of other destinations to which it will operate a limited schedule of flights. It has completed the training requirements and made all necessary arrangements to receive the approval for flights to these destinations.

As part of the restructuring exercise, LIAT remains committed to the resumption of its limited flight schedule with the ongoing support of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

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    • @Covido:Gaston:
      It did say in the story Barbados and St.Vincent. So why are picking on Mia Mottley and give Ralph Gonsalves a free pass.Blame the those Managing LIAT at this time.They should have known the conditions,The Airline would have been flying into other territories.They dropped the ball.Now you as a lay man blaming others for their short comings.

      • While I may agree that the Liat management should have known the ‘conditions’ for travelling into these territories that is not the case. Each island is a separate jurisdiction and each has their own rules governing that handling of travellers which in some cases may change weekly. Just like the UK and US going into a ‘Shut down’ yet flights are still arriving almost daily. Just like the US changes requirements for each destination as their COVID numbers increase/decrease these changes happen at any time and often without much notice. It is interesting though that the two countries involved are the ones where One Caribbean is registered and did the most to hamper Liat’s operations.

  1. If LIAT’s new management did not know these issues had to be resolved/obtained then they are off on a bad foot or is ir a case of these two countries have decided to squeeze LIAT to non existence in order to solidify their earlier decision?

    • @Alex, the last part of your question is quite correct. Regional politics at work here. The truth is that they thought Antigua would not have been successful in its quest to get LIAT in the skies again. Now that it has happened, they’re trying other methods to frustrate the carrier. Their main focus is trying to get One Caribbean to solidify its place in the Easter Caribbean. LIAT is the only real competition for One Caribbean and so this move is intended to slow down LIAT and give One Caribbean additional time to sure-up its position.

      • Can Antigua and Barbuda really fight this fight? People have to go the US embassy etc and that makes Barbados almost indespensable. Out side of travelling to Barbados, and perhaps St Martin/Puerto Rico, its hard to see how LIAT can have enough airlift to survive.

        • @Zackie, I’m not sure I would advocate for a “fight” exactly. I think a bit of negotiation, moral suasion, and diplomacy might be what is needed. I see no reason why both airlines can’t exist and compete. In the long run it may result in better prices for the consumers. What I don’t like is the action of both Barbados and St. Vincent that seemingly favours One Caribbean. I think the two countries are mortally afraid that LIAT’s brand makes it a much more recognizable and trusted airline when compared to One Caribbean. If LIAT comes back strong, it would mean that Antigua would become the de facto regional airline hub. Barbados and St. Vincent want the regional hub to be located in the south.

          • washbasin the larger market for eastern Caribbean travel is the south sector . Barbados , Trinidad, Guyana is where the action is. Antigua cannot replace those big 3. It wont be a successful hub, numbers in northern sector too little.

    • Zackie you might be on to something since I would not be surprised if FROM THE SIDELINE, Anon the 1st, Eric Carden, Philip G, Pete and Conrad blame Harold and the UPP for this development.

  2. Immigration should transition to a statutory body with a mandate to reduce the immigrant population by 10k.

    This action by BGI and SVD calls for swift decisive action.

    It is time to get the attention of some leaders.

    Start the repatriation exercise now. Desperate times requires equally desperate actions.

  3. LIAT administration need to be scratched and start all over again with proper folks running it. Not ruining it.

  4. @ Charles Tabor
    In response to your pondering, re blaming Harold Lovell….let me just say I very much doubt it, since I would rarely mention Harold Lovell and development in the same sentence…or paragraph….or chapter….or book!

  5. First thing is this Barbados and st Vincent cannot afford to let Liat run-up big bills again so most likely new arrangements must be made on landing fees and so most likely that’s the problem right now they is no guarantee how long LIAT will be in the Air so not getting stuck with Liat flying for a few months n run-up a big bill arrangement must be made to pay up every fortnight or something like that to avoid a reoccurring of the problem.

    • If I were them I would make liat prepay. They have been burned once and it is in administration. It can’t expect any kind of credit from any vendor or supplier

  6. LIAT forced to suspend services to two destinations…..
    PLEASE, try to contain your glee and excitement!! Everyone knows already who the traitors are among us. Your confirmation is completely unnecessary.
    Any surprise that the two destinations are Barbados and St. Vincent led by Mia and Ralph respectively. The former reminds me of a certain local ASS.They seem to have so much in common. The latter was just lucky that his ASS got in first-past-the-post in the recent elections there. He, like Trump, has to face the Truth – his own people rejected him. He failed to earn the respect of the majority. I wonder how history would remember and record them.

    • Stick to the script and stop straying the 1st it’s not about politics you can only ask people to do so much Barbados and st Vincent just quashed millions in fees that were owed and now you’re asking for them to give liat credit they would have to be f#@$%## crazy

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