LIAT Flight Scheduled For November 1


Cabinet Notes: 

The Administrator appointed by the High Court in the LIAT bankruptcy matter was invited to the Cabinet, since the members wished to learn about the LIAT flight that is scheduled for Sunday, November 1, 2020, Independence Day, and the beginning of a regular schedule for LIAT flights shortly thereafter.

The Administrator confirmed the intent to fly its first commercial flight on November 1, 2020, and that it will begin regular schedules to a limited number of destinations possibly one week later.

The LIAT Administrator informed that a permit has been granted to LIAT to fly to the USVI and Puerto Rico.

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    • I agree and I hope the government of Antigua can carry that debt because this time they are on their own. No Barbados, St. Vincent or anyone else to help chip in and carry the load. I hope the government has broad shoulders.

  1. The real metal is whether landing rights can be given to the more popular destinations that have since become flooded with more carriers – Guyana Airways, Inter Caribbean, CAL (Atr Services), Air Caribes etc. Some of these airlines have assumed new routes traditionally serviced by Liat over the last couple of months.

    • @just saying not only that landing fees will have to be paid up on time it will be absolutely no credit for LIAT this time around every fortnite or monthly just one missed payment and a hold is put on landing permit..

  2. Mr PM. How can LIAT return to the skies to make money and your government look good while 90% of LIAT workers have been home UNPAID for 7 months and ZERO severance??? Have you no heart sir? Xmas is coming up and LIAT workers can’t even afford food far less presents for their loved ones…

    • LIAT Workers were never going to get severance in any event. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. The only thing they were going to get is screwed out of their just deserve.

  3. TABOR
    Charles Tabor I just heard a recording with TABOR and SERPENT. Tabor You said on the RECORDING that Hon. Gaston Browne can Never bring back L I A T. What say you now TABOR. What that tells me that Charles Tabor CREDIBILITY is FINISHED. Tabor you should bury your head in the sand. You have eggs on your face with the UNIVERSITY and SCOTIA BANK. Shame on you Tabor. Hope you listened to BEEF program tonight ( Thursday 22nd.October 2020.)

  4. PHILLIP G it would seem that both you and BEEF have a problem with understanding simple facts and concepts. My comments about LIAT was directed at a new entity if LIAT 1974 Limited was liquidated. In the latter case the government would have to obtain landing rights etc for the new entity. Also, if the government acquired new and different planes to service the routes that were served by LIAT, those planes would have to go through the process or certification by the Aviation Authorities in the region. That was the basis for my comment. My comment was not made for a resuscitated LIAT. It was made for a liquidated LIAT and the creation of a new entity to replace the old LIAT. Now, to make it even more pellucidly clear for you PHILLIP G and BEEF, if LIAT was liquidated the government would not be able to have LIAT making a flight on 1 November, 2020. Do you now understand the ramifications of a liquidated LIAT as opposed to a resuscitated LIAT.

  5. So PHILLIP G and BEEF what is the first flight on 1 November all about? Is is just a publicity gimmick since the Prime Minister had maintained from the outset that he would have LIAT back in the air in 60 to 90 days? Is the Prime Minister desperately trying to show that he has met the 90 days deadline that he set for himself? Is that the way serious governance is done? Why he could not wait until everything was in order and for LIAT to start operations in earnest on a regular schedule to the destinations that were established. I want to see LIAT survive. It s part of the OECS sub-regional psyche and ethos. I was employed by the OECS Secretariat and worked in Antigua and Dominica. As part of my employment with the OECS I have flown up and down this region on LIAT. LIAT is like part of me. So please PHILLIP G and BEEF do not think that I am one of those that want to see the demise of LIAT. LIAT like the UWI are institutions we want to see exist forever.

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