LIAT Chairman Suffers Heart Attack – Reports


Former Barbados Prime Minister and the current LIAT Chairman Owen Arthur has suffered a heart attack media reports say.

According to a number of news sources he was hospitalized Wednesday night but was in stable condition as of Thursday.



  1. It can be very stressful on the body’s organs when you try to deliberately screw an entire workforce and their families…

  2. Just remember KARMA it works both ways so just be careful what you wish for why blame OWEN, HOW ABOUT greedy governments with high taxes or just stay at home and blame one man for using LIAT as a welfare system with over 500 employed I now see why he had begged so hard for LIAT headquarters not to be move I am truly sorry to see it go that way I was supposed to fly this month still out $416 us dollars.

  3. We intend on having persons who are past their best working years to make decisions. These people at such an advanced age should not be in the hot seat. They should be advisors and allow the young and strong to have the hot seat as they are able to better withstand the pressure.

  4. If Owen was going to have a heart attack he was going to have a heart attack. He should not have accepted the position if he knew he was in poor health. But – as a politician – he made the wrong choice (as is to be expected of politrickians these days).

    In any case, politricks still rules at LIAT, they replaced the former dumbass know-nothing do-nothing Chairman who learned nothing about airlines in 17 years with a guy who STILL knows nothing about aviation or airlines. The former Chairman and the entire Board were brambled by a Trinidadian con-artist to spend US$100 million (EC$270 million) of poor taxpayers money on airplanes that are UNSUITABLE for the Caribbean routes when anyone who REALLY knows anything about aviation could have done some actual research and turned that proposal into solid waste.

    Face facts, King Gaston is NOT going to get his extension of 1974 Limited, and if he gets he 2020 Limited he will NOT be in control – any investor with a fraction of an ounce of common sense can look at what went before and insist that politricks be completely out of the oversight and management equation. His proposed $15 to $20 million **EC** dollars – that is $5 to $7 million US dollars – is not going to last even three months.

    GASTON!!! Forget all that shareholder BS. Neither Queen Mia nor King Ralph have any time for you, just get on with the task of building a new airline, so at least half of the layoffs can be re-hired and the northern tier be served.

    Otherwise the people of Antigua will remember you for diddling and hemming when you should have been building and growing. By the time you stop your time-wasting and politrickal games Caribbean Airlines, One Caribbean, interCaribbean and any number of foreign carriers invited by His Royal Traitorousness King Ralph to replace what you want to start. Market share WILL NO LONGER EXIST.

    So either defecate or get off the pot. A whole sub-region of potential passengers is waiting and watching you.

    Ah me go ask de question again, Jack – WHEN will we, the taxpaying public and FINANCIAL supporters of the hundreds of millions of US dollars handed to LIAT (1974) Limited see ANY or ALL of the annual accounts of the airline for the last 40 years???????

  5. And how does all these comments have to do with a human being like your self having a health crisis. Insensitivity to another person challenges is a poor reflection on our society.
    And secondly both Barbados and at St Vincent have economic challenges, Barbados are asking their citizens to take pay cuts to their salaries, why or how could they continue to dump valuable money into an insolvent airline.
    Any country who thinks the airline is worth saving can pay out the others, I bet you they won’t refuse and would be grateful for the injection into their economies.

    • Chups so you rather see 400+ person end up jobless for them own personal gain. Karma is real Bsrbados and St. Viecent wanted LIAT dead cause them want them own airlines. Mia and that snake in the grass Ralph go get theirs to.

    • Quote: “Insensitivity to another person challenges is a poor reflection on our society.”
      Bajans and most other Caribbean people have for DECADES been subject to insensitivity to their problems by those who they chose to lead them.

      Queen Mia The First won EVERY SEAT in Parliament, and to date I have not yet seen a single improvement in the services the average Bajan receives from government, NOT ONE. Not in the way drivers licences are renewed, not in ANY tiniest point in the massive bureaucracy Bajans stagger under every day, NOTHING.

      King Gaston The First is telling a flock of people to “take a haircut”. He can’t even put it politely, just treats his citizens like dregs. Take a haircut and lose half your salary if you want a job. In the meantime he will cut half the severance pay the employees are legally entitled to under the law. What’s that? The law doesn’t reflect what the leader wants? Then just change the law, naturally, and the dregs will just have to suck it up and suffer.

      King Ralph The First craps on his people from a height, almost daily, spends a King’s Ransom a month on all kinds of long distance overseas abroad trips and frippery, but a single person makes any comments and the lawyers fall on him (or her) like a ton of bricks with lawsuits in hand. Business as usual in Vincy, home and source of the Ganja King fast boats to the USVI and PR for over 40 years.

      What, ya really tink the DEA based airplanes in Barbados to chase fast boats from Aruba, more than 300 miles away?

      So take your insensitivity and shove it. The way our “leaders” treat us, they deserve every piece of scorn we can heap on them after they demit office and continue to look for ways of holding on to some kind of unelected power. Owen should have known better – whether you like it or not. But he got greedy for money and power again, and that is the result.

  6. Will LIAT reimburse my US$400? Hard earned money for my two tickets? Hope so because it will be unfair. I struggled to get this money to purchase the tickets and then Covid.
    Something should be done.

  7. @Concerned:Never use cash to purchase any Airlines tickets.That is why you should buy things to include Airlines Tickets using a credit card.If you had use a credit card to purchased those tickets you would have been okay.Your money would have been credited back to your card.

  8. Owen should take a hint and listen to his body. Time to call it a day and make your peace with your Creator. Relax and enjoy your remaining days wit family and friends. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN POWER , POLITICS, GREED & BAD-MINDEDNESS.

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