LIAT 2020 Launch Stalled by Air Operator Certificate Requirement


The relaunch of LIAT 2020 is hindered by the requirement for an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).

After LIAT 1974 Ltd ceased operations last year, the Antigua and Barbuda government aimed to revive the airline under a new name.

However, challenges arose as regional partners showed more interest in other ventures.

Despite this, Cabinet Spokesperson Melford Nicholas confirmed the launch plan.

Nigeria’s Air Peace is set to acquire a majority stake in LIAT 2020, promising substantial capital and West African market influence.

Efforts are underway to secure AOC approval, while the government remains determined to relaunch the carrier.





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  1. Another BS excuse from the “promise everything but achieve nothing “ PM. He had said before that one advantage that LIAT 2020 had over other upstarts was that LIAT had already secured this AOC. Now we’re hearing that nutting tarl go so!! But…why are we surprised???

  2. Melford LIKKLE-NUTS
    You are supposed to be an intelligent man. Why you have the Dawg making you look like such a fool?

    Do you realize all the front men that Donald Trump had are already in jail or are going to jail and he still walking around?
    Do you plan to do time for the Dawg?

    Keep doing that crap. You will do time

  3. But it must fail. They have a jackass pilot who has no education outside of going simulator classes on how to fly a plane putting together plans to rebuild an airline all by himself, under the cover of dark, with no help nor involvement of the people who actually masters degrees in Aviation, Management and other areas. That Trini idiot is leading him down a dark hole undermining LIAT while the Trini does Inter-Caribbean Flight Operations for it from his home in Trinidad.

    Look at how much problems Inter-Caribbean is having. This is a testament of the Trini’s skill but I guess his ethnicity makes him smarter than the black pilot who is willing to expend considerable funds to pay the Trini for trash work.

    There is another Trini Flight attendant who is fighting to be on the Exec Team. Uneducated, knows nothing, understands nothing. But she is the head of airports. Look at teh mess the airports are in. Look at the extremely poor customer service. But she too half !nD!@N so she can just do crap and collect big pay check.

    Then there is the Guyanese Head of engineering Engineer doing a bunch of crap. Using old expired parts on the planes. Oh My. Did I mentioned that the Administrator is also Guyanese? An administrative process which should have lasted 6 months is now running 3 years. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is what the administrator is racking in while the staff lingers in poverty.

    The Nigerians with 3.5 millions USD bought the entire airline, while the airline owes over 100 million dollars. Just imagine that scandal.

    • Yes..,the jackass head of Flight Operations who didn’t have even the educational qualifications to get hired as a simple cleaner! Dunce people in charge so what else can we expect?? LIAT 2020 will be a bigger failure than its predecessor because donkeys in charge! Pilots and other staff are leaving for more stable jobs because of the chaos presently going on and about to come!! Lord help us all…

  4. Everyone needs to understand that the former aviation minister never actually did anything. All those that relied upon Sir Dobbin to complete the work necessary to obtain the requisite licences have awoken to realise that they have been luxuriating in their own technicolor dreamland. Well, at least the Great Gaston had the sense to dump him from any further opportunities to mess things up. Hallelujah.

  5. This government is cursed, they are cursed because they are corrupt, and when you sow into corruption, you will reap into corruption.. no way around that, period. So you’ll keep huffing and puffing, Antigua ain’t going not with this current government, nowhere!!!

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