LIAT 2020 Explores Roadshow Approach for Caribbean Government Investment Drive


LIAT 2020, successor to LIAT (1974) Ltd, is considering a roadshow to garner investment from Caribbean governments.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas mentioned the possibility during a post-Cabinet briefing.

The roadshow aims to present the potential benefits of LIAT 2020 and its collaboration with Air Peace, an international carrier.

Nicholas also discussed the progress of LIAT 2020, including its registration and operational processes.

He acknowledged the expansion of Caribbean Airlines, emphasizing that competition would drive better service for customers.

LIAT’s major shareholder governments agreed to liquidate the airline due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to the emergence of LIAT 2020. (OBSERVER)









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  1. This government needs to DO more and TALK less. Get the airline going and then maybe people around the Caribbean can get excited. A roadshow means you have something to show! Use the roadshow money and refund those of us who paid for tickets 3 years ago and still can’t see a penny. Tired of the nonsense now!

  2. There is nothing like having a member of the Antigua and Barbuda diplomatic corps being an owner of a bank.
    The Banker/Diplomat seeming has advised to use the model of a public offering to raise capital.
    Investment Bankers normally go on a roadshow to present the prospects of a private company going public.
    Initial Public Offering is a sales show backed up by the good performance, and financials of the company and market research which demonstrates growth and profit. Growth, Profit and market share determines the value of a stock.
    Who is the party advising? When will this folly end?
    This political adventure is only going be money down the drain.
    Other Caribbean Governments are being asked to put money into LIAT 2020 primarily to transport Africans across and up and down the Eastern Caribbean.
    I guess this road show was left out of the discussions and reporting on what was achieved at CARICOM recently.
    BTW: what was achieved other than the proverbial we agreed to work towards Caribbean integration.
    “Caribbean institutions are failing its people”, you all. And the Antigua and Barbuda Government is fooling its people.
    The Road Show is another foolish gimmickry.

  3. @ On the Sidelines … get off the Sidelines on this one.
    Since you claim to be an executive at a major financial firm.
    You bring a promoter and defender of Gaston; and you being who you say you are should not be left out from the secondary team at least.
    Further since this is a Government that includes and uses Antigua and Barbuda professionals; I expect that you are part of the road show.
    WHERE CUTIE BENJAMIN ? On this one.

  4. No one is foolish enough to do business with Antigua and Barbuda right now with this corrupt Goverment running things.

    You cannot keep playing politics with people’s money, there are times when you have to show results to back up your claims, and this Government has squandered their moments in the limelight.

    Business men/women are not politician, they don’t give a damn about what power you keep if they are not getting a good chunk of the pie, so all this hoopla about Lait, comes down to profits.
    Pride do not make money,and if this Government just wants to keep liat for pride sake, well those days are over, long long gone.
    Produce results Mr Priminister, solid results,and you might just right the ship to stay in office.. I’m holding my breath.

    “Faith without action is dead”

  5. Never seen such a disrespectful bunch that seek to cry down and destroy the very county the want their friends to somehow resurrect and then run it.

    Seek to improve on what you have, it may not be perfect, but it is yours. Why damage it further, then want to build it back.

    Typically Antiguans. Chat chat chat. At least the Government is trying to do something about it. Support the Government because you are the Government. LIAT is yours. It does not belong to a few imperfect politicians.

    The LIAT Receiver should consider seeking Guyana’s involvement along with the countries that want to participate.

    It is obvious that until the Airline can make it on its own, that it will need subsidiaries and perhaps most of the smaller territories can not afford to support it any longer.

    Seek regional and extra-regional partners that shares the same vision and finally go public with LIAT offering shares.

    You may succeed, you may fail, but playing politics and chatting is not an option.

  6. @Winston Southwell July 10, 2023 At 11:28 am
    What the PM is doing is being diplomatic. Crossing every T and dotting every I. Cause since he grabbed LIAT from under Mia and Ralph plan and try to resuscitate it, they have been sharpening their knives. I am not a diplomat. Mia nor Ralph are not friends of Antigua and Barbuda. And when the UPP was in power they had an easy walkover. The UPP put US$8million in LIAT and never tool shares for it. Barbados on the other hand took share and became the largest shareholder. The same thing they did with ECAB. They let Antigua put in all the money and gave them preferential shares. While the other Islands took Ordinary Shares and therefore held a majority interest in ECAB. The UPP was a bankrupt party when it came to financial literacy. And sadly, the people in the Ministry of Finance didn’t help them very much either. I listened often to Withfield and Rasona and had to scratch my head. Harold did not know his Ass from his Elbow when it came to solving financial matters. See how long they fiddled with the ABI Bank debacle. And thank God the ABLP came into office before they gave away WIOC to the Venezuelans. Looking back, if that had happened, Crapo would be smoking our pipe now. Cause the sanctions that the USA has placed on Venezuela would then also be on WIOC and we would not be able to get oil from anywhere. People do not understand how close we came to that disaster. The deal was to be cemented after the election. That is why it was the first move that Gaston made to save WIOC and he purchased it without borrowing one dollar from the treasury. All he took from Global Bank was a Bridging loan. And turned around and sold 49% of the company for more than the bridging loan. Not before taking out all the land out of the assets of WIOC and placing that into NAMCO.
    By now having Antiguan Citizenship Air Peace owner cannot be denied doing business in the other Caricom islands as a member of Caricom. The only friend we may have, is Skerrit from Dominica. The others want Antigua to give up their Airline Industry. But they will be surprised by the determination of our Prime Minister.
    You know you can see how MIA has treated the LIAT issue. She unilaterally decided to only take care of Barbadian workers of Liat. In other words, to hell with the rest of you. That is not a Caribbean woman speaking.

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