LGBTQ Activist welcomes ruling on buggery laws


Transgender woman Washington Bramble has welcomed a decision of the High Court to regarding Antigua and Barbuda’s Buggery Laws.

She said: “This is a victory years in the making. Next step, gender identity legislation and hate crime legislation.

To our heterosexual community, this is a victory for you, as our law also criminalized anal sex between a CIS man and a CIS woman.”

The Court in St. John’s today ruled that Sections 12 and 15 of the Sexual Offences Act was unconstitutional.


High Court rules Antigua and Barbuda’s buggery law contravenes Constitutional rights of citizens



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  2. I’m happy with the ruling but Bramble is homophobic and constantly decries “the bullers” and uses the term pejoratively. Bramble will have an issue with someone that has nothing to do with their sexuality but then mention the person is a “buller” in a disparaging. I think Bramble has cognitive dissonance which needs to be worked on with a therapist.

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  6. Bramble has used pejorative terms to refer to people who engage in same-sex intimacy and Bramble has insisted that they like “straight men” and overall seems to have some issues with gay people. I agree with the ruling but I think this person is only an advocate for themselves, not others.

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  8. From what he was taking in the videos that was being circulated, of course he would welcome it.

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