LGBTQ+ activist says police officers need GBV training

Orden David, LGBTQ+ activist in Antigua and Barbuda (Photo contributed)

By Makeida Antonio 

WAR Communications Consultant

Law enforcement officers need mandatory training to handle gender-based violence (GBV) reports involving LGBTQ+ individuals in Antigua and Barbuda. 

25-year-old transgender resident ‘Angel’, deceased. (Online photo)

’Angel’, a 25-year-old transgender resident, was killed by her lover Timothy Jackman during an argument while moving from a Potters Village apartment they shared in 2018. 

Jackman was originally charged with murder, but is now serving 11 years and nine months at His Majesty’s Prison after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. 

According to an article published by The Daily Observer newspaper, Angel’s close friend Stansha Barbie, who is also trangender and is a well-known social media personality, disclosed that her “best friend” was experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) while mourning on Facebook Live. 

The news publication also detailed the inadequate LGBTQ+ training of Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda lawmen which led to a “lack of awareness of the situation”. Former RPFAB Public Relations Officer Lester Baggot initially reported the deceased as female, but later said that “a man was stabbed to death” after Angel’s relatives confirmed her birth name as Arnold Joseph. 

A more inclusive, gendered approach to law enforcement could have provided more clarity to the nature of the investigation earlier on in the case – expediting the process of delivering justice. 

To add further, knowledge of the correct gender identity in reporting could have made the language and expressions used by the media less inaccurate and insensitive. 

IPV, also called domestic violence (DV), occurs when a person uses abusive tactics to assert power and control over their current or former partner(s). Types of IPV include physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and sexual abuse.

Los Angeles LGBT Center Chief Impact Officer Terra Russell-Slavin says “more than 1 in 3 LGBTQ+ people experience intimate partner violence over the course of their lives”, making IPV one of the most critical health issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. 

Jennan P. Andrew explains in his 2020 thesis ‘Intimate Partner Violence in LBTQ Relationships in Jamaica’ that fear associated with of being ‘outed’ as LGBTQ+ prevents many from seeking support from health workers, counsellors, police officers and relatives because the culturally ingrained homophobia and gender norms/stereotypes result in same-sex IPV being taken less seriously. 

Orden David is one local activist seeking to change attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals and other vulnerable populations. 

Last year, Orden was successful in his challege of the controversial anti-buggery law found in the Sexual Offences Act (1995) with assistance from local and regional action groups including Women Against Rape (WAR), Meeting Emotional and Social Needs Holistically (MESH) and Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity (ECADE). 

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) in St. Kitts and Nevis ruled the offence made by two consenting adults having anal sex carried a penalty of 15 years in prison and the offence of serious indecency which carried a five year prison sentence as unconstitutional. 

Antigua and Barbuda gained independence from the British Empire in November 1981. Activists like Orden argue that keeping colonial-era laws reflecting ‘Christian values’ on the books criminalizes LGBTQ+ individuals and emboldens individuals to express homophobic beliefs and attitudes. 

One year later, Orden says he is feeling “jubilant”, as the LGBTQ+ community in Antigua and Barbuda continues to educate the general public to understand and accept differences among individuals by educating, advocating and becoming their own allies and activists – all in an endeavour to continue pushing for the fulfilment of all LGBTQ+ persons. 

“This has created a new light in my life where society can be empowered and grow. It has made me realize how important it is to stand firm and fight for my rights, my community, and what I believe in.” 

He outlines some of the future outcomes he would like to see reflected as society moves towards more inclusive attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals.

“I hope to see the LGBTQ+ enjoy representation in local parliament and decision-making from an LGBTQ+ person as a board member. [I am] also hoping for equality, rights, acceptance, and respect.” 

Orden also illustrates why there is little awareness or response on IPV in same-sex relationships locally using his experience in the field providing health and counselling services in his community. 

“There are challenges in raising intimate partner violence awareness in same-sex couples. Reports are not taken seriously when reported. Community and churches are still hesitant in accepting same-sex couples and negative statements are made on social media about same-sex topics once those topics are being highlighted.” 

Orden supports mandatory training for service providers such as law enforcement officers who are usually the first responders in situations involving gender-based violence. 

“Law and policies should be immediately amended to address GBV faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. The pleas are usually not taken seriously with regard to harassment and violence. Mandatory training sessions when are dealing with LGBTQ+ people should be put in place as a policy.” 

He believes the country’s education officials should set a policy conveying messages of acceptance, respect, and tolerance. 

“It’s also imperative that we introduce a gender-based violence curriculum and/or courses in schools that include the right treatment of a person who is still figuring out their sexuality.” 

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated during June in several countries across the world commemorating the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals. 

Activists and allies also highlight and share experiences of homophobia, discrimination and other issues commonly faced by the LGBTQ+ communities. 

Additionally, suggestions and recommendations on inclusion and anti-discrimination policies are offered to policymakers for consideration.

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  1. Using the term “same-sex IPV” kind of defeats the argument. If they’re the same sex and one of them is a man, what’s the problem with calling the other a man too?

  2. Disgusting nasty set a ppl. God never made a mistake when he created man and woman. Why should I dishonor my God because you want to give the devil power? You were born a man and act as such, same for the women. I feel sorry for all your corrupted minds. Get a dam life and be proud of the gender you were created to be.
    Sick set of ppl wannabe who you’re not. Get real

  3. Young man with fear and trembling work out your salvation. There is no “group judgment” in God’s courtroom. It is every man for himself. Every individual record is examined by Christ The Righteous Judge. There won’t even be “black and white” or “Antiguan and Janaican”. Let us each think solemnly about what we want the Creator’s record books to show. Now is the time to have a personal relationship with Jesus and submit to His plans for our individual lives . This life as “sweet” as it may seem is TEMPORARY.

    Solomon himself declared “all is vanity”

  4. It’s like the preferential trend, is the reinvention of the sexes to conform to any willy-nilly choice celebre of personal deviancy deemed relevant: yet, devoid of any rational concept, encompassing nature’s ordained harmonic aura to procreate ascendancy. What then therein in Humanity prism that is driven to the thorns, as the acceptance of norm of human insecurity: that would give cause and, rise to be in vain disguise; such as to be the norm to flaunt the Creator’s will: But for the confusion wrought thus far, in schism of pluralism or neutrality of the X + Y= “O” Chromosomes! Lawd: eh eh!?

    • I don’t know what it is that prompted the Antiguan Government to remove the bogary law from the books,but this nastiness that these people are engaging in is against the Government of God.

      • “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

  5. Everyone has rights, just like how you all have rights to comment negatively or positively.
    If none of you all are not Christian or living right by God, your stomachs should be sick of your own self.
    Guess what all sin a sin and it spells the same and none greater or less than.
    Equality is best, and only one judge when the time comes, so all the Gods that post and are judgemental are not your calling.

    • You have to be one of the alphabet letters member that’s why you’re making this comment. It’s only human rights not gender rights. At birth you’re only classed as a male or female nothing else. Now you get old you want to talk about changing gender. Give me one damn break. Y’all too wotless. And also want to change the mind of the people who consider themselves to be who what god made them to be and even want to go into schools to change ppl children’s minds. Just please don’t try to force your agenda and beliefs on my children. It is not your job or responsibility to impose your beliefs on others.

  6. Whole trans crap need to go. I’ll settle with the LGB that’s all
    But gwan go America if you wanna join the fkery there we don’t need no more fkery here in anu right now

    • It’s not about “you” and what “you” will settle with. It is about the Creator God and His love for us.

  7. You still have time to repent, it is not God will for any to perish but that all come to repentance.
    But if you harden your heart we will see what God think of your GBV training when he returns.

  8. You were created by a man and woman, you are a male with a penis which is to be inserted into a woman’s vagina, you are not made to give it or take it from men as same sex cannot make babies…so stop taking dick in your a**.

  9. So help me understand, we the vast majority who are of Judeo Christian values are supposed to bend the knee to a tiny minority of deviates, homosodomists and those mentally disturbed enough to think there are more genders than male and female? Is that correct??

    I suggest you, author, and all those of your ilk run outside and play a nice game of hide and go f..k yourself.

    • “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

      Speaking at the biological level, there is such a thing called-being born with a sex hormone imbalance-hence the reason why there are born hermaphrodites. Nature or nurture? This has been a huge topic of in depth discussion & research for many years, & we humans have to learn to understand each other & live with each other, so long as we are not trampling on each others God given rights. God alone is our Judge. Peace.

  10. 🐝🌻💐😅😆I will forever love Nature’s #FloraZ_N_FaunaZ, the old fashioned way as a #Bare_🦶🏿_Gardner!

    Now, as far as the HUEman ALPHABET SOUP ORDER goes…

    A…the LGQSTPAB Order has being the most powerful political and religious ORDER/ORGANIZATION, since, the days of Julius Caesar and the Flavians(5th Century to Today).

    B…Antiguans, as usual is simply gonna talk, chat, talk, bark, squeal, chirp and will not do anything else. The same ones being ridiculed for their lifestyle choices are in every nook and cranny of the Island from the churches vestries to the politicians yachts, condos, playboy/play girl mansions.

    C…It’s funny how these lower hanging fruits from the LQGBTA + are under attack, yet, those #WHO’RE their handlers priests, politicians, councillors are given a FREE PASS!
    An example of this, several years ago, the Route for the Emancipation Celebrations, now called. Carnival was draped in the INVERTED COLORS of the RAINBOW(the natural hues/colours of their reflections and refractions through water). Of course, this Order have inverted those colours to trick HUEmans into believing, they’re original.

    By The Way, there’s a very interesting interview between D. Wayne’s Trannie and Michelle Obama. Check it out. Again, the LQGBTA+ ORDER is the most powerful religious, political and social order in the HUEman world today.

    Now, back to my bird, butterflies, bees and flowers watching! This symbiotic relationship is like no other!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

    • @Ras_Smood: at least Antiguans have the stones to yell at these deviate homosodomists, here in the ‘states the war is lost, “conservatives” and “evangelicals” now support “alphabet” and their doctrines. They support sodomy and attend and support “alphabets”.

      Count your blessings my friend.


      • @Caustic Bastard…Scott 😎🌻🌻🌻👣👣👣🏌🏿‍♂️🏌🏿‍♂️🏌🏿‍♂️🐝🐝🐝🦋🦋🦋😅😅I want to start a #MOVEMENT called FREE! I want everything FREE! I am entitled to everything FREE! I’ll file court cases to get everything FREE!

        In the meantime, hundreds of sunflowers, marigolds, Cala lilies, Cone flowers/echinacea, dallias, gladiolus are returning to my back yard gardens!
        They’re helping tremendously with all this smoke coming south to Maryland, DC, VA from Canada. At least, I can step outside for a breath of filtered air by my garden.

        I know, that this is somewhat off topic, but…
        A…do not go to sleep on Antigua regarding the ALPHABET ORDER and, their agenda. Money talk, bullshit walks. Case in point Jeffery Epstein and his PEDOPHILIA ISLAND operations in the Caribbean supported and protected, by those at the purported top.

        B…To create ones “oasis” anyplace in this HUEman world today, you’ll at some point, in some space have to deal with the ALPHABET ORDER.
        The food we eat. The clothes we wear. Any and everything which is a part of the HUEman existence today is being touched by someone of that ORDER. Outside, of a Jack Kevorkian or kamakaze or mass murderer or serial killer ain’t I can do, except to keep my blood flowing healthy and strong, to avoid one of ‘Baba’ Thwaites PENILE IMPLANTS.

        There’s too much confusion! I can only imagine what will be the cries of those Artificial Intelligent Beings.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

        • @Ras_Smood: I don’t need everything free, but a free and endless supply of English Harbour rum would be wonderful…
          …well, and maybe a reserved spot on the best sunset watching beach 🙂

          You’re right, Antiguans mist remain vigilant and ready to stop this fuckery before it sets roots and the island ends up like america.

          Wonderful that you have a place in which you can find peace and simple pleasure so close at hand!

  11. Gays don’t have the natural body parts to be the gender they want to be? Rather worst y’all can’t make babies but still want to adopt other people’s children to corrupt their minds.

    Using the colours of the Rainbow for your nonsense which is intended to be a promise from the creator.

    We came into existence by a male and female, if you were born a male you cannot want to be a female and vice versa so be what you’re meant to be Orden, you probably still have a penis unless you cut it off and your legal documentations states male I’m sure.


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