Lewis Tells Browne To Leave Him Out Of E-books Scandal


Opposition Senator Richard Lewis says he has nothing to do with the ongoing e-books scandal.

Lewis, writing on his official Facebook, says he heard audio of Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Pointe FM “maligning me in relation to the E-Book scandal.”

“For the record, I have no association with any E-Book project being undertaken by the Ministry of Education, the Board of Education or Fortuna Pix,” the opposition politician said.

Lewis says he has never been asked to write content “for any of these entities nor have I written content for any of them.”

The Senator says he has been writing textbooks for over 20 years “and all my materials are copyright materials and owned by me and my co-author. Any money I have ever received has been from the sale of my textbooks to anyone who wishes to buy them. I proudly promote myself as a textbook author.”

Lewis reiterated his call for the resignation of the Minister of Education, Michael Browne, and for a full investigation into the E-Books scandal.

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  1. Do NOT get sidetracked. This is all Lovell’s doing just because you dare run against him for leadership. The greatest threat is always from WITHIN, not from outside. Stay focused Richard. Lovell will do ANYTHING to make sure he retains his Julius Caesar position within the party.

    • Since you have not given any proof that Mr. Lovell is the one creating issues for Richard Lewis then it could be equally possible that these accusations have been made up by the one doing the maligning in order to destabilize the party. I do not know the answer but common sense says that a lawyer is not going to take the stupid risk of being sued for defamation…common knowledge also says that egotists get a depraved pleasure derived from crushing those they might perceive are intellectually or physically a threat to themselves.

  2. We have too many elected officials in Antigua, Senators, MP’s, Representatives, etc. – I lose track of it all. We are too small of nation (just 100k people) for all of these government elected positions. Can we please simply things and just have one single small parliament? The total number of elected officials (MP’s) we should have in Antigua should be less than 11, maybe even just 9.

    Let’s simply and reduce the number of elected officials in Antigua. We need to streamline government to be smaller and more efficient. We are a small nation that must move fast and be agile for the 21st century.


    A news portal, though privately-owned, seemed to be hurting itself.

    Gather that it on course to develop an attitude where ‘…all ideas do not contend’ even when a comment is ‘…non-defamatory or libelous,’ and meant to ‘…enlighten; inform or educate.’

    On its Face book Page, readers were guided to ‘…an official Press Release’ on the subject ‘… Agreement Signed For Textbooks’ [April 12, 2016]

    Online Guide to Antigua and Barbuda’s Government Information and Services], speaks to this irrefutable fact.

    To all intents and purposes, on two occasions the comments have been filtered out.

    Clearly, if the Government wanted a secret or ‘…non-transparency,’ Phil George would never have placed ‘…his name and Cellular Number 464-7034’ to it.

    Do not allow ‘…history and posterity’ to judge this thriving news portal in a negative light.

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