Lewis says return Knuckle Block centre to community

Richard Lewis

Press Release: It is time to give the community centre at Knuckle Block to the residents of Rural West.  It has been almost 2 years and we still have no access.  We need our community centre!  The centre is pivotal and critical to the development of the Youth in the community.

I have raised the issue several times in the Senate, the last being the sitting of October 08, 2020.  I advocated for work to be done on the St. John’s Magistrates Court on High &Temple Streets to facilitate the return of the Court to its home.

I have lobbied the authorities on the issue and  was told that there is a timeline of approximately two years for the Magistrates Court to be returned to its home.  However, I see no work being done on the Court’s home.

I wrote an article on the issue on March 21, 2019, entitled “The St. John’s Magistrates Court is Coming to the Community Centre at Knuckle Block”.  A second article was written on April 03, 2019, entitled: “The Communities of Rural West have been cheated…. again!”

In those articles, I voiced my disappointment at the decision to relocate the St. John’s Magistrates Court in our community center.  I implored the authorities to reconsider that decision.  I advocated for the center to be used for the purpose for which it was intended. Sadly, the ABLP representatives in the area supported and still support the existence of the Magistrates Court there and consequently support the authorities in depriving our community and its residents of the use of a well-needed community centre.  They have joined in robbing the community of a vital part of community life.  Up to this day, we have not been consulted on the matter.  It is as if our opinions do not matter.  Our votes matter though…

Recently, it has come to my attention that the basketball court is being used on a NIGHTLY basis for organized “rollerblading”.  Residents who desire to play basketball there are being turned away.  The displacement of the basketballers is an untenable situation.

Through my advocacy, we got results on the Keeling Point Pier and the Federation Road drain.  I will continue to advocate for our community center to be turned over to the residents of the St. John’s Rural West constituency.

In all of this, let’s not forget that the home for Halcyon Steel Orchestra was demolished.  We are adamant that a home for Halcyon Steel Orchestra must be reestablished.  Nothing less will be accepted.

Sen. Richard Lewis

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  1. Richard Lewis just woke up. Richard believe election is close at hand. For your information election is in 2023. At that time most of UPP Candidates will be burnt out and run out of money. I noticed that the UPP Candidates will jump on any issue. Waste of time.

  2. Community before country? Its ok to complain……why not suggest a suitable location. Politician!!!!! The people’s business MUST continue.

    • The people’s damn business could continue somewhere else.They came into Office.They took the Secondary School at Five Islands away.Then they went and put the Court into a purpose built place for the people of the The Mud.That should not be allowed to continue.The people of Grays Green have always been neglected,left behind..Back in the day.That would not and could not happen.The people of The Mud have all gone soft.The Labor Party Administration created a garbage dump in the heart of Greenbay.We the people put a stoppage to the dumping there.By taking certain actions.I am saying,time for actions now.Forming a blockade around that building would be a good place to start.Show them we mean business and the bull dung must be stopped,NOW.

      • They made a secondary school into a university so more locals can get a univeristy education. What is so wrong with that. As far as I see the people of the mid should captilize on that oppertunity not only to further their education but also to develop their community.

      • @ BUGSY

        That existed during UPP.Why the Hell didn’t you complain during UPP tenure. You are just a ONESIDED good for NOTHING. I have been following your UTTERANCES on ANR and you never offer a SOLUTION you just complain…COMPLAIN. You must be an AWFUL Husband or Wife. Stop complaining and offer SOLUTIONS.I believe you DO NOT Solutions.

        • You know him well. Clearly he has a bug up his ** which keeps him from seeing clearly. Someone needs to remind him that Rural West is no longer a UPP strong hold. Times have changed. The people there unlike him have moved on because they recognize holding onto old gripes stagnates. Its the ABLP that delivered housing to that community, not the UPP (see https://youtu.be/eb-pRqXOIuA ). Its under this admin many roads in that area have been concreted. Royalton formerly the location for Royal Antigua, which was rotting before this admin took over, is now open and employing many residents from the said area

  3. Keeling point was not fixed because of advocacy from you….. just like everything else, its fixed better when it breaks…
    Why UPP likes to take credit for everything positive that happens and the thing is they’re not in power and have no office….. Since you working so good where you’re at, for the sake of Antigua and Barbuda-please stay there…
    Upp works better out of office, so Antigua and Barbuda let’s keep them there

  4. None of you know anything about this young man. You are just criticizing for its sake. His dedication and sincerity frightens all of you. Sometimes you all need to stand back and acknowledge when there is decency and goodness among us, no matter which side he is on. No need for you to cut down everybody just to please your dog. He is one of those that Antigua needs now.

    UPP takes credit for everything. If UPP is so good..Why the hell UPP is in OPPOSITION with ONE seat. UPP bunch of LOSERS.I am surprised UPP did not take credit for the following..

    UPP bunch of LOSERS..

    • John P.
      If you could please express your views on the items you have listed stating their benefits to Antigua and Barbuda and its people.

      Educate the upp supporters

      • We shall educate UPP Supporters. UPP very DISHONEST BUNCH. I shall definitely keep UPP in check. UPP LOSERS.

      • Answer the question!!!
        I was anticipating an answer to the request posed to you by alp until I die.
        Are you just playing party politics?
        Obviously you are following others blindly

    • John P.
      The day is fast approaching when you will deny you ever knew the one associated with these so-called achievements. The cock will give you a break and crow after the 7th denial. Fortunately for us, we have your post. That is a record.

  6. RICHARD. LEWIS I am surprised you are still on the UPP slate after what HAROLD LOVELL and D.GISEL ISAAC have destroyed your reputation. Shame on you Richard.Richard you should join DNA you will have a better chance. UPP will be EXTINCT next election. DNA will be the OPPOSITION.

  7. @ JOHN P.
    MOVE to the head of the class . 100% in agreement with you. UPP takes credit for every DAMN thing. That is the reason for Their current position. As Carson mentioned UPP will be EXTICT next election. Too bad.

  8. The current regime selling out your lands and your family to the Chinese. But don’t worry, the Chinese will take care of you when the current regime takes their ill gotten gains and gone a foreign.

  9. Mr. Richard Lewis, let us face reality….. The mantra, ” It is not what the country can do for us but what we can do for our country” should be embedded within hearts & minds, if we all love this country……. The govt is presently faced with some fiscal challenges. As a people, there is nothing wrong to lend a helping hand…..There are several playing facilities within the Gray’s Green area that have been very much under utilize…. I am sure the community center will be of no difference…. Why not consider the centre as an investment for the community where the govt presently can be a tenant… It will only be fair to the people of the Grays Green community to benefit from it, one way or the other… The monies / rent collected can be pumped back into the community to develop areas that needs attention….

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