Lewis promises Rural West that Magistrates Court will be relocated from Knuckleblock complex under his stewardship


Senator Richard Lewis – the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s Rural West – vows that, under his stewardship, constituents will enjoy the use of the Knuckleblock Community Centre, since he will ensure the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court is relocated.

In yet another promise, the Cabinet has announced that the Court should be out of the complex by December of this year.

The UPP Candidate says he has no confidence in the December date, since the roof at the Court’s previous location has to be replaced and no work has begun, as yet.

Lewis notes that other communities have use of facilities that were built for them, but the people of St. John’s Rural West have been treated with disdain.

Lewis, the Senate Minority Leader, has been advocating for the Court’s removal for some time. In several forums, he has objected to the facility having been placed in the complex, noting that it was a donation to the community from the Government and People of China, which was skillfully negotiated by former Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer.

A source says that Lewis’ Antigua Labour Party opponent is concerned about her chances of a win if the Court is not relocated and the people of the community are not given access.

Meanwhile, a private contractor is undertaking repair work inside the Court’s High Street building. However, there is no indication that the renovation work includes the replacement of the leaking roof.

But according to a source, Court officials have resolved that if the roof is not removed and replaced, then the move will not take place.

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  1. UPP live with LIES and PROMISES. UPP will never get into office so you can promise the mountain. Yesterday I heard AL triple K K K on POINTE FM exposing Franz , Gisel Isaac and Lovell with Their LIES. I am appealing to Al to cut that clip and place on SOCIAL MEDIA. ,

  2. No more John ash so they have to go look for campaign money
    hence $100 and $200 VIP to attend a UPP meeting

  3. Every time I hear Baldwin Spencer name called in reference to the Grays Green community….my stomach turn….he is the biggest failure of any representative…We forgave D.C for he was pluck from his breakfast shop to win the seat, Lundell Benjamin is not a politician….but Baldwin was groomed all his life in politics. He failed Empire sport club…Halcyon…Hoppers..he failed the entire area. So Richard Lewis please…stop this skilful negotiation bull. What has Baldwin done for Rural West… Grays Farm / Greenbay would be heartless to vote for any UPP candidate after what Prime Minister Dr. Spencer and the UPP.

  4. Baldwin “SHARPEN YOU CUTLISS BACK AND BELLY” Spencer is a COLOSSAL FAILURE!!! He didn’t do a single thing to help the Grays Green Community. All he good for is to buddy up with JOHN ASHE, rename it to Mount Obama and DRINK COOKS POND WATER!! A waste of space and time and FAILURE TO LAUNCH. He just failed to live up to the “political hype”. And worst of all is that he picked harold loveLIE to run on his ticket and to PLUNGE THIS COUNTRY INTO THE IMF SHITHOLE! Worst Tourism Minister. Worst Finance Minister. and the same harold loveLIE turned around and called him “TISSUE PAPER” prime minister.

  5. Richard Lewis now trying a ting in place of ANTHONY STUART. Malaka Parker planning to steal votes from him. richard Lewis make plenty money from eBook content but when people from the community ask for help, dem say he pretends to be broke.

  6. Richard as long as the Lpstick Hag around, you can NEVER be party leader because you married a Jamaican and UPP detests “foreigners”. That message sent to the upp female whatsapp chat with instruction to “support Brother Lovell” because the upp don’t want any “foreigner” in a “fu arweee subben”. Can u imagine that Richard?? They want to DICTATE to you who to marry. Your wife is more female and ladylike than alla dem put together.

    Hold strong Richie Lew! harold loveLIE done gone. Election day is just to ratify his end!

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