Lewis calls for reporting on E-book payments and asks why BoE continues to pay Fortuna Pix when contract should have ended

Senator Richard Lewis

Senator Richard Lewis is again asking questions about the E-book programme – including whether a new contract has been signed, since the Board of Education (BoE) continues to pay Fortuna Pix for the non-functioning electronic devices.

Speaking in the Upper House during the debate on the 2022 Budget, Lewis says he saw no reference to the E-books project when perusing the Budget Statement.

He notes that it has been more than six years since the debacle – which is how he describes the E-books – and the Administration is still not able to report on how $70 million was spent.

And yet, Senator Lewis says, the Budget Business Plan for the BoE lists the improvement of the E-book programme as one of its priorities.

He says the plan speaks to the distribution of new laptops and of the old E-book devices.  Accordingly, Lewis wants to know what has become of the initiative to move to E-text books.

The Senator says the BoE continues to make scheduled monthly payments against the amount owed to the Indian-based company and related to the 2019/2020 academic year.

He says the contract should have ended already and he is, therefore, at a loss as to why the BoE is still engaging Fortuna Pix.

Lewis also notes that the Ministry of Education’s business plan regarding the E-book project carries the exact statement from the 2021 document.

The Senator says the time has come to bring this saga to a close and let the chips fall where they may.

A fraction of the monies used on the E-books could have been used to build a school, Lewis states.  He adds that the BoE is still spending money on physical textbooks, even as it is paying for the E-books that are devoid of content.

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    • Richard Lewis is NOT a POLITICIAN . Richard should be in charge of a community Organization. He is a nice Guy Not a POlitician.

  1. Richard Lewis is a content creator for books and earns plenty money from it, so why when the people of Grays Farm ask him for help he pretend that he is broke? Ignoring the very people he is vying to represent.

    Anthony Stuart is ahead of him

    • This Administration spent $70 million for non functioning E Books. You have the gall to speak about Richard Lewis.He is going to win that seat. Anthony Stuart would not get his deposit back.

    • Is Richard Lewis the government? If people want help they should request it from the multiple millionaire Gaston Browne or the government.

      • He wants to REPRESENT PEOPLE in Grays Green, not the whole country. IF he can’t help them same people, then what is the use?

        Anthony Stuart already let everyone know the truth about Harold Lovell – it is a teenage fantasy of his to become Prime Minister, just to check off his list. Lovell is neiether serious about nor capable of governing this country. His AWFUL TRACKRECORD follows him llike a shadow.

  2. @ BLACK MAN

    Black Man just talk talk without DATA. Do you realize that ABLP is leading SIGNIFICANTLY in all the polls ? Black Man running your BIG MOUTH without proper information. Check.the following..

    ABLP. 17 SEATS

    UPP. 00 SEAT ( SIX CANDIDATES WILL lose deposits )




    • Is Richard Lewis the government? If people want help they should request it from the multiple millionaire Gaston Browne or the government.

    • God may have to call somebody home to save our country. We cannot continue to live under this plague.

      • not God. Daniel let the whole country know that UPP trust in obeah man. According to him, they went to the crossroads with a calabash per the obeah man instructions. However, UPP still lose. Bowen buy up 3 jumbee pat in China. UPP love to dabble in darkness. Lovell since his ACLM days is an avowed atheist. so nah mek mockery of God. Check with Daniel to see if he still have the calabash under the table.

  3. Richard funny how you try to be a little “passionate” in the senate when Lovell ain’t around. Why you don’t use that same energy to challenge Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd for leadership? You know Lovell/Gisele don’t accept you because your wife is Jamaican and UPP hates “foreigners” (their word). To make matters worse, they say wifey converting you to her yardie ways. For example, you no longer say “corned beef” or “tin beef” but instead you say “BULLY BEEF” like the Jamaicans 🤣😆😂 It makes Gisele fume with smoke from her nose. They will never accept you or your wife as party leader. Lucky for you Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd will be finished by next election. Hang in there and pretend to support him “publicly.”

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