LETTER: Will Pearl Quinn apologise to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda?



I have noted the effort by Hon. Trevor Walker to raise a sum of EC$70,000, to assist in funding his final appeal to London’s Privy Council, in yet another versions of the “land case”, having once again lost in the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.

According to statements by Walker, the claimants have already raised EC$100,000 but need a further EC$70,000 to finance the appeal.

This took me back to the year 2018, and the holding of a referendum to determine whether the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda would support replacing the London Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice. To our eternal shame, our citizens rejected the move and voted to remain with the Privy Council as the country’s final Appellate Court.

Needless to say, the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) strongly opposed the move and its Leader Harold Lovell, himself a lawyer, who had supported such a move in the past, and perhaps unable to convince his supporters to support the change, instead hid behind a fig leaf. He “left it up to each of his followers”.

He, however, stood idly and silently by, while certain of his leadership colleagues campaigned heavily for aa “NO” vote, a total failure of leadership on his part.

One of the most vociferous and dishonest persons, campaigning for a “no” vote was Pearl Quinn Williams, who in her speeches deliberately misled opposition supporters and voters, even though it was crystal clear that the CCJ was clearly the easiest, best and most affordable option for the majority of the citizens as the cost of taking a case to the Privy Council can vary between EC$150,000 to EC$300,000 and more.

She did not tell her supporters that similar cases could be heard by the CCJ in Trinidad, not 8,000 miles away in London, for approximately EC$30,000.

She repeated this ad nauseam, and notwithstanding the patent stupidity in her contention, it was accepted as fact, by her mindless followers.

This brings me back to Hon. Trevor Walker’s appeal for a further EC$70,000 to complete his legal costs of EC$170,000., which clearly gives the lie to Quinn’s public dishonesty as to the cost of an Appeal to the Privy Council, which is a cost 95% of our population cannot afford.

What is even more egregious is that subsequently, in shooting off her mouth as she often does, Quinn admitted that her motive in opposing the move to the CCJ was really to “beat” the Prime Minister and to score political points, to assist her political campaign and get elected. It had nothing to do with what was right for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. She proudly claims to be the one most responsible for the failure of the referendum.

Of course, truth be told, there were others who should have known better, including a minority of lawyers, with some of seniority, who campaigned for the “no” vote.

Now that the MP for Barbuda, a political colleague of Quinn, and closely aligned to the UPP, has stated the legal cost of his appeal to the Privy Council is EC$170,000, will Pearl Quinn apologise to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda? Is this really the type of person that this country needs to lead it? I think not.



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  1. Yes, Pearl is the right person we want to lead us away from Gaston and the vindictive ABLP.
    He promised to bankrupt anyone who dare oppose him with the resources of the state and yet still we are expected to face the prosecutors that he has appointed.
    Him and his ABLP have lost all the cases they have initiated against the UPP and counting:
    -Jackie Quinn
    -Harry Josiah (in progress)
    etc etc…………………LEF PEARL LONE. Gaston and his judiciary not good for us.

    • Typical opposition lies. PM said that persons who waste the court and the government time, should pay a penalty. That penalty he argued would be court costs. Is it that you feel persons should not be responsible for their actions? Its acceptable to you that tax payers should waste money and there ne no recompense? Because someone may be bankrupted by decision they made on purpose there should be no penalty? You do know its the courts in the end, who will determine whether costs should be paid?

      • Shouldn’t Gaston and his ministers be held accountable for wasting tax payers money on frivolous matters, again Giselle, Harry, Wilmoth etc similar to your assertions above?

        • Its not the court, the police and the DPP office that made clear they warranted charges? The Eastern Caribbean appeals court decision is available online. Anyway voters have the power to punish elected officials. You have no confidence in their decision? The reason why they keep rewarding ABLP with votes is because they see real improvements in their standard of living


          Taxpayers STILL PAYING for the “NEW” engines that were purchased WITHOUT PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL!!!!!!

    • The more I read about the ABLP party, the more litigious, vindictive and downright nasty they’ve become against any opposition – IS THIS A CASE OF POWER AT ALL COSTS?

      • Hear this sanctimonious hypocrite spouting from his rear end again. Look into mirror and look closely at the reflection. Did you see a real classic Nincompoop or a picture of JOD? You must living a miserable life.

  2. Blue as I am, I am with you totally on that point. The “nay” supporters were a disappointing and misguided lot.
    Ras Jus

  3. Spearl was on dave just now and she said someone told her all she has to do is dress nice and she will get voted into office. How cool.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dress nice with an EMPTY EMPTY HEAD??????

      Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn what is your day job since you “left” the bank? Did you have 2 CONSECUTIVE PISS POOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS????

      Tell us Pearly White FOOTS Quinn

  4. I’m not a supporter of this Quinn character. ALP is the better option. However, I voted no to the CCJ. Can’t risk the politicians influence over the CCJ interfering with justice. I prefer to take my chances at the Privy Council. Unfortunately, justice isn’t cheap just like freedom and peace.

    • But still y’all want talk about breaking again from the crown and want be a republic. Gimme one f***ing break.

      • Not me! I was never one to spew that Republic nonsense. Being a republic doesn’t change anything. I would prefer that Antigua becomes well off before even thinking of such a thing.

        Please don’t swear as this is holy week.

  5. We are still waiting on her sister to tell us how she spent the monies she received for medical care.

    • I solemnly promise you that you will get the numbers once Asot publishes the hundreds of thousands he and other ministers of government received from Medical Benefits Scheme for medical treatment abroad including his liposuction.

    • Yes Jackie RAG TAG Quinn is so lucky she had Baldwin SHARPEN U CUTLISS BACK AND BELLY Spencer to dictate to Medical Benefits to “grant” approximately USD $500,000.00 for cancer treatment at an elite hospital in meriKKKa. Has she paid back one blue cent to date?? The average pickeyhead person has to resort to Fish Fry and BBQ to raise even 1% of the total cost of medical treatment.

      And what of Dave Lester Payne? Has he submitted his RECEIPTS to medical benefits yet??? I understand he got treatment valued at approximately EC$400,000.00

      well well only UPP people can get help from Medical Benefits.

  6. The PM of this country has committed even more grievous acts against the people of this country! Pearl is right. People like you are partial and only complain if it’s the opposition that says something. UPP is people first and pro-choice. Gaston will kick you all left, right and centre and you all take all the blows even when you are suffering.

      • @ SAPA, why not respond to @ WATCHING with constructive criticism instead of reacting with an UNEDUCATED diatribe.

        If you disagree with somebody, explain why?

        I for one just love the cut and thrust of debate, however, there’s a minority of people on these ANR threads that have no idea how to express their thoughts in writing.


        • Look at who ah write. This hypocrite who think is so intelligent. The same person who enjoyed spouting so much ignorance and nonsense about others who disagree with regular foolishness. The same one that have no credibility and integrity. By the way the worst government in Wadadli history was the UPPITES by far. These people are the most vindictive and diabolical. Non of you hypocrites couldn’t disagree with them when they were in government and still work for the government. You couldn’t even walked up market street at one time. They even terminated the tap brass of the police force and brought white Canadian police officers to lock people like the rotten mango and now you hypocrites are in bed with him. These wicked people even took back lands from poor people. All you UPPITES are bunch of good fu nothing hypocrites.

      • Alex eyes RED like Labour Party 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 talk about EXCESSIVE RUM DRINKER 🤣 Alex where is your wife? Where is your mother? Who takes care of them Alex? Sir Robin gonna wipe you out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Too much RUM being served on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌😅🤣😂

    • Pearl head EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY. Her own opposition party member telling a Labour Party MP that “she nah ready yet” 🤣🤣😂😆😅😄

      A vapping noise box and tinkling cymbal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    “GREATFUL” . These are the DUNCE UPP CANDIDATES want Us to vote Them into office. UPP Leader cannot count and CANDIDATES cannot spell or speak proper English. Very shameful.

    • DUNCE is an understatement. Franz DeFreitas plans to bring “CATASTROPHIC REFORMS” to our Education system.

      See why we can’t let them UPP 🤡s anywhere near our government. Bunch a EMPTY HEAD 🤡 🤡 🤡

  8. So what did Pearl do wrong? The lacking in “TRUST” was the operative word.Remember,trust is a must. The CCJ is much too tight with those in higher places of Governance. They all attended the same Lodges and Clubs. The people exercised their damn Constitutional Rights to rejected the CCJ. Pearl Quinn,only had one Vote. You,letter writer, need to go and bury your head into the sand. Wheel and come again.I wondered who sent you.Was it the TAP DAWG BROWNIE?

    • “what did Pearl do wrong?” Dat wha we warn to no why she aint wukking in de bank no mo. she no sayin nutten bout she wuk in de nice bank. she one a dem dat does count de money in de front for de customers dem or she did have big position and she own orfice?

  9. Why do some people want to give this ‘dumb blond’ so much credit? Just an empty head making lots of noise. And when she opened her mouth and said, “take you foots of our necks”, she removed all doubts. A real dumb blond. please sensible people don’t pay her no mind. Not worth it.

  10. When Pearl made that presentation about the CCJ she was not in politics and you folks know that. As a matter of fact, it was from that presentation that some folks began encouraging her to enter politics. The kind of things that I am reading tells me that you all are running scared of Pearl. But the longer the top DAWG takes to call the election, is the stronger the opposition gets.

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