Robin Yearwood Jr. Aims to Succeed Father in St. Phillip’s North












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  1. Well Robin see he needs a continuum to his white legacy of hold all the lands around willikies fully encircled, if the balance of willikies shorelines was to fence as you observe from willikies to devil bridge it just the southern side that remain to be fenced off. They destroy a full 2 floor concrete building of a young man saying it’s on their lands. On robin side don Walt’s has that entire shoreline. I new that Aswald, Randy and Cornelius could not be trusted with those lands to be secured into white hands as robin determine
    So his son is more trust worthy, those other people might develop empathy with the willikies people over the lands, so his son will be on his leash to control like how Gaston put lands on. Leash through his wife.

    • Willkie’s has NO BETTER REPRESENTATIVE NON…. Jr has vision not jus rhetorical tark over n over he really has vision for the poorly run dung constituency and CLEARLY he DNT need money… he can really do what’s BRST FOR YOUNG PPL

      • Under whose management did st Phillips constituency become so poorly…. Not Yearwood? He done have wah else him want ! Just leave the politics to someone else … swim around !!!

      • @Gooooo JR…So, where was Robin Snr VISION for the last 50 YEARS?
        Was it, to cause the Constituency, to be, “the poorly run dung constituency!

        Fool me once, I’m an idiot.
        Fool me twice, I got a loose ass!
        Keep fooling me, a braying Jackass has more common sense, than me!

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg 🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  2. I visited New field last year and it
    Looks exactly the same way I left it 40 years ago 🙃
    Ah wah can so!!!
    No vision!
    You get a government you deserve!

    • That’s what we get after 40 years of Birdism and Browneism @ Sandra.

      But for some inane reason we Antiguans keep voting for inactions time and time again.

      The watching global audience must think we nuts …

  3. The poor boy cry down his sister on a voice note for the whole world to see 😂😂😂😂 … tell u ablp getting really desperate …NEEEEEXXXXTTTT LEVEL!!!

    • Bcos see me and know me ah 2 different ppl

      BOLDFACE SONG SAID…. If the sun ONLY came out at night… PLENTY AH DEM HATTY GYAL …. Beautiful….IF U ONLY KNEW WHO THEY FCK & TRECHEROUSNRSS THEY ARE CAPLE OF ……… ALL FOR MONEY ….. THINGS…. Job in sectarian places ….

      You ever asked urself WHAT she had to do him for him to lash out at her

      If you think she so nice go immigration and ask bout she

  4. You are so eager to serve the constituency and you dont even have a local Antigua telephone number? Or is that …44…. tel # am Antigua number? Is it a UK number? Just asking.
    What have you contributed to the constituency over the years about from it being your adopted village

  5. We don’t want him.We tired of the Yearwood.He needs to stay in London and find a job there.We don’t want him.

  6. I just found out that Antigua is willed to the Labor Party and the likes of Robin Yearwood.So he could pick his son to replace him as a Candidate in that Constituency.If you the people in that Constituency voted for this Yearwood person.You all deserved what you got and what you are about to get.ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.In my opinion,he is doing this to enrich himself.Just as his father has done for over 40 years.I remembered Robin Yearwood working for a Hotel at Long Bay back in the 60’s.He then entered Politics and got very,very,rich,like hell.How could a Politician inna Antigua on such a salary got so rich.While you the people who voted for him are as poor as dirt.People of St.Phillips North,wake up from your slumber.

  7. Someone can only fool you and make a jackass out of you if you let them.
    So this is on us as much as it is on these politicians that have been ripping off the hard working Antiguans for years. They live on the hills while you good hard working people sweat and toil for nothing down below in the valley.

    When Antiguans gonna say enough is enough, for real?
    I’ve been living in Florida now for the last 30 yrs, and I’ve actually seen the progress in Florida over these years, even in the inner towns, not just the coastal rich areas, so my point is, you can actually see progress when it is in motion (literally), but every time I come to Antigua I cannot see any progress at all, not one bit. The same pot holes, the same undrinkable dirty ole water coming out the pipes(when it’s actually running that is) the same dilapidated town, poor people working for the same $7hr as 35 yrs ago, even English harbor which was once a nice little get away has lost its allor to some old crusty farts calling themselves “expats”.
    The only thing I see different is that every dummy has a sell phone and still do not know how to speak proper grammar.

    When are you going to wake up Antigua and take back your pride and demand more.

    The days when Antiguans were holding on to the coat tails and the fame of the likes of ViV, Ambrose, Roberts, Benjamin, Short Short, burning flames etc etc, those days are gone. Time to blaze new trails Antiguans and take back your pride from these corrupt/no good politicians who promise progress but can’t deliver on it for none of us but their families dynasty.

    Time to start holding these politicians accountable and vett them better..look deep into their lives and see if they are men or women that can bring real change to this island and it’s people, not just the “expats”.

    I don’t give a rats arse what party or creed they represent, look into them before you vote for them.
    I’ve left Antigua almost 35yrs ago, Live in England and now the US, and when I come back home (which is a lot) there is very little for me to be proud of as an Antiguan, and I’m not exaggerating.

    Nothing against any other island or country people who wants to live in Antigua or anywhere for that matter, but politicians must remember that Antigua is for Antiguans as well, how hard or is that too much to ask, really now?

    I’m going to say it again as humbly as I can ” WAKE UP ANTIGUANS, WAKE UP”.
    Man Garn.

    • My sentiments exactly I agree with you 💯 percent.
      Your observations are spot on!
      I guess most people are too busy surviving to notice.
      Poor antigua!

  8. His pupa already made millions out of Antigua that he could afford to pay millions of pounds in the UK for a divorce settlement, now Pinckney want to come get his share just like how the top dawg Pinckney getting his.

  9. Things are very good inna Antigua.Only Robin pussy a nyam salad.Now he wants his heir to inherit that seat.It belang to he,willed to him by ALP and the ABLP.What a damn shame.

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